• Peace, Luv & Rock n' Roll ~SherZ~ sherzoufaly7
    • OMG!!!!!! HELL YES!!!!! Bob You just ROCK!!! :-) MsBehavin
    • So excited for what is to come! Perfect song, for this great video. archerd
    • Great Video!! I'm one of the few from Massachusetts who voted to "Drain the Swamp"! Nice job KR! keithbeaulieu
    • What happened to the video Rock??? I was just about to show Mom & Dad. keithbeaulieu
  • Thank you, Nashville!

    Thanks to everyone who came out for Kid Rock’s 2nd Annual Fish Fry.

    Photo credit: Lindsey Patkos

    • I'm in line for the 2017 "Fish Fry" right now on my laptop. I want to make sure I get front row- davidwest2345
    • I've already started saving up for Fish Fry 2017! MargoC
    • ~Awesome!!!! ~Lol MsBehavin
    • im thinking about 2017 and to honor a friend I am gonna noodle and elbow my way tofront row..isthat howitGOES? im getting aged if it takes VIP heck I might even do that TOO...even if they try to hose me down with slickMUDD and Im barefooted Im gonna just take it and DEAL with it ! @cele better have your bags packed effie says buckle up were goin for a RIDE.... katflashfever2000
    • cool experience! crazyassmoma
  • Keepin' it Reel

    We're keepin' it reel in Nashville at the 2nd Annual Kid Rock Fish Fry. Last night was lit.

    Photo by Lindsey Patkos

    • Its so cool to hear that everyone had fun at the Fish fry.That means our guy can still deliver.I am way over on the Left coast but the more that I hear about the show the more that I feel like I am there.THANK'S everyone and THANK'S to the man--KID ROCK. uberfan
    • Absolutely one of my greatest weekends that I'll remember forever. Plan on attending each year. Drove from Mid-MO and well worth it. Kid is by far my favorite artist and love everything he stands for. Waiting to see him New Years in St Louis. Will be a blast. Loved the new song at beginning of show & one he wrote. I love how he seems so down to earth, that believes in what most of us "normal" thinking people do. He goes all out and would love to meet him some day. At least get together and shoot some guns. We live on farm and have a blast in the country. The First Kiss seems so true to my life. Met my husband when I was 14 and he was 16, been married going on 30 yrs, so that song hits home. LOVE you Kid, and the backyard party you put on was well worth the traveling time. bnmwolfe
    • Peace, Luv & Rock n' Roll ~SherZ~ sherzoufaly7
    • He should call that new song Tennessee Mountain Top. I loved it can't wait until it's released! tammimsummers
    • Been to 4 concerts this yr. I must say this has been the best concert ever. Even though he was sick he put his whole heart and sole in to his performance. Will be back next yr. All the way from Illinois. kristy3
  • Sinner

    My old friend Aaron Lewis' record is out. Check it now and help him hit #1: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sinner/id1132716701 -Kid Rock

    • saw him at tailgates and tallboys and thought he was really good.. he did his old tunes too. Gotta listen to Northern Redneck... I got a kick outta that one. beckxy
    • I will check him out..got a chuckle out of Nathaniel Rateliff and The Nightsweats' song 'SOB' on Sirius XM's The Loft...some.good talent too krsval
    • Saw him at Toadlick. LOVED HIM. He is freaking talented as hell! jody8466
    • Glorious! :) Peace, Luv & Rock n' Roll SherZ SherZoufaly
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