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  • DianaR YAY Margo! Nice pic!
  • shellieparr Great pic. Kid!!!! I really need you to at least listen to a demo my nephew made. He plays guitar by ear, sings, free style raps and its good!!!! Would you just listen if I send ya one? PLZ!!!!! <3 ya
  • cupcakesugarpie XXXOOOXXX

New Community Contest: Record Store Day

  • beckxy The Royal Blackbirds, "Shot Down" Jessie Wagner and Envy, "Army of the Underdog" Ty Stone, "The Boulevard" due out May 10th. I was able to hear it before the release date.. awesome sauce!!
  • beckxy ... but Mr. Kid Rock and his band the TBTs still wins the coveted spot that rocks my ride to and from work/school everyday.
  • red48039 POLYFUZE all the way! Can't believe I still have it and it IS in working condition! Listening to My Oedipus Complex right now - that song is a classic :)

New Community Contest - Leave your Mark in March

  • sherralldavidson Kid Rock .i lost my husband n may 2011 .. hardest event in my life .. i was looking in is eyes as he slipped away .. your cd.. Born Free was all i had to keep me going .. you are the reason we married back in the 80"s .u r my salvation.....
  • olderthantherest Is this contest for March 2014??? March is National Social Workers Month- every year, so, maybe next year.... you can consider making a fuss about them. Social Workers are dedicated to "leaving" a mark by advocating for social justice!!
  • beckyhammer Thank you for acknowledging my care for others! Very humbled to be the award winner for this category! I LOVE helping others! My dream job would be working with The Kid Rock Foundation making opportunities to care! Inspired & grateful!

Hey Cruisers! Join our official digital pre-party and post your pics before we sail away to Redneck Paradise. See all the pics at, and post your own by using hashtag #KidRockCruise

  • juliewalker707 How do I buy tickets????
  • stonehunter117 I would love to be there, I bet your all having a blast. Every pic I took last year or this year even if it's the bqd ones none, none of them get printed. Could you please put us in some we always look pretty good. Especially if it has Kid
  • stonehunter117 Anthing with the Kid looks awsome!!!!
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I am going to try and bring my bro n law to see Kid Rock at carolina rebellion. I dont think he is able to see a full concert so this will be perfect. What I would like to know is what time KR will perform on Sunday. The perfect solution would be, pull up, get to a chair, listen to a couple of songs and then out. I would like to do something special for him. he loves KR. He turned me onto KR 10 years ago. he is 62 and has a brain tumor and chemo is just trying to slow the beast down. He builds hot rods for a living and just retired to work on his own. then bam, cancer. He can walk very…

  • MargoC I'm sorry to hear about your brother in law...try to call the venue & check into accessible seating & entrances for the venue...I hope he's able to see the Kid Rock show.
  • beckxy Man, do I hear that. I find it beautiful on what you are doing for your bro-n-law. That's so cool that he turned you on to KR. Positive thoughts to you and your family.. and enjoy the show.
  • RockRehab for sure, i will go by the venue and look to see how far handicap parking is. thanks. I dont think I can bring myself to ask for anything else. I have a very hard time with that. that damn pride thang..I found set up and map of parking, b

OK, since no big Summer Tour has been announced by the Kid Rock camp, what other artists/groups are you seeing live this summer to help satisfy the 'concert bug'?

  • MargoC Diana, when I told my husband about it he wasn't real gung ho on going, he likes Kracker, not the other acts....tixs go onsale Fri, make a decision then :/
  • WendyD No one else to see! I know Kid will make it back downtown to Comerica- we have waited too long for another concert there- please announce it already!!!! I need to plan my summer!
  • beckxy I enjoyed ZZ Top so much last year with KR that I have been thinking about a show here this summer at the steel stacks here in Bethlehem, PA. Who are the other acts with Kracker at DTE?

Nothing says motivation like a lil Kid Rock and Bob Seger

  • beckxy can't get this song out of my head lately.. my friends from bama, Kevin and Cheryl sent us a few cd which we had the opportunity to listen to on Easter. Lots of collaborations from way back n some old flav. So very thoughtful of them.

Sooooo cute! this just posted on his facebook page thought i would share it.

  • DianaR Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks? Oh, yeah, the bunny too! LOL
  • cupcakesugarpie XXXOOOXXX

I'm going through the Kid Rock withdrawals! I really need another concert but the closet to us is Paseo Robles, I'd do this in a heartbeat if it was a bit closer to home and a bit further from our vacation:) San Diego is very nice in the Summer time, I'm just saying.

  • hollygolightly Damn it! I hate my typos and I do QA for a living! First time I posted to this site in long time and wasn't sure it would even work, as I had problems in past, that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
  • lauragilmore I feel you! I need a fix too!
  • scarlett1110 Wow, I have been feeling the same way. I'd love to go to Rock on the Range in Columbus but I don't want to go all three days just to see Kid Rock on Sunday.