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  • MsBehavin And I am straight up rubbing it on the v-jay--and the putting it away Luv :-)
  • MsBehavin So I need to go to bed--obviously with no head--ole man is pissed at me--i donr tolt him-suck these balls beneath me knee-- He sayeth haha yee leprecon--yell beg four me ballz or i owe yee one
  • MsBehavin he owes me lol

Louisville KY NYE Show: Pre-sale ticket inventory sold out very quickly but we're working to add more tickets. They should be available in the next couple hours! We're working to have every seat available for pre-sale since you guys are so awesome. This is going to be one hell of a party!!!!

  • rshoots80 Seriously is Kid Rock Sold Out for Louisville? That sucks. I was going to take my son who has Autism he loves Kid Rock...... He started crying the other night when I turned his CD off so he could start to wind down before going to bed.... Kid Rock CD's is the only musice that calms him down while he's in the process of having a melt down......Can anybody figure that one out? Lol.
  • rshoots80 Kid Rock is pretty awesome though....m
  • bluesuedeshoe Each child is different, but, I think it's pretty neat that Bob/TBT, calms your son. Maybe if you can him a guitar?

The code was sent via email this morning, but if you need any help please email Thank you!

  • stickchic69 I didn't realize my paid membership had expired but as soon as I renewed I got the code.
  • wesleyatkinson Got my tickets!! Floor 2 Row A!!! how about MEET & GREET!?!?!?! PLEASE!!!!!
  • bluesuedeshoe Wes, you have been here awhile, and though "intense" I sure think you are not stupid, If management supported and sponsered fan club ,meet and greets with the membership here, trust e, you woiuld know the whos whats where ahow comes right here by now... Being the truth telling "B...." that

Hey Rebel Soldiers - our community went down for a few hours yesterday, but we've found the issue and everything should be in working order. If you still have any trouble, feel free to email me at Thank you!

  • MsBehavin id still like to love tap that girl
  • MsBehavin And send her the 23 fuction toy. maybe then she'd loosen up and get off everyones back
  • MsBehavin I use mine everyday and feel MUCH more relaxed thereafter.. Goodnight Luvs :-)
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Want some of these here guns?

  • MsBehavin Do I think they are evil? Yes. I do
  • MsBehavin Apparently they like blondes--I learned at 15 what evil is. Lesson not soon forgot.
  • bluesuedeshoe Calm down kids, and I apologize Anna. It's a Second Amendment right to carry arms. If you're licensed and vetted and enjoy target practice or bring meat home for you family, I have no issues. Also been around them, summers on the dairy farm all the uncles were town cops, Gram taught me how to steam iron the uniforms and polish the shoes, belts, hats, etc. All the huge bullet magnum hand guns and rifles were kept on top of the dining room china cabinets..,and we all learned the importance of listening to the scanner, day and nite. For kicks and tricks, after holiday dinners, they'd take all the men and boys out in the back field and blow up rats. Needed to be done, right?