• Kid Rock Valentines

    Happy Valentine's weekend... Tell the ones you love how you really feel with a Kid Rock Valentine: http://www.kidrockvalentines.com/

  • Chillin' The Most

    Only 1 month until our crazy dysfunctional family hits the high seas! Throw a finger in the air if you're joining us for lucky #7!

    • Tone Loc Bitchez!! Great line-up! Just called my old man at work and told him the great news. We're on a boat mudder Fuckas! beckxy
    • I see my old Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two fingers in the air at work right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crazyassmoma
    • Yee haw mfers let's rock!!!! krsval
    • Sippin Whisky Out The Bottle & Thinking About Tomorrow CTM 7 !!!! earnit317
    • Im thinking this cruise might get a little crazy. Gonna be a lot of fun I'm sure!!! wanttheworld2009
  • Happy New Year

    Had a badass time ringing in the New Year in Louisville!

    Thanks to Debbie Wallace for the photo.
    • When is New Years Eve Live coming out? Happy to hear that I gave a shout on that album michaelstevensonjr
    • I gave the tickets to the couple sitting behind me. Moonshine and joints flowed. The area sitting around me will remember that they never remembered new years eve 2015 michaelstevensonjr
    • ;-) michaelstevensonjr
    • AHHH Good times,,,,,, uberfan
    • I think kid played the Daytona 500 last year, does anyone know if he is this year? ill be there myself wanttheworld2009
  • MASH Photo Album

    In the spirit of the season of giving, we added a new photo album of Kid Rock performing at MASH earlier this year. All proceeds benefited military and veterans organizations. Happy holidays to all our service men and women.

    Check out the pics from MASH: Music for Action - Service - Hope here.

    Photos by Philip Douglas

    • Happy Birthday :) can't wait to see you in the boat cinbob00
    • Happy B/Late Birthday! Hubby & I went to the MASH show, first timers for us. We had a blast, loved the show. Maybe we will see you at the Dega Jam show. Can't wait. We love what you do for the people. <3 rainnie
    • Can Kid Rock block this Mississippi dude named John? He talks too much. crazyassmoma
    • Him and anything with it is gone,,,let's talk Rock,, uberfan
    • Hey ya'll---I Want To Tell You All A Little Story,It go's a little something like this ,,"YuP" It was a normal day Till I heard a Loud Noise It went BAWITDABA" it came out of the Radio.The Dj said it was a Dude who also went by the COWBOY.The guy made me think he was a DEVIL WITHOUT A CAUSE for sure.He Rocked the turntables like no bizznes.He said I AM THE BULLGOD and because I was a ROVING GANGSTER (ROLLIN') I knew this Dude wasn't WASTING TIME.He yelled WELCOME TO THE PARTY and I just Knew It was a ODE 2 THE OLD SCHOOL.I said dang this brother is bad azz but I GOT ONE FOR YA'.I spit a little bit but the hard core dude was on point.Man I am not the only one that is hearing this so SOMEBODY'S GOTTA FEEL THIS.I threw up a FIST OF RAGE out the window.How and why would someone This bad go this long Rock'n Hard ONLY GOD KNOW'S WHY.It just dont matter he could tell anyone he want's to F-CK OFF.So after hearing the loudest coolest rock it made me want to find him.I yelled WHERE U AT ROCK and had to get more of that killer sound.I stomped on the gas pedal and a BLACK CHICK,WHITE GUY said that was KID ROCK AMERICAN BAD AZZ,,,(kid rock devil without a cause) uberfan
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