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    Chillin' The Most 7 is officially SOLD OUT. If you're still hoping to hit the high seas and sail to Jamaica with us, make sure to sign up for the waiting list here.

    • Omg. crazyassmoma
    • Can't wait! katherineunroe
    • can't wait for the party! beckxy
    • My husband and I had tickets to bring our 16 and 18 year old boys to see you in St Louis when you had to cancel. Was going to be our last thing we did as family before our son went off to college and our youngest turned 16. Would have been their first concert and we could not get time off on the Friday it was rescheduled to. So we had to sell our tickets. Love and appreciate your music! Does not look like we can get our family back together again any time soon to see you so hope at least my husband and I can get to see you for our first time soon. Chillin at Home lovin some KID! myers882
    • I am a huge kid rock fan from Manteno ill I lost both my parents last year 2014. A few mouths apart I have not had that much fun to I went to see kid rock August 11 what a awesome show 2 years of bad years that was a great time barbie8
    • Bought and scheduled my surgery around tickets to the original Chicago concert (8th show I would be at). The concert was cancelled and now I'm not sure if I will be able to make it. Knee replacement surgery 7 days before the make up day in September. Wish I could get tickets to sit up front in a wheel chair. sisterhazel1927
    • I have a feeling Kid is planning something special for the record setting 10th show Aug 22nd @ Pine Knob- davidwest2345
    • I have a feeling Kid is planning something special for the record setting 10th show Aug 22nd @ Pine Knob- davidwest2345
    • Just a heads up for fans trying to purchase tickets at Walmart. Haven't been able to purchase for the 27th or 29th. Ticket master is not working for the Kid Rock shows sablemac
    • I have 3 extra tickets to tonights show at DTE. Pavillion seats. email me if you want them! derekgrantfraser@gmail.com derekgrantfraser
  • DTE #3 & #4...

    Who's coming out this weekend?


    Photos by Marc Nader and Christopher Schwegler

    • Getting old ole man myspayce
    • even as a sweet old man he will still be a HOTT old man...save me a spot RJ I will chase ya along in my scooter.... katflashfever2000
    • MySPOCHE your a clueless ROBOT...ROBO YOGI... katflashfever2000
    • Way to have Rocks back katflashfever2000 ,,Myspayce -- just because you like the Back street boys is no reason to Hate Rock,,With a username like myspayce,,U dont know what music is !!!!! uberfan
    • HEY MYSPAYCE,,,,,FUC_S GIVEN 00 uberfan
  • 2 shows down

    2 shows down - whew!!! Was not 100 percent the first night but we muscled through it! Felt really good about show 2 and am feeling 99% back to normal after going through an awful respiratory infection and vocal thing. Big thanks to Uncle Ted for rocking out with us on both nights!! Motor city rock n roll is alive and well and it couldn’t be more special than to share and receive the love with all my hometown people and those who have traveled to be here. Thank you to all who have attended and will be!! I feel very blessed to be so fortunate and do not take any of it for granted!! #michiganlove

    • Had a great time in the second row on Saturday! Bob, Ted and the TBTB rocked the house! Flew in from Kansas City for the weekend to visit my girl Ria. Danced my butt off both nights, no need for a gym visit all weekend! Back in KC now, but missing the D! Huge admiration for what you all do. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face the whole time! Thanks for a great time! kimberleyclark
    • ROCK--I posted this when the Troops got there donations from kid rock..I wanted Everyone to see this-------I was watching the news the other night and my 7 year old said God Bless AMERICA dad.My son belongs to a group of boys called CUB SCOUTS.It is a younger part of the BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA.They went to one of the biggest cemetery's in town on Memorial day and put small FLAGS on all the soldiers graves.So all you could see was a mile of Cub Scouts putting a Mile of FLAGS on the graves.When they were done I stood in awe at the miles of flags.They were told to line the FLAGS up with the cross's on the stone so they all would line up perfect.Then they were to salute it and say "Thank you for your service" and move to the next one.Watching it brought tears to my eyes..So that lesson I did not have to give.My son felt the words he said to me and I just looked back at him and said Ya son "GOD BLESS AMERICA" uberfan
    • Seen you for the first time tonight at DTE. You brought a tear to my eye. You are very humble. I have never been to a concert and been thank for spending hard earned money to come see them perform. Life is about friends and family. Born Free!! patricetomlin
    • What happened to the $20 T-Shirts the website advertised? All Tee's at the concert last night were $25! strohgds
    • I'm not understanding what Platinum seats mean. Called Ticketmaster today and my girlfriend and I tried upgrading seats for one of the 2 shows which are both Platinum seating and we found better seats that were cheaper and they would not exchange seats! We were not asking for any money back just better seats. Not understand the benefit of purchasing Platinum seats which we purchased for 2 different shows! Can someone explain it to me! Thanks so much maryloveskid