ATTENTION - if you are having trouble with tickets - keep trying. Some seats are temporarily held in users carts as they look for tickets and become available again.

  • pattyniles Up early to get to Walmart. 10th in line, waited for 3 1/2 hrs and the people in front of us got tickets then it was All Sold OUT for us. What a Bummer!!!!! Huge Disappointment!!!
  • pattyniles The tickets that were sold took so long to print because each ticket also printed out the $2.00 off cd offer.
  • theDthomas Can't believe some comments people are crying about the $20 tickets. Like the guy bitching about paying for fan club and fees making it $44 each. A true fan would have no problem paying that. Try and go see any descent band at that price

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  • dbdavidson40 Again .. no tickets and they were on sale on other sites at 10:45 am for $104 a ticket .. really?? So not happy .. 4 of us trying and nothing :-(
  • pattyniles I heard that all the Deadheads bogged down the ticket sales. That Might explain why my being 10th in line at Walmart sold out at the 9th person ahead of me. I'm Hoping/Praying Kid opens another date. Hey it can't hurt to HOPE.
  • pattyniles I checked Ebay, no $20.00 tickets. But lots of them for more than I can spend. What was that about Scalpers? Low ticket prices for 'My' (Rock n Roll Jesus) Fans........

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  • LoCoRoCKk Damn ii, in the FLA too and been dreaming since 98' to see Bob in Detroit.. U lucky SOB.. u have 2 b going to Coral Sky Show TOO, right
  • dcope64 I tried to get tid to the last 2 shows at walmart big mistake was 6 people from countet at 10 am it took those ifiots pr idiot i should say since they had only 1 sellin the tickets atleast 10 mins to process and print each order ridiculioud as soon as i got to counter 36 mins later both shows sold out i was pissed to day the leasst seems the ticket brokers and i checked several of them have got there hands on aton of tickets for sll shows cheapest lawn seats i found were 80 buks on up to bad cause i know this is exactly what kidrock eas tryin to avoid im lookin for 2 tickets anyone knoe of any ava for s decent price please email at dcope64$ thanks rock on
  • jandroz I purchased my fan club membership and ordered the CD through the website on 2/17. I verified that PayPal processed the payment. So upset that I never received my ticket pre-sale code, cannot download anything from iTunes, and have yet to receive the CD package I ordered. How can I reach someone to cancel my membership and order as I already bought the CD from the store and tickets through Live Nation? Very disappointing!

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  • noblues2day it saddens me to read such negative comments. Kid is the only artist that I am aware of that has made it possible to afford tickets.....I wouldn't care if I was sitting on a roof as long as I could hear his music.....would love to see ACDC or even the Rolling Stones but my Gosh the ticket prices are off the chart......bring back the day Kid......where going to a concert $20, getting a soda for $1, and spending time with a love one priceless! My hat is off to you!
  • LoCoRoCKk thank you NoBlues...I posted couple days ago the same thing... A lot of ppl didnt get there memberships 24 hrs in advance let alone get it just to try and get a good seat... I been a member and watched the clock count down for pre-sale.. Section Fucking 3, 15 rows up... See ya at the show kid.. I'll b the one with the huge pupils tripping balls.. been saving this shrooms for your next show.. Just wish i fucking remember the new years eve show... Damn Brownies.. LOL
  • uberfan I am sorry but that' s Not how it go;s,,,,,none of that break down made sense....
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Another great shot - Ladies

  • midnight Very well groom. Going to the c/cake factory to eat dinner. All her friends will be over for the Christmas Party. Suppose to be warm. Everybody wanted to go to FL for Christmas going S/B. Some of her friends from collage are going. S/B
  • tiserock AMAZING!!!!
  • alissa2 OMG my heart just skipped about 3 beats, he is the sexiest man on this earth to me, I so love him, MUCH LOVE ALWAYS XOXO

There ya go ladies

  • shawniem And I thought my pictures were good? Now this is eye candy! It's ok, we still love you for your music too.
  • DianaR Shawn, this is an old submission for "Torso Tuesday". I NEVER tire of seeing this picture!
  • shawniem Am I the only one who didn't know about "Torso Tuesday"?? OMG Thank you!

Bethel Woods, NY 9-06-13 I love when he smiles. Just saying :o)

  • Jobabs_69 That's a smile from a man who looks to be truly happy and at peace where he is at in life's journey.
  • beckythompson LOVE UR SMILE KID ROCK


  • rjl1969 Bobby is that microphone stuck? Here, pluck, let me help you get that out. First let me test it, tap, tap ,tap, testing test Ing , 1,2,3, ok, ehhhh hemmmm. I'm good.
  • mommamissy35 Don't, I repeat don't fix those PANT'S EVER EVER!!!
  • ibelieve9 Lord have mercy! !

Ok one more before work - Here ya go Diana!

  • JJinJersey now theres the money shot. Weeeeeeeeeeeee :o)
  • nicolehumphrey You always get the best shots!
  • DianaR THANK YOU! I love it!!! Shirtless shot of Kid Rock, cup of coffee....that's the way to start the day!!!

Who's your rock n roll Jesus?

  • uberfan Thats the name of the street (BISON)
  • bluesuedeshoe Fine looking little boy, too bad he let it go to hell... Though I sense renewed purpose, so
  • bluesuedeshoe maybe, he'll Bob Segar up yet. The sight of Segar on the last few nites of that last tour were amazing. In shape, handsome as hell.


  • katflashfever2000 great photo anyone know who took the photos?
  • ibelieve9 Raw essence captured in this photo,
  • ibelieve9 If your selling this poster hell ya I'm buying it sign me up!

For the Ladies!!

  • nicolehumphrey I was able to get a lot of great shots between the two shows I went too! So glad I was able to capture this on! ;)
  • kb007 This picture just made my day!!!
  • Jobabs_69 This thread is too funny. Bump for Torso Tuesday!