• Studio Update:

    My, my how things have changed in the studio!!! But do not fear. Rock n Roll is alive and well and being laid down as we speak! 2 B continued...

    - Kid Rock

    • Are you still using your Nicorette Bob? brande1974
    • I can not wait for the next one. An if you want to quit you can it is mind over matter. I am not saying it is easy but you can do it .I quit 2 years in August. My food tasted much better. I had one cig a day for one year. Then stop . Now my saying is if i smoke i need to get off. hkoehler121130
    • I just want to say" LIVE FROM PORTLAND its KID ROCK.COM-----HAAA, Im fuc'n cool that way,,,,,,, uberfan
    • I remember seeing a video of Rock-and Cracker when they were young.They were just two young dudes talking about Rock n Roll in a Bowling ally.So fast forward say 20 years.I now see Kid and Cracker in a video same two dudes talking Rock n Roll but singing and doing what they were talking about them few years ago..So the two friends are together and probably will be for many years to come.Thank you ROCK and CRACKER for taking friendship and music to the next level......Cater (uberfan) uberfan
    • What I meant about Friendships next level was You both grew from Kids--To Adults..And you took your friendship with.Lots dont stay friends that long let alone in Music.!!! uberfan
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Kid Rock inducted Cheap Trick into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night. Check out the speech at Rolling Stone: http://rol.st/23sLwbE

    • I see the Black Keys are renouncing their intro or Steve. They need to grow some. Read in Rolling Stone he didn't know who they were. That's hilarious and I bet egos got a little reality check. Keys need to grow some. JMHO. They aren't even eligibile until 2027. Ha! rocksavedmysoul
    • *for rocksavedmysoul
    • Love the scarf! (Had the black and pink zebra stripe spandex pants made an appearance, I would've paid to have HBO for a month so I could watch it on the big screen tv) JoBabs_69
    • ROCK that was funnier then fuc_ uberfan
    • Yup, Ur totally high in this pic :) I enjoyed reading ur speech, I would much rather have listened to it though net7674
  • Trucker Vision #7

    Trucker Vision Ep. 7 is coming to you from Kid Rock’s Chillin’ the Most Cruise and Rodeo Houston. Check it out:

    • #bestoftimes crazyassmoma
    • Omg the back tat is visible at 3:05! (sigh) krsval
    • I love you Bobby...ya big brat...dam ya look good doin it tho stormyk17
    • That Dam old MULE...Leave them Chickens alone,,,,, uberfan
    • That was an epic night my friends! So glad to be there! kimberleyclark
  • Lucky #7 - Chillin The Most

    Kid Rock’s 7th Annual Chillin’ the Most Cruise was yet another EPIC journey to Redneck Paradise! If you missed our dysfunctional family reunion (or were there and your memory is hazy), check out the gallery HERE.

    • I do respect him as an artist and humanitarian. Just to let everybody know. You can get hep c from having unprotected sex. Also it is impoetant to get check out for sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes you can have a std. And nor know it. So please be safe. brendamariesmith74
    • Yes so Wrap'em Up fellas...... uberfan
    • Now dayz fuc wrap'n ya got'a dip yo shiz in WAX...! uberfan
    • This was the best CTM yet! kimberleyclark
    • I had the time of my life! so blessed to have been a part of it :). crazyassmoma
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