Trucker Vision Ep. 3 - 2015 Summer Tour Rehearsals

  • bluesuedeshoe Good to see all of the band back in the same room. Just a month, and they open in Hartford. The song list looks good.
  • uberfan I love them behind the seen video's.Wish they would do more.Hi Beckxy shout out to Gene..I am getting Kid Rock crazy-After not seeing him in a while i am singing the-(-I aint seen Bob Blues)
  • beckxy Hey Uber. I didn't actually get to hear this 3rd installment until tonight (my work's computer doesn't have sound). Dig the lil banjo diddy with the hip hop beat for the background lol. The one where I see EMSP, I also see Rock On... ~Hell Yea~ And since I turn Fucking 40 this July.. I'll be feeling that. Yet, I'm surprised I don't see any off the new album. So, my guess is he's Fucking with Gene says hi. We can't wait for the show. All of yall going to Saturday's Rock and Stones show... hope you all have a blast!

Thanks Chillers Finally got around to going through the gifts from Chillin’ the most 6!! Whew!! Thanks again to all who came aboard and thank you for the gifts! Y’all are bananas!!

  • Ajay What is on the melon cover? I know he has the flip off shades. But what is on the melon cover?
  • ironblade63 thank you kid rock, for your MUSIC, i love your song ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY. its my #1 song on my play list.when i feel alone i just play that song @ i feel very very liked by you @ the song. see being disabled @ 63 all i seam to have is MUSIC YOUR THE BEST BROTHER. have an awesome day /

Fan Photo of the Week: User: jaimej06 - aaand the coolest Mom ever award goes toooooooo.... MY MOMMA! Her birthday gift to me lol! Cheers to 27!

  • uberfan Of course He's the AMERICAN BADAZZ .It sounds like Audery is way cool so i think they will complement each other.
  • shelly12 So great to meet you Jamie. LOVE this picture.
  • angels4bobseger I sure enjoy complimenting good things on Bobby. I am so proud of him.

2 Added DTE Dates! - Pre-sale is 5/1 at 10AM EST and On-sale 5/2 at 10AM EST

  • kyuin2824 I would love to know when your commoing to toronto Canada Kid Rock i would give almost anythying to see one of your concerts and if im lucky mabey even meet you lol its most likely in my dreams but it was to be said luv ya Rubyann
  • kidrockawokemysoul Rubyann, his last show was the Rebel Soul tour in Toronto and it was amazing, but the city didn't respond. The ACC was not very full, and I don't blame him for not returning since. However, he is playing at Darien Lake, near Buffalo, NY, and that's where I am going to see him!
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"Old Fart" on the golf the outfit!

  • shawniem @bluesuedeshoe now I'm really laughing! Pondering, would I go to Jail for KR?
  • bluesuedeshoe LOL, if I could I would, but not at the bobshow. No jail, just give him a peek when he's looking your way.
  • uberfan Very True,NOT at the bob show!!and im kind of Curious what would happen after???

Kid Rock visited Flint Assembly truck plant today. I posted the link to article in comment.

  • MargoC Those type of frames are a trend KR can make just about anything look cool :D
  • bluesuedeshoe Those frames and glasses must weigh a ton. When they were all the rage, I bought a pair but had to give them up because of the headaches due to the weight. Thrilled to find a lighter pair and will never go back.
  • DianaR YAY! Wish he would stop by our little vet clinic some day and surprise us.

"Downtown [Detroit] will not be sustainable in the direction we're going if the neighborhoods are not coming along" – Dan Gilbert

  • montanaanna Your dad gives good advice :) I agree there are many many good things going on in Detroit & pieces of what I envisionare already being done...there & in other areas of the country but not all coordinated like I see in this opportunity so I'm not doing as much wheel working as I am spoke connecting ;) & in that I have an excellent track record ;) & now I can post again from my phone...thank God for updated technology ;) onward! :D Thanks again, Blue, for your excellent & valued feedback :D Immensely appreciated ;D
  • montanaanna Been thinking about compensation...all my friend consultants have given freely of their time with me so far but yes I canser the need to compensate them the more detailed Dream Detroit develops, but having a little difficulty with my comp idea...I've done all I have already for free for I just so soul believe in it so I don't know that I want to take pennies out of what belongs to the community...don't know how to put a price tag on my heart and what I want to work on for the rest of my life soooo ;P
  • bluesuedeshoe Like I said, the best way to know what to do is to go to others who have done the same thing. Of course the bulk of your great idea is volunteer based, but, no need to visit the poorhouse to implement it. No one has problems with money being spent in a good way. Best of luck.

Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why [Official Video]

  • montanaanna Danced to this last night at karaoke...hoping to see mine someday, too :) Great night of a multitude of friends made for fun :) I am soul blessed :)