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  • MsBehavin he owes me lol
  • MrA I see MsB' musta hit the holiday cider early...Lmao
  • uberfan WOOOO, YOUR CUT OFF, hee hee hee

Louisville KY NYE Show: Pre-sale ticket inventory sold out very quickly but we're working to add more tickets. They should be available in the next couple hours! We're working to have every seat available for pre-sale since you guys are so awesome. This is going to be one hell of a party!!!!

  • bluesuedeshoe Each child is different, but, I think it's pretty neat that Bob/TBT, calms your son. Maybe if you can him a guitar?
  • uberfan "YEP"
  • atulpandey0021 packers and movers vinod nagar @ Packers and movers gazipur @ Packers and movers tilak nagar @ packers and movers new ashok nagar @ movers and packers naraina @ Packers and movers patparganj @ Packers and movers patel nagar @ Packers and movers najafgarh @ Packers and movers vsundhara enclave @

The code was sent via email this morning, but if you need any help please email Thank you!

  • stickchic69 I didn't realize my paid membership had expired but as soon as I renewed I got the code.
  • wesleyatkinson Got my tickets!! Floor 2 Row A!!! how about MEET & GREET!?!?!?! PLEASE!!!!!
  • bluesuedeshoe Wes, you have been here awhile, and though "intense" I sure think you are not stupid, If management supported and sponsered fan club ,meet and greets with the membership here, trust e, you woiuld know the whos whats where ahow comes right here by now... Being the truth telling "B...." that

Hey Rebel Soldiers - our community went down for a few hours yesterday, but we've found the issue and everything should be in working order. If you still have any trouble, feel free to email me at Thank you!

  • MsBehavin I use mine everyday and feel MUCH more relaxed thereafter.. Goodnight Luvs :-)
  • uberfan Haaa,Haaa,Haaa LOL, LOL
  • bluesuedeshoe mz B, just a caution from a purely medical perspective....I read that overuse of such aids (Mr. Rabbit, et al) might cause problems late in life....if you need more info, please feel free to info me privately. If not, please refer to YouTube, Katt Williams 2015 routine. Lordy.....rofl.
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Bobby Shazam and two of his coolest fans... It's On!!

  • montanaanna That's who I believed you are, Beckxy...always believed ;) Shine on! :D
  • beckxy Indeed, Shine on Montana ;) Thankful I am.
  • bluesuedeshoe Welp, not what I remember Bex. Think it was disrespectful as hell, and will tell him that to his face if I get the opportunity.

Bing Crosby & David Bowie - "The Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth)"

  • montanaanna Of all I sing about now every day...all the carols...somehow this one is secret to my soul...unlikely duo yes...therein lies the magic ;D
  • beckxy Yea... this goes way back when Mtv was cool. I like Seger's version too

Thank You So Much Jimmie&The Twisted Brown Trucker Band Randy Loves It Thank You For Making Him Happy He Loves You All Very Much Keep Rockin

  • bluesuedeshoe Sweet!!!!
  • uberfan Im telling you Randy knows kid rock and the band better then anyone :)
  • beckxy :) Cherished... mine is on my bedroom wall. Thanks to Jason.

R. City - Locked Away ft. Adam Levine

  • montanaanna I'm taking my non-restricted moment and running with it...please forgive me ;P ;)

Legally Blonde 2 - Speak Up!

  • montanaanna Please, patience to watch it all ;)...speak up, ' honest voice please...and are truly indeed beautiful ;D

Want some of these here guns?

  • bluesuedeshoe Calm down kids, and I apologize Anna. It's a Second Amendment right to carry arms. If you're licensed and vetted and enjoy target practice or bring meat home for you family, I have no issues. Also been around them, summers on the dairy farm all the uncles were town cops, Gram taught me how to steam iron the uniforms and polish the shoes, belts, hats, etc. All the huge bullet magnum hand guns and rifles were kept on top of the dining room china cabinets..,and we all learned the importance of listening to the scanner, day and nite. For kicks and tricks, after holiday dinners, they'd take all the men and boys out in the back field and blow up rats. Needed to be done, right?
  • bluesuedeshoe What drives me nuts here is Bob and company using it as branding on his official site. One gun isn't enough, we have go to have two matching 24K gold models. Hey, look at me, simple target practice isn't enough, watch me rip with an automated piece so powerful it has to be bolting to the ground. It's disrespectful. It targets a vulnerable young audience. And now, with terrorism on the rise, it's downright inciteful. Couple a weeks ago a housewife with open carry came down to a Home Depot closer to the D. When a teenager rushed out past her with a wagon full of goods, she ripped off a couple of shots at the kid, car, and possibly anyone else who was standing nearby (or locked into a baby carseat). Is this the world we want to live in? Now there is evil here anyway, nothing to do with religous beliefs. After having all our bank money stolen at home, my uncle brought my Mom an old detectives pistol, filled with blanks. She was stuck out in the middle of nowhere until we got home from school. Sure enough, a year or two later that little soandso came back with a few of his friends, walked right in the kitchen door. She asked them nicely to move along, but they felt they had to explore more drawers, so she pulled it out from under the tea towels, and let one rip at the ceiling, and another in their direction running down our dirt road. Stupid kids left their cars, which were convesgated and several did time. Damn lucky for her she acted quickly, or she could have been raped.
  • montanaanna No offense taken, Blue ;) Wow what a great smart quick thinking mama ;) I thought you came from good stock ;) Part of what I apologize didn't say as clearly as I'd hoped before is...yes, with my juris I can and did 'win' in some cases...even at the Montana Supreme Court before I even graduated...but I originally decided to go and went to law school for the education...didn't know all I was supposed to be afterward, but in all these years since I continue to affirm what I've always is the key...communication, discussion without a need to incite. I learned in my education there are at least two sides, two's how we work those perspectives out that really matters. In law school and being a licensed part of the system there are moral things unaddressed that I could not live with...I've seen the not good part if the legal system...whether the gun issue or the litigous society in which we find ourselves...I bieve they are but symptoms of something deeper...well, I'm in for the long haul with humanity, and Blue, I believe you are after the same goal...what will set us is the I set about my every day with that goal in mind and may be delusional but I believe in the powerful good heart of the human condition...I work every day with all I amto make my small ripple...thanks for yours Blue and takes us takes us all...speak up, America, speak up! :D