• Just Announced: Kid Rock’s 2nd Annual Fish Fry

    Kid Rock is back throwing his huge backyard party in Nashville for friends and neighbors at his Second Annual Fish Fry at the Fontanel on Friday, October 7th and Saturday, October 8th.

    Each day will include a full set by Kid Rock plus all the fun of last year’s Fish Fry and even more. There’ll be more live music, a Ferris wheel, corn hole, fireworks, picnic tables, local food trucks, plenty of cold beer, good times and more fried fish.

    Tickets will go on-sale to the general public this Friday, June 24th at 10AM CST. A special Fan Club pre-sale will begin on Wednesday June 22nd at 10AM CST. Rebel Soldiers will receive an email by 5/21 with more info and a code to purchase.

    Premium packages will go on sale this Thursday, June 23rd at 10AM CST. More information can be found at http://kidrocksfishfry.com/

    • I am sure some things have been rethought this year based on last year..what worked and what did not. Looking forward to a good time! krsval
    • I wanted pj's...*Shirley Temple pout rocksavedmysoul
    • My dilemma.So Player is coming to Puyallup fair in Washinton.Its 3 hours from Portland.The last time Rock came here he played in a club called Roseland.My wife and I were front row barricade all night.The next time he came he went to the fair in Washinton.We went on a road trip but the seats we got were not so goog in the back.My wife got spoiled because we were so close she said she dont want to see him so far away and we dont have the money for close seats.I am way into KID ROCK..I would go and pay whatever just to be in the same room to hear him live..THE PROBLEM---My wife dosent want to drive 3 houres to sit in the back but I do...come on its my wife my best friend so I cant go with out her...AHHHH what do I do?I lose out I guess...... uberfan
    • I wish I could go to this. Maybe I can get my prayer answered. angels4bobseger
    • How can I get Robert Ritchie aka Bobby aka Kid Rock to listen to me ? I need him to read my messages to him on Facebook? It's extremely important. It has nothing to do with tickets, money, autographs, babies, sex nothing like that. It's important tho' . I think he should know and I think he'll want to know. I'm at my wit's end here. I'm trying to protect him me and others. Plz if anyone can get ahold of him and pass this message along please please do. Thank you babyd
  • Second Date Added at Fenway Park on 9/10!

    Kid Rock and Jason Aldean have added a second date at Fenway Park in Boston, MA on 9/10!

    Rebel Soldiers have access to pre-sale tickets for this event. The pre-sale begins on Tuesday, May 10th at 10AM EST and runs through Thursday, May 12th at 10PM EST. Check your email for pre-sale instructions. To join the Rebel Soldiers fan club, visit KidRock.com/join.

    Tickets will be available to the public on Friday, May 13th at 10AM EST

    • Bobby, tell you drummer to go to a health food store and do a lung cleanse. Eventually, she will not need an inhaler. As for the social media. The republicans will take care of it. Donate to the Independent Party. brendamariesmith74
    • NOOOOOOOOOOOO uberfan
    • Well I have been to one kid rock concert. And I prayef for joe c. Because he had a hard life. Whwn bobby says it is for joe c pary. Do not cheer. brendamariesmith74
    • I meant pray. brendamariesmith74
    • Yay! After 45 minutes I finally got my pre sale fan club tickets for my Sister, Daughter & Myself! Our yearly trip to see Kid Rock! It's an 8 + hour drive but what the hell! Will see you @ The Fish Fry! bacamzb bacamzb
  • From Kid Rock

    I am beyond devastated to report that my personal assistant Mike Sacha passed away today in an ATV accident here in Nashville. He was a member of our family and one of the greatest young men I have ever had the pleasure to not only work with, but also to become friends with. I know I speak for us all in sharing my deepest condolences to his family. I can not imagine how they must feel. Myself, the band, our family, friends and co-workers are devastated over this loss. We were supposed to be back in Michigan today, but I am going to stay here with Mike until I can bring him home to his family. We've already been contacted by the press asking if it was me who was in the accident, so I want to stop any rumors before they spread. I’m asking everyone to please respect our and his families' privacy in this difficult time. RIP Mike. We will never forget you, my friend.

    - Kid Rock

    • this site is Old School to you now???? #hahaha crazyassmoma
    • Kid,, check out face book page someone made Kidd Bob Rock marykendrix
    • Sorry for your loss. I will be in your Michigan Home town this weekend to celebrate my Husbands Retirement! I see you are in Colorado, oh well, we will see you in Illinois on 6/25... Love you! byrxb
    • #Badass #oldfart crazyassmoma
    • Never forget,never try to hide, memories you think will slide.dont ever think it cant happen to you it can turn around and make u feel blue.--So dont take this time for granted---you are the one to make it happen when its the time for you to know then its the time for you to go.. uberfan

    Kid Rock and Jason Aldean are coming to Fenway Park in Boston, MA on 9/9!

    Rebel Soldiers have access to pre-sale tickets for this event. The pre-sale begins on Tuesday, April 19th at 10AM EST and runs through Thursday, April 21st at 10PM EST. Check your email for pre-sale instructions. To join the Rebel Soldiers fan club, visit KidRock.com/join.

    Tickets will be available to the public on Friday, April 22nd at 10AM EST

    • I never received my presale code(s) either. It seems like this happens every year the tours kick off.... Gaylerocks
    • I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. My condolences to you and to Mike's family. Prayers michelebertorello
    • probably get pre sale code a little closer to September. brande1974
    • Anyone have trouble finding codes CONTACT SMOORE6@KIDROCK.COM uberfan
    • Will Kid being doing the Fish Fry again ? If so when ? ginabridgeman
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