It's almost time for Kid Rock's First Annual FishFry! On both Friday and Saturday, the festivities start at 4pm...

    -Kick it with live music on the Backyard BBQ Stage featuring Packway Handle Band and John Stone Band
    -Eat up at Nashville’s best hand-picked local food trucks (all with aFishFrytwist)
    -Quench your thirst with a variety of drinks at the Backyard Bar
    -Ride the dollarFishFryFerris Wheel
    -Try your luck at dollar games like High Striker
    -Show off your Cornhole skills
    -Savor the moment with theFishFryphoto booth
    -Grab your limitedFishFrymerch
    -Catch the Fish Fry Fireworks

    Then Whitey Morgan and Tim Montana & the Shrednecks hit the officialFishFryStage until it's time for your host KID ROCK!! and Twisted Brown Trucker.

    The party starts at 4pm - you don't want to miss it. See you in Nashville. See you at the Fish Fry!

    • P.S. - I was one of the dedicated fans from out of town...that left my 4 year old daughter for one night with my parents, to travel from Boston to Nashville for this event as an early birthday present to myself. I never get to go anywhere, and was really looking forward to this "investment" as a grand memory. Now, I'm embarrassed to say that I fell for this scam. I'm sorry, but we all work hard for our money, and where we put it, is a big decision...especially if it's for fun after all the bills in life are paid. This was my birthday present. :( And all I brought back was a cold. No picture. No chance to meet him. And barely a chair to sit in. I feel like such a stupid fool. And to think I took a night away from kissing my daughter goodnight for this?? LIke I said...I feel like an idiot now to have trusted that this was going to be a great memory. :( I think I will go back to just expecting less from my fellow humans and never have anything to look forward to again. I'm a SAG-AFTRA actress and even on set, as a low-life extra...they give us heated tents to wait in. The folks at CID should have treated us all as true VIPs with at least A PLACE TO SIT DOWN AND SOME HEAT. Ya, those fire pits were great...in the field down below!!! But not while we waited in line for an hour while the shuttle driver failed miserably over and over again to turn the shuttle around competently. And another thing...why not a BIGGER BUS? You knew there were 250 people coming to this thing but you provide a shuttle that holds 15? WTF? And next year, color code people into groups for your group picture and shuttle picts. If folks aren't where they are supposed to be, then, "oh well, so sad" they miss out. BUT FOR ME TO MISS OUT THIS YEAR IS BS. You basically tricked us and stole our money. christinesl
    • This was my 4th Kid concert this summer/fall. Was pretty stoked about the first annual fish fry being held in Nashville. Just feel like all the hype about the Pajama party after the show was a waste and big disappointment. I had thought about trying to catch a cruise in the future, but this has changed my mind. Piss poor planning is how I feel about this. I did enjoy the concert and will continue to go see Kid and his friends, but as far as doing a VIP experience again? Awwwww hell naw, I will save my money and spend it at the beer stand. kimber_maxwell
    • Great Show Bob and TBT, The venue could have wiped the seats down, they were wet. I didn't think it rained Saturday. I live in Springfield, TN. Hopefully next year will be better with the venue wiping the seats down or having a towel for the people who paid 100 plus for a seat. incase it rained. Other than that Hope to see you next year with my mother Susan and family.. My other half, lets say he doesn't like some of my wide variety of music. lol kimberlysue
    • I had a great time at the fish fry.. The pajama party got a little crazy however I would do it all over again.. Just to see him walk in with his pajamas on was priceless. He tried to mingle around the room and at first was able to do so. I did get to have a conversation with him and he even had his personal photographer come over and take a picture of us. After we talked for a few minutes he went on his way and then a couple of van's unloaded some more people and I never saw him again.. So my experience at the pajama party was awesome however I can see the other side also.. But he tried his best just a couple people should have been asked to move along.. BornFree4
    • we attended the Friday show, had 4th row seats. awesome experience. i wish he would of stayed and mingled with the fans at the pizza party, that would of been awesome. we drove 6 hours from Indiana to see this and will do it again if he has one next year. sorry for the people who feel they got ripped off about the pj party but it seems Bobby did try but a few people ruined it. i see your point but i also see Bobby's point too and why he left. not sure why security didn't kick certain people out. overall great time. Thank You Bobby & TBT mala
    • I think you have more than a few good years left Mr Rock n Roll!!!! Looking forward to the future!!!! Cherri
    • Shit.....Kid you have at least 20 years left of tearing up the stage & performing to tens of thousands of your LOYAL fans. Your still jumping 8 feet in the air-Please never stop touring- davidwest2345
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    • Thank you to all who contribute to the show. You can tell a difference with audio, lights, video and PYRO! THANKS to the band. We come to see KR, but YOU MAKE HIM A SUCESS AS WELL! To Kid rock: You have to keep performing! You have crazy fans that will not care if you don't jump around! I saw George Jones perform in the last few years of his life and it was still amazing to me to see him in person. YOU ARE A LEGEND! AND LEGENDS ......NEVER DIE! OR QUIT PERFORMING...................WE NEED SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR ENERGY AND CARE FOR YOUR FANS! tawnyahorn
    • Hi Kid! This is, Love Is Love, LLC Hey, as always, you rock! My email: loveislovellc@gmx.com loveislovellc
  • ​St. Louis and Chicago


    Thanks for moving your plans to come out this weekend. To show my appreciation, I'm bringing an old friend to join me on stage. See ya there!

    • The song is going to be on MGK's new cd. It was played before the show in Cleveland also. dwatkins
    • Kid Rock rocked the house down in St. Louis Friday night! Love me some Kid Rock!! He was AWESOME! Can't wait to see him again! He is sooo sexy! ;) sexynana
    • Show in Tinley Park kicked ass. Foreigner was great too. Love how he always has old school opening acts! Cant wait to see you again soon!! latallyn
    • Awesome, thank you e1977cow
    • I dont think anyone made you aware of how LONG it takes me to FORMULATE a PLAn...PLAYING shuffle the dates screws me everywhich way but loose and sets me into thinking I'm forgetting something. I appolgise for not switching the plans but you and I will see each other again , Hopefully we are touching distance again. I will be a lady. Don't worry about that and will be respectful of your relationship, the woman's earned it ;) katflashfever2000
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    In commemoration of the 12th anniversary ofJohnny Cash's death on September 12th, CMT will feature a weeklong tribute to the Man in Black beginning on September 8th. Longtime Cash fan Kid Rock will host the tribute on the network, which will temporarily rename itself "Cash Music Television."

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