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  • MargoC Ha, yep all moms have that in them, I call them freak out moments. When I've reached my boiling point, you better get the hell outta my sight! btw my parents never said a word about my shirt today, my dad read the front I could tell. My mom had already seen this pic from my Facebook, which she never liked or commented on, so I guess that tells ya what she thought of it haha...I think it takes a lot more to offend my parents than this shirt though!
  • uberfan GOD BLESS the PARENTS,,,,,,,,,,,
  • crazyassmoma wait, its my grown kids that do not like the kid rock f shirts! I guess I'm just supposed to cook,. clean, wash, handle in their sweet eyes, even though they're gone.. haha

Look what we found:

  • MsBehavin Sadly one of my really good friends i thought--i sent this rock over there lol--but-as usual-i never heard anyting baack aye--out aye--peace
  • crazyassmoma u crazy sobs on here kid. lmao
  • MsBehavin I wish the powers that be would sweep every post I made out of this thread. Except the Iron Maiden video lol--but everything else--I am pleading it disappears--so I only seem 1/8bsc lol

Louisville KY NYE Show: Pre-sale ticket inventory sold out very quickly but we're working to add more tickets. They should be available in the next couple hours! We're working to have every seat available for pre-sale since you guys are so awesome. This is going to be one hell of a party!!!!

  • uberfan Ya ,,,,YOU ARE PACKERS so pack your shizz and get gone!!!!!!
  • MsBehavin ~Giovanni will be over this morning to make sure you are packing everything right
  • chrissy_love77 Got our tickets!! Not great seats but will be bringing in the New Year with Kid Rock and my sister . Happy Bday to you sis.
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Does anyone know if the picture of Kid Rock in a bathtub naked holding his junk is real or photoshopped? It is circulating, and it does not look like him to me, the tattoos are missing....

  • Jobabs_69 If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's real. That pic is in the "I'm Kid Rock, What's Your Excuse?" Photo book by photographer Jeremy Deputat.
  • bkelh8ssno I agree with the other person who replied, did someone tell you it was photo-shopped?

silver is so beautiful

  • molly36 This place fore the fon is very much provoant, but sexy.

Kid rock live at the artist den---- Grab a beer sit down kick your feet up and enjoy.

  • molly36 Mega cool. I found this video a few month ago on youtube and file it at once. It was produced by zdf.kultur in HD quality, which is a german TV-channel. I just enjoye it. Thank you uberfan!!!
  • uberfan Hey molly36 if you find a killer video go ahead and post it.We all love the videos of ROCK.THANK you molly36
  • molly36 I will do my best. Let surprise!

Hey now KR. Come to the Kentuckians of Michigan club on Friday 2/19 to see my cousin and brothers bluegrass band North back Forty. Show starts at 8. Come out have a beer and listen to some good bluegrass music.

  • beckxy And on a side note, Roxy the bomb-digity
  • beckxy Ps. I just recently found this half hour program on PBS called Bluegrass Underground, which I now DVR every episode, which is also the bomb-digity if any of you are into something like that, I do recommend watching.
  • gnr1049 I agree with you. The heart of bluegrass is from those early settlers. It was picked up those you mentioned as well as the Stanley Brothers. My parents/ grandparents are from eastern KY and have passed that tradition down. My cousin Ernie Thacker was the lead singer for Ralph Stanley in the early nineties until he went out on his own. Like Hank JR says its a family tradition.