I have seen Kid Rock in concert more than 10 times now, I have actually lost the exact count. I know many more have a much higher numbers. Each concert rev's up my obsession a little bit more. And each interview makes me want to know him, not just part of him.

Why is quite often a question I get? I am a teacher, have 4 college degrees and 2 kids and was never a poster crazy teenage fan of any band. So, why Kid Rock?

Many men especially will site some perceived physical imperfections of Mr. Ritchie as to why they believe that my obsession makes me seem a little off my rocker. But, when I respond that whatever part of him you have deemed a flaw - is exactly why I am obsessed with him. Mr. Ritchie is in fact every women's ideal hero. Then they look at me even a little more puzzled.

Really, I get that he is a singer/songwriter. But, hear me out. He really posses every trait a women searches for in someone to call a friend or even better a lover.

Mr. Ritchie is confident in himself and who he is. Could he afford a stylist and personal trainer to change his physical appearance - sure - he's got the funds. But, why? If it ain't broke don't fix it. He portrays himself exactly as he is, no false pretenses. He is confident in who he is. He is smart as hell, and has a good work ethic. He has a code he lives by and morals that he holds up with little flexibility - his code is not broken. And if it is he will put you in your place over it. He will defend others, women and individual that cannot defend themselves. And again, if you break his code you will face the consequences. He quietly helps others, by not just giving money, but giving them tools to make themselves better. He can write a love song like nobody's business and he can write a male ladened rap/rock-n-roll screamer with just as much gusto. He has clearly had his conquests and fun. If you had his life, wouldn't you to? He makes no excuses for it, and he shouldn't. He has been a single father, and raised a great young man. He clearly cares for the community he grew up in and around. He has a very large heart and soul that is amazing.

Kid Rock with his long hair and lanky body (which make my heart stutter), love songs and kick ass rock and rap, his honor, morality, work ethic, and creativity are why I am obsessed. He has the traits that every women in the world looks for. He is confident, even a little cocky (but he can back it up), his intelligence and wit, he works hard, he takes pride in what he does, he has compassion, and cares for those that are worthy. He can be reserved at times, not always seeming to feel comfortable in some situations, and totally at ease other times. He makes me want to go fishing for walleye and pike (I haven't done that since my dad died in 2007, that's a big deal) and ride a harley across the country.

In my opinion, that is why Kid Rock or Mr. Ritchie, has a legion of adoring fans, many of which are women. We see in him all that we want to find in others. I thank you Mr. Ritchie for your uniqueness and sense of the world. I wish that I was one of the privilege few that were able to drink a beer and smoke a cigar with you while calling you a friend. In the meantime, I thank Mr. Ritchie for being exactly who he is and providing the fans with someone to fall in love with every night we have the opportunity to see Kid Rock. I hope to see many more concerts in the future and will keep my eye out around Michigan for Mr. Ritchie.

Although, I am so shy I would probably just inadvertently swear at him and just stand there mute if ever had the opportunity to meet him in person.

In the end of this I want to note that I have never spoken a word to Mr. Ritchie, these are just my own observations of Mr. Ritchie - and I may be indeed a little off my rocker! The closest I was to him was being front row for a portion of show number #8 at DTE "Best Night Ever" Tour. And no he had no idea I was there. :)

Kid Rock - The Ideal Hero