This Month's Contest: The Least You Can Do is Care

  • beckxy As I reflect upon the loving people in my life that I am thankful for, I come to realize that not everyone has that same luxury. Whether their homeless, elder and alone, or simply not in a good frame of mind, many people suffer through the same holidays that we most often get to cherish. Thanks to the golden heart of my mom, I was taught and blessed with her values of giving back. For starters, She got me involved, in my teens, with the Red Cross Berks County Chapter Youth Group. There, I served on the once Meals on Wheels program, Pet Therapy, and Red Cross Clowns program. Yep, We dressed up as clowns and visited the retirement homes and special mall events to bring smiles to faces. I served as a volunteer on the special Olympics committee which was fun. And to show my age, I packed care packages which consists of little soaps, toothbrushes, shampoo and a small toy for the kids for relief of the Ethiopian famine, also known as Live Aid, back in the mid 80's. The Red Cross is a
  • beckxy huge, well-known organization with Chapters all over the country. The organizations founded back in the late 1800s by a lady named Clara Barton. The history is interesting. She risked her life by nursing wounded soldiers in war stricken areas on the front lines. The Red Cross is mostly known for their disaster relief efforts. They are the people who help displaced fire victims, as well as aid in catastrophic events. In recent, our chapter aided the State Police in Monroe County where they were hunting for that crazy cop killer by serving up hot meals to all that were involved with the search. They also aided people during the Hurricane Sandy event awhile back. The chapter is, currently, doing an event that consist of making up baskets with non-perishable food items and toiletries to give out to our homeless veterans for the upcoming holiday season. With a few of my family members so far we have three boxes of goodies. Check out your local chapters to see how you can help out.
  • swhittle13 Our family gives to a local charity here in Cincinnati. It's called City Gospel Mission we have in the past volunteered there and give money during the holiday season. They are wonderful people who have a true heart for the needy. They feed so many people not just during the holiday but all through the year. Those who need it know they can go there for a hot meal. My husband had a stroke in 2011 and hasn't been able to work so we have not been able to give them as much as we would like. It would be wonderful if they could get some help as I know they really need the extra food this year.

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  • rocknrich Cool pic. Congrats, and thanks.
  • bart Thanks all - it was a very cool night to be that close. Very lucky and fortunate to get those tickets from the pre-sale her on .
  • vicky59 kid R, I am an old woman but your performance tonight at the Valor show was beyond amazing!! solid gold and stole the show. Vets everywhere are smiling tonite. Bravo!

It's Almost Halloween....

  • rocksavedmysoul They are calling for snow flacks here in the "D" area.
  • rocksavedmysoul *flakes (we so need an edit button still and for this box to be bigger so we can reread what we type before we post) ***sigh
  • leony will you let me in the front gate if I come trick or treating?!? lol ;D

This Month's Contest - Once Again, IT'S ROCKTOBER

  • Ajay Love arts & literature but getting back to schoolwork is tough for an old lady!!! YES I called myself old i will be 43 November 22nd! All gifts, encouragement, anything as far as school and b'day are greatly appreciated! Not a beggar just a hair stressed is all!
  • debravickers Awesome
  • jaded8 Would Love to see Kid tour with ZZ Top one time.
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#CMT Crossroads - "Kid Rock & Hank Williams Jr."

  • MargoC I've never seen this whole video's our "Rock n Roll Jesus" and Bocephus! Shit, God Damn....can't wait for the new album and tour, dude....


  • cj51turtle To You little ones......Delphinis from the fall.....


  • cj51turtle This is me, yep the Picture I have one , yep ok , let it roll,,,,


  • cj51turtle This may be the Desert., Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump. That is my cause of focus right now, I don't trust Limestone to be the burial ground from the shores of what we already have less than 300 hundred or less miles from here?


So the new album is called "First Kiss" & the CTM6 cruise theme is "Blind Date" I'm sensing a theme here. I told my husband when the new album was coming out & the title name, he scrunches his nose up at the title, I tell him it's a compilation of love songs, trying to mess with him haha...I tell him no, it's probably the complete what ya'll thinking?

  • MargoC Oh Jesus 100 proof, that just might burn your Ass up, literally haha! I know what you mean, now I get why old people live in condos/apartments, this is BullShit! I wanna be a snowbird & live in FL for the winters!
  • cj51turtle My idea tonight would be the idea behind it and what if she wasn't a cigar smoker? Maybe her Great Uncle Paul was Ridiculed . Would the question be Mom's favorite Album of the Rolling Stones in the Day? Or is it how we all have given up that it could ever be real again at our age? That is tonight's statement from me. I don't know...
  • MargoC ok.