ATTENTION - if you are having trouble with tickets - keep trying. Some seats are temporarily held in users carts as they look for tickets and become available again.

  • angels4bobseger That's true bluesuedeshoe !
  • jakopyc I'm begging you someone get them to add prodigal son to the Atlanta set list! Fucking please
  • bluesuedeshoe Jak, I so agree, but, I doubt it. Instead, hit YouTube or some of the other providers. He did do it in concert, and maybe you can find it for your pleasure. It is a remarkable song.

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  • bluesuedeshoe No one owns threads. Providing information. You hang with whom you choose.
  • Ajay Got my tickets now just hoping and praying with new job it doesn't clash on that particular night. DON'T even care if i have to work the night before after. JUST as long as i am off for that particular night is all i CARE about!!! Gonna take a friend i initiated into the KID ROCK concert experience in MARION, IL. He is now hooked and wants to see KID anytime he rolls through. YOU can't tell ppl. THEY gotta see and experience it for themselves......THAT IS ALL!!!
  • Otis310 Got my Tickets ... I am like the sun is shining bright on Ky today ... !!! Rock on Come on ♥ Ya Kidrock and family .. hope all is well with the family .. Man what a blessing ... Just good to be you .. and just to be born free .. I love the USA

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  • wilky64 In DAYTONA, seen Kid tonight, Goin again tomorrow! I want to meet him! David Wilkerson
  • bluesuedeshoe Always welcome, A4BS. Hope all is well.
  • milesatwood1 Went to Daytona too. What a blast. Saw KR there and he got the crowd rockin' before the race. Saw him in Cheyenne, WY last summer. Best concert I ever saw, and I've seen all the greats, but he is by far a crowd pleaser and awesome entertainer. And yes, he was only abot 25 feet away. Get VIP tickets when you can. Well worth it. We got 2 for Cheyenne and only set us back $190 for two fans. Fucking Bieber, Byonce, and the the other freaks would have cost $350 for 1 ticket. Best deal for the best concert. Who does that now-a-days? KR... That's who.

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  • bluesuedeshoe Patience, Otis. New label, Warner Bros, so they are starting with one leg. In the past, as the tour takes off, dates have been added, as well as additional legs to the tour. Cannot imagine they'd ignore that region of the country since some of it's oldest and most staunch fans reside there.
  • Otis310 Thank you, for answering my question, I understand the new label, And I love the best ever tour .. He gives it all and more .. Rock On .... and you have that right staunch fans, now him doing country makes me love him more , that would be on of my dreams to come true , just one more dream to meet him and just give him a big bear hug, WHAT A DREAM THAT WOULD BE ....Amen :-)
  • Otis310 Did u get my Thank you .... sweet heart ! #LOVEMYKIDROCK
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Though I've stated once to another member here that I have no interest in speaking of my "awesome experiences from the past"...After a late night conversation with a group of friends, back at our hotel after a concert in Grand Rapids, MI last Saturday night, I do believe that one day, very soon, it may be fun to start a blog filled with all of the wonderful rumors that have been stated about me. I would include rumors stated about others...but that's their business and name to handle, not mine.

Bob Ritchie reading Anton Szandor LaVey's Satanic Bible, out loud, while on a commercial…

  • bluesuedeshoe Kelly? Nah. She's the real deal.
  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird There is no BS involved when it comes to accessorizing and color coordinating one's attire, Shirlee. But I guess we wouldn't have sites such as "The People of Walmart" if everyone cared enough to dress their very best... Though I am somewhat fascinated by the time you've taken to read all of this on five to ten different occasions. Since it seems as though you have a love for reading, might I suggest the book, To Kill a Mockingbird. It's a wonderful read and there's enough pages in the book to help keep you occupied during those times of possible boredom.
  • 1BBShirleeOctpus405 perhaps those peolp spend time and thought on other things besides the outward apperence of them self, you have wrote belive only hafe of what you see,..remindes me of Big hat no Cattle senerion,..the dress and asseriores dont bother me its the stinch of some,..possaboile bordom,.ya kinda but belive rather its a detrorant lets just same from the same old same old and as far as the novel,.ha why read what you have alread lived.


  • bluesuedeshoe Putting on a live show at a massive arena is incredibly complex, most have no idea how much work must be coordinated separately with each one. Bob using pyro makes a lot of venues nervous. It's a huge credit to his team that these shows go off transparently and without a hitch. If there is any doubt that this is the music business, just take a look at the intensity and concentration on all their faces while prepping.
  • uberfan I have worked with some of them before.good call on doing the break down.lot of permits to make a rock show happen safely.
  • bluesuedeshoe Agree Ube. Watching the set up and breakdown are, for me, vital to the whole experience. Used to assist in both for a local band that went regional and we ran 2 vans and 2 station wagons (my Dad driving one and assisting in lighting and sound set up, hilarious). Always searched for the 3 nite gig with enough safety to leave stuff, more money in your pocket. Anyone going to a First Kiss tour nite should definitely plan on going early and staying late to watch this complex dance. Bob's peeps have a rep for being some of the best in the business, and it's where he makes his profit. I'll end with this, a classic and shout out to all who make these shows possible, and at a price we can all afford: Jackson Browne - The Load Out and Stay - Live BBC 1978

My son's drawing

  • shawniem Talented lil dude
  • sherri352 Thanks I encourage his work. I'm very proud of him. He's a big fan of Kid like me. I'm planning on taking him to see Kid this summer. His first concert.
  • bluesuedeshoe Wow, and he's lucky to have you as a Mom as well. Back in the late sixties and seventies, my parents fronted the big "NO." Managed to squiggle around it a few times, but, I still mourn the shows I missed that all my friends came back raving about....

Who's your rock n roll Jesus?

  • rocksavedmysoul Don't mind looking at it again a bit!
  • uberfan the Realtor was saying how selling the house was going and she said can we take some of the dead heads down..
  • bluesuedeshoe LOL, yep. I'll bet they do. Seen a few inside shots when it first hit the markets and it's a veritable zoo in there.


I raised my daughter right. She is at the Tiger game with the Safety Patrol Program. She is sitting in the nosebleed seats but proudly wearing a Kid Rock MID Tiger

  • bluesuedeshoe You did! Good for her, hope they win.
  • rocksavedmysoul Tigers won. Got lucky on a stealing call. Can't believe the White Sox didn't challenge it. C'est la vie. We win!!!
  • bluesuedeshoe Great news, I was a rabid sports fan as a kid. Rare chances to go to Fenway or the old Boston Garden to see Bobby Orr and the Bruins. Comerica Park impressed me no end just driving by, what a house.