• Thanks for sailing m#@%*kers!

    Nothing like spending some time with the dysfunctional family... Thanks for sailing m#@%*kers!

    • I see us, too! BEST CRUISE EVER!!! rocksavedmysoul
    • I had an awesome time. Unfortunately because of my condition I didnt get to do alot because I hurt so much, but I did get to see several preformances and met new people face to face. Cant wait for next year. mynessa2004
    • We had a blast!! These Virgins will be back reghall1
    • Thanks for hosting us Bob! We had a great time as always and already looking forward to next year! I see us on the left - almost front row! Thanks for introducing us all to American Hero Rob O'Neill too! What a powerful story - moved the entire crowd to tears and reminded us all of the sacrifices these brave soldiers make for us. Great to spend time with him last week too! :) leony
    • A man I would truly like to get to know, yup the man behind Kid Rock, Robert himself. Smiles Joy fireytyrant
  • This is what it is all about folks.

    I cannot tell you how much fun I had with my friend Dan and his family watching the Pistons stomp Toronto! I want to extend a heart felt thank you to Tom Gores and the whole Pistons organization, from the players to the waitresses, all the staff and fans for making such a night more than special for Dan, his family and myself. First class all the way. This is one of the many reasons I am proud to call Michigan my home.

    -Kid Rock

    (and a big thanks to Allen Einstein for the wonderful photos)

    • And this is why I am SO PROUD that You are Michigan and have kept it real all of these years. I Truly LOVE the Great Person that You are :-) Thank You Sweetheart :-) MsBehavin
    • God--God Bless Yous All :-) MsBehavin
    • After seeing ROCK take Dan the man to a basketball game I cried.Bob Ritchie Get's it.I dont know why but I want to say THANK YOU for getting it ROCK....Uber uberfan
    • God Bless Kid Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! davidwest2345
    • Man thats so fuc_n cool of him...U know DAN is living large.In his life things have got to be hard,,But Bob is giving him something to make him live like he is on top of the world,,KID ROCK makes him smile and makes his world so much better,,,ROCK you got one hell of a BIG HEART....... uberfan
    • Bobby style on the boat again in pigiama ! so funny would like too be on the boat again playing with Kid and having fun enjoy the....boat...again Kid Bobby on the boat in pigiama Rock again ;-) giorgiamantecchini
    • My God. He sounds EXACTLY like Willie :-) Looks like Ron Jeremy-but sounds like Willie lol :-) MsBehavin
    • Funny shit... are those Snoopy Joe Cool pj's haha! I wish I was gonna be on the boat again.... :( MargoC
  • OMFG!

    I shit myself when I saw this today. So frickn’ funny. Nothing like a good Saturday morning laugh!! I actually thought about donating 99,990 dollars myself!! lol

    • I really hope that I get the opportunity to thank Bob personally on the boat for posting this! He has no idea how happy it made me this weekend! Knowing that I made Kid Rock "sh*t himself" its definitely on the top of my list of accomplishments! Thanks for having such a great sense of humor and getting the joke! msmiths41
    • Hey Kid, When are you announcing when you're coming to Detroit this year? I've been patiently waiting.... missip77
    • Bobby, yo to you big guy! Now that is cool ! angels4bobseger
    • laughter is the best medicine, well, and music, dancing, hunting and some real medicine :). crazyassmoma
    • "ROCK" I am the guy with my wife in the picture that was taken in Portland that Hooters night.And while they were taking the picture we put our arm on your shoulders and I was shaking so much you were moving uberfan
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