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    • you can't be serious supporting that a-hole barb62851
    • Time just named Trump their Person of the Year. rocksavedmysoul
    • Kid Rock is standing up for what he believes in and I credit him for being a smart, proud and brave American. The Dems need to get over it! Just bought several of these awesome shirts for Christmas gifts. Go Kid (Bob) and Go Trump! michjen
    • Hey Kid Rock, I'm done listening to your music, I'm done going to your shows, and I'm deleting all your music from my phone. You wanna support this fraud? I'm done supporting you. timinator1
    • when is the new song coming out? what the name of the song? tammimsummers
  • Charlie Daniel's Volunteer Jam

    Good times in Nashville at the Charlie Daniel's Volunteer Jam.

  • Veterans Day

    Here's to the men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. Shake the hand of a veteran today and say thank you. It's the LEAST we can do. Here's to you all vets and of course all our active duty military. We appreciate you.

    • My daughter was born yesterday on the Marine Corp birthday and she is now a ex-Marine married to an ex-Marine...my husband's birthday is today Veteran's Day.... God bless All those who have served!!! melissaadair
    • What Jobab's said! God bless our military, their families, and the USA! rocksavedmysoul
    • Hallelujah Hey! beckxy
    • Hi all and a BIG HELLO from Wales UK wondering is there any signs of a UK tour and is The Kid coming to Wales ? sharpy69
    • I have a spot opening up in my cabin on The Chillin the most cruise. Anyone interested contact Rick at 808-636-0232 notoriioushadow

    #TBT Cocky was released 15 years ago this month...

    • Ahhh,Beckxy how's the Rocker chick,Ya I wrote that when I heard Bob got the Auto Seat that go's up and down by its self.Maybe you can do some Vocals and have Geno put it to guitar."All Rights go to Bob Ritchie" uberfan
    • I got a return message from Bossy.And I was feel'n sick from my Diabetes.His words humbled me .That's a good guy right there... uberfan
    • "Cocky" has this serious love from me. That year we went snowmobiling in Strongs, Mi~ and sang the crap out of the entire album lol :-) Some of those Friends are not with us today. But we had AMAZING TIMES while They were here. MsBehavin
    • So~TOTAL THANK YOUS!!!! Bob and TBT :-) MsBehavin
    • Isnt it amazing how his songs make memories.We will always have them in our hearts............. uberfan
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