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    I am beyond devastated to report that my personal assistant Mike Sacha passed away today in an ATV accident here in Nashville. He was a member of our family and one of the greatest young men I have ever had the pleasure to not only work with, but also to become friends with. I know I speak for us all in sharing my deepest condolences to his family. I can not imagine how they must feel. Myself, the band, our family, friends and co-workers are devastated over this loss. We were supposed to be back in Michigan today, but I am going to stay here with Mike until I can bring him home to his family. We've already been contacted by the press asking if it was me who was in the accident, so I want to stop any rumors before they spread. I’m asking everyone to please respect our and his families' privacy in this difficult time. RIP Mike. We will never forget you, my friend.

    - Kid Rock

    • Bob we are very sorry for the sudden loss of Mike, it is so tragic and unfair. He was such a fine young man with an incredible future. He was always so kind to us. We know how lost you must feel right now and all I can share with you from experience is to take it one hour, one day at a time. We suddenly lost our 20 year old daughter Jordyn almost 1 year ago in a car accident (May 5, 2015). You so kindly and respectfully toasted to her on New Year's Eve which warmed our hearts. I wish there was something we could do for you right now to ease your pain. What has helped us through this past year has been leaning on the love and support around us and not expecting too much from ourselves. Sending you much love and support in the days to come and know that we are all grieving with you, the KR family and Mike's family. Heaven gained another beautiful angel way too soon xox leony
    • My thoughts and prayers are with you, the band, and of course Mike's family at this very senseless difficult time. When I lost my sister Susan I found such comfort when blasting "When it rains" thank you for that and yes God put his hands on Mike's shoulders WAY TO SOON! God bless! kolive47
    • Prayers of peace and love to you, TBT, Mike and his family and friends. Heaven has another angel. I lost my daughter 20 years ago. The pain lessens but is always there. May you all find a level of peace. Know that there are so many of us out there with all of you in our thoughts and prayers <3 kristinedesilva
    • Kid , May god be with you ,you're band and Mike's family during this tragic loss of you're friend .Remember the good times you had with him. .Keep him in you're music and in you're heart and mind . If you need anyone to talk to or help you through this my email address is lauriebeele963@Yahoo .com I love you and so do all of you're fans all over the world . Love ,Laurie Paige Beeler lauriebeeler963
    • Kid just thought I would check in on you, the band and Mike, s Family . I am praying for you, the band and you're friends family on the loss of their beloved son and you're friend Heaven has a very Special angel to watch over you ,you;'ew band and his family and friends and you're fans all over the world.I want you to know that I am a earthly angel sent by the Lord our God to watch over you ,you're band and you're family as well as you're friends family .Heaven has an angel and he is in Gos ,sl loving arms , You and I will be with Mike one day in Heaven and we will all rejoice and wrap our arms around each other as God wraps his arms around us every day of our lives, I lost a cousin to drugs and he commited Sucide when he was twenty years old .I know what it is like to lose a close friend and believe me I;ve lost many friends .Love you forever and always . Love, Laurie Paige Beeler lauriebeeler963

    Kid Rock and Jason Aldean are coming to Fenway Park in Boston, MA on 9/9!

    Rebel Soldiers have access to pre-sale tickets for this event. The pre-sale begins on Tuesday, April 19th at 10AM EST and runs through Thursday, April 21st at 10PM EST. Check your email for pre-sale instructions. To join the Rebel Soldiers fan club, visit KidRock.com/join.

    Tickets will be available to the public on Friday, April 22nd at 10AM EST

    • I never even got an email that this was happening...nor a code. :( I hope I didn't miss out. christinesl
    • I never received my presale code(s) either. It seems like this happens every year the tours kick off.... Gaylerocks
    • I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. My condolences to you and to Mike's family. Prayers michelebertorello
    • probably get pre sale code a little closer to September. brande1974
    • Anyone have trouble finding codes CONTACT SMOORE6@KIDROCK.COM uberfan
  • Studio Update:

    My, my how things have changed in the studio!!! But do not fear. Rock n Roll is alive and well and being laid down as we speak! 2 B continued...

    - Kid Rock

    • So at what Point does the ALCOHOL and the having to be the host of a PARTY BOAT become a Problem uberfan
    • ( : LOVE KID ROCK! THPplatinum
    • Keep at it.... katflashfever2000
    • Are you still using your Nicorette Bob? brande1974
    • I can not wait for the next one. An if you want to quit you can it is mind over matter. I am not saying it is easy but you can do it .I quit 2 years in August. My food tasted much better. I had one cig a day for one year. Then stop . Now my saying is if i smoke i need to get off. hkoehler121130
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Kid Rock inducted Cheap Trick into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night. Check out the speech at Rolling Stone: http://rol.st/23sLwbE

    • Love the scarf! (Had the black and pink zebra stripe spandex pants made an appearance, I would've paid to have HBO for a month so I could watch it on the big screen tv) JoBabs_69
    • ROCK that was funnier then fuc_ uberfan
    • Yup, Ur totally high in this pic :) I enjoyed reading ur speech, I would much rather have listened to it though net7674
    • wanna know the story behind the scarf?? crazyassmoma
    • Robin had one to under his jacket when he gave his speech.They probably gave them out at the show? uberfan
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