• Kickin' it in Carolina

    Thanks to everyone who came out for Carolina Kickoff. Next up... Washington State Fair.

    • wow, that is quite the runway! krsval
    • Never thought Kid Rock would come to G'ville. He was the reason we went. Awesome show and I love him even more now. Wished he was the headliner!!!! kristivarnold
    • He was the only reason I went and had a blast!! Totally in love with Kid Rock!! lhltweety524
    • Thanks again! Great show. As always, leave with a smile and wish it didn't end! Was hot as hell ,thought they would have at least had some fans or some way to move air around you on stage.. Thanks for being you and most of all for being " REAL"!!!! See you next time Love Always, Becky hippygal
    • U are coming my way,Now I gota try to get to u.... uberfan

    August, you've been good to us so far. See you in a week, Greenville!

    • My Wish is to see you live, 2nd wished had waited till this weekend to go up to Greenville, NC, was there 2 saturdays ago! of course my luck! Suppose cannot see yr Concert tonight live stream? Probably not, only wishing. Love you, your bad, handsome, great voice, you made my morning today by liking my comment. Thank you! Now you've got ECU Pirates tonight, used to live there briefly, cute town. Your the best! GBU in all you do for the Military, Charities, etc. your awesome Kid Rock! diannerigsby1234
    • I'm sure Bobby doesn't actually read these but in the event that he does. OMG, the show in Greenville was awesome. I wish he was the headliner. I didn't want it to end. Sure would love to have a drink with him. I loved him when we went, love him more after. Hate the cruise is sold out. Waited one day too late. :-( kristivarnold
    • Greenville ECU ROCKED! My only wish after traveling from Raleigh was that the security crew in section 31 of the stadium - would have let us up to our seats to actually see the entire show!!! We missed a good 30 minutes for no reason!!! What we did see was awesome!! Bring it back to the Creek in Raleigh! Love to see yall soon! suzbhar
    • I had the best time of my life at Carolina Kickoff concert!! Been waiting 10years to see you in concert and believe me I was like a teeny bopper in Heaven!! I have never enjoyed a concert more!! Please please come back to NC soon!!! lhltweety524
    • He dont,,,,read this I mean. uberfan
  • You Ready for #8?

    Time for another badass party on the boat. Check out the new cruise website updated with our itinerary, pre-sale info, and more! Kidrockcruise.com

    • Im ready....booked two days ago. Excited. Last year was my first! Awesome. Last year broke my wrist in my cabin at end of cruise. What a souvenir! look forward to having the whole cruise with no broken bones. I was not drunk. that would be a story but alas No. dancingdi
    • Reservation made TODAY! SUPER STOKED piratesinparadise12
    • #bornready crazyassmoma
    • One of these years! hopez
    • i have something deciding it wont go into remission so gonna have to get into mayo and see if they can INSIST it does...i had intended to.. :( katflashfever2000
  • Creek Fest

    Hitting it hard at Creek Fest. Thank you, Iowa!

    • SMOK'N BOY uberfan
    • My name is Kid Rock & I like to PARTY!!!!! davidwest2345
    • Concert #15 and incredible as always!! Hope to see you again soon!!! kidrock21
    • I Love my Bad Ass with all my Hart & Soul! #kidrocksbitch Mrs.Kid Rock Kid.rocks.mama!!!! kidrocksbitch
    • Wish I could just live the life and tour all over with the Kid!! lhltweety524
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