ATTENTION - if you are having trouble with tickets - keep trying. Some seats are temporarily held in users carts as they look for tickets and become available again.

  • tselldc Available seats are in green sections...
  • 1chance Can someone please direct me on how to join the fan club. Can't find link on website Thank you
  • red48039 Yeah, I don't understand it either. Seeing my "receipt" from DTE/Pine Knob is saying that I have to swipe my credit card that I used to purchase the tickets...HOW are they being sold elsewhere?

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  • jacoolik I tried to buy my tix yesterday and TM tried to charge me $350-450 per. I don't think KR would be too happy to hear this bc he set the prices at $20.
  • britz4739 If you do some research, you will see that Kid has stated they will be scalping his own tickets. If he buys up the tix that scalpers usually do, then he can charge 20.00 for other seats. He also keeps so many seats avail up close, to be able to pull fans whose seats are less than stellar up front. I could be wrong but I think this is how it is being done.
  • cmccarde Where is the code we need to use to buy tickets/

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  • LoCoRoCKk Man it really sux to see SOOOO many negative comments & unhappy ppl !! Thank God in Bob's own words.. "I don’t wanna read your Facebook posts or tweets"
  • peyton1015 Not sure how scalpels are sellng Pavillion seats.Ticketmaster told met hat DTE is makng people swipe their credit cards to prevent scalping
  • nicolemcduffey1 what a fucking pain in the asshole, i dont blame you mr kid rock...ill chalk it up to me being technology challenged. i got no code, ive been trying for 3 daysto get tickets, get crappy seats and then it tells me i ran out of time. i miss the days of going to younkers at the mall and being first in line for concert tickets. F, i guess i eill just have a damn concert in my livingroom with the fam....oh well, i still love you kid. xoxo, I HATE TECHNOLOGY, Love, Nikki Jack
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Toto toilet seats...cleanest

  • MargoC I get why he's selling the Platinum tickets, to help with the cost of the $20 seats. KR said he wants to ride this thing into the sunset, so the days of seeing seeing them up close for $70-80 bucks are not looking good :/
  • uberfan So the people he says he is Gouging are HIS FANS.?
  • MargoC I don't have to buy Platinum, if ya can afford them, great...but there are decent seats for $20, just now there is more competition for those seats because more people can afford a $20 show than a $80 show, now they're even harder to get any tixs for a Detroit show...hence the 8 shows, maybe more??

then the rest are 20$

  • Jobabs_69 He did the same in 2013...I got $50 Platinum tickets 9 rows from the stage at Pine Knob...and $20 for tickets 15 rows back the next night.
  • lraisencain When does he put those tickets out ?
  • Jobabs_69 @lraisencain: the 1000 platinum seats for each show, which are priced higher, are on sale now for each show.

Kid Rock -- Wearing a Jacket Made of Otter ... and Spite!

  • uberfan see now i dont feel as bad for making that comment.My son and i laugh our butts off at the zoo when they swim on there back and crack nuts on there tummy.o man my son has to sit down because he laugh's so hard.Maybe im gett'n to old for that part of Kid.
  • uberfan rocksavedmysoul--OMG, They held hands.That has got to be the cutest thing i have seen in my life!The one floated away--but floated back then found his/her hand again...Bob needs to see that!!!!!!
  • rocksavedmysoul They hold hands when they sleep so they don't do the Dobie Gray Drift Away thing. The Detroit Zoo has had baby otters the last two years. We go often to watch them grow. It's a huge draw for the zoo.