• Trucker Vision #7

    Trucker Vision Ep. 7 is coming to you from Kid Rock’s Chillin’ the Most Cruise and Rodeo Houston. Check it out:

    • awesome marypowell
    • #bestoftimes crazyassmoma
    • Omg the back tat is visible at 3:05! (sigh) krsval
    • I love you Bobby...ya big brat...dam ya look good doin it tho stormyk17
    • That Dam old MULE...Leave them Chickens alone,,,,, uberfan
  • Lucky #7 - Chillin The Most

    Kid Rock’s 7th Annual Chillin’ the Most Cruise was yet another EPIC journey to Redneck Paradise! If you missed our dysfunctional family reunion (or were there and your memory is hazy), check out the gallery HERE.

    • ROCK could have his own party On a BIG yacht.Like the one's he went to in france...The dude can be the bigest Player if he wants....He's the BOSS uberfan
    • I do respect him as an artist and humanitarian. Just to let everybody know. You can get hep c from having unprotected sex. Also it is impoetant to get check out for sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes you can have a std. And nor know it. So please be safe. brendamariesmith74
    • Yes so Wrap'em Up fellas...... uberfan
    • Now dayz fuc wrap'n ya got'a dip yo shiz in WAX...! uberfan
    • This was the best CTM yet! kimberleyclark
  • Houston Rodeo

    Ha! This guy nailed it. No doubt my voice was trashed from the cruise. It took several songs before it opened up and became manageable! try’d every singer's trick in the book from warm lemon water, honey, tea, steam, ginger, to just not talking. But all in all we got the job done and it was a great show and tons of fun. Thanks for the honest review, I hope folks had a great time. I love Texas and the Rodeo Houston is a first class operation all the way.

    • GOOD TO SEE U POST B,,HOPE ALL IS GOOD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, uberfan
    • Well you know its ROCK,He will Fry his Voice just so everyone gets a good show..But its NOT the dayz of Partying all week and doing another week straight through.You GET A MRI or Ultra-Sound every time you can......... uberfan
    • Bleep, UBE. Everytime he does this (delivers a half assed show) because he cannot be bothered to accept professional responsibility he chips away at his credibility as a peak player in the industry, and casts shade on a great live band. He CAN be the best, but he simply cannot maintain a track record like the greats. If he wants the top of the pyramid benefits and respect, then he has to prove it EVERY show. And he ain't. Trust me, he's still in the "DAYZ." Which is fine if that's his choice. But I for one and sick and tired of the PR and the whining when he gets called. Grow up, put up, or shut up...yanno? bluesuedeshoe
    • "am" bluesuedeshoe
    • Well ya,Its a fine line I just dont want to see a throat Problem like Bruce Dickinson.. uberfan
  • Thanks for sailing m#@%*kers!

    Nothing like spending some time with the dysfunctional family... Thanks for sailing m#@%*kers!

    • #epic, I don't think Elvis could've topped that experience :). crazyassmoma
    • I'll be smiling for a whole year... got the opportunity to shake Tone Loc's hand, see all my family, hear beautiful music, see you and the family band, Ain't No Place I'd Rather Be... cept maybe on some mountain in Tennessee or hill in California.. vice versa.. wish I could remember more dammit.. need to hear that joint again... loved it beckxy
    • loved them both... could tell they were from the heart beckxy
    • After the one was finished, I held my heart, looked at my friend Daisy, and we just nodded, yea man, that soothed our souls... they will BE GREAT for you :) beckxy
    • DANG GIRL ,,now how about you let us have him for awhile,,,,,:) uberfan
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