Thanks Chillers Finally got around to going through the gifts from Chillin’ the most 6!! Whew!! Thanks again to all who came aboard and thank you for the gifts! Y’all are bananas!!

  • uberfan funny ,,it doesn't look like he just went and sat down after his peeps put all that,,, "cool Stuff" there...:)
  • bluesuedeshoe Hmmm, distinct lack of stuffed animals there folks. Take heed.
  • uberfan NO that's not Rock,Its a stuffed KID ROCK--:)

Fan Photo of the Week: User: jaimej06 - aaand the coolest Mom ever award goes toooooooo.... MY MOMMA! Her birthday gift to me lol! Cheers to 27!

  • angels4bobseger Congratulations! Bobby is a great guy. He is so smooth Audrey!
  • uberfan Of course He's the AMERICAN BADAZZ .It sounds like Audery is way cool so i think they will complement each other.
  • shelly12 So great to meet you Jamie. LOVE this picture.

2 Added DTE Dates! - Pre-sale is 5/1 at 10AM EST and On-sale 5/2 at 10AM EST

  • uhaul74 Well that sucks! Worked 10 hours came home to open an account to get my 9 year old son tickets and it took me almost 30 minutes to register and when I tried to go back from the $29 to $20 ticketmaster boots me. Very nice!
  • SMoore6 Anyone that has emailed has been answered. If you need an answer, please do email If you didn't get tickets I am happy to issue a refund. I will just need to verify your code was not used. Thanks!
  • crazyassmoma wanted to go! Have to be a grown up. I'm ready to tell these people that call me mom wife friend sister "good time lookin for me!" still an old ABA. Y'all have fun, damn Yankees :).

ATTENTION - if you are having trouble with tickets - keep trying. Some seats are temporarily held in users carts as they look for tickets and become available again.

  • sunnshine01jt I am having the same problem. I have no code under my account.
  • bluesuedeshoe Best I have is to send an email to Include proof of purchase with email. Feel badly for you both.
  • crazyassmoma I had my crappy $20 cheap date tickets for HotAssLanta, couldn't resist to buy closer ones a few days ago, a couple empty seats in nose bleed, we might go back and forth lol
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  • uberfan It isn't around so i heard where it was and had to do the jumping through hoop's-Sometime the pictures you see have put me to work but i want my peeps here to see the BEST - New or close to, and or Rare.And For--- Privacy Reasons-- I will take it down soon so it wont circulate.So Enjoy while its up.. :)
  • krsval Absolutely Precious! And So glad to hear Jr. graduated, also! Congrats!
  • uberfan How do you guys post over the first post thats up??Thats a cool trick.The one that JR wrote isn't even there.I gota learn how ya do

And The Stones...I did it!!! Laurie, Val & I...road trip!!!

  • MargoC Yes I would imagine similar age range of fans as Seger, Diana. KR fans are interesting, he spans such a wide range from young to old at his shows. All joking aside, I always try to be careful & aware of my surroundings, Blue :) Should be interesting & a once in a lifetime show, so glad I get to go!!! Now I wonder if KR will sing Forty that night... what would the Stones do with the line " and the Stones are almost dead" lol
  • bluesuedeshoe Who knows what he'll add now. Bet TBT would love to do Stones covers at DTE, too. Also heard maybe other guests, he's pretty generous with stage time. Also check the start time, you almost have to be there after dinner to catch the first act.
  • krsval I am really excited, and don't know what to expect. Didn't want to, but could not resist looking at RS setlists--Yesss!!! Cannot wait to hear what KR/TBTs play..we'll be ready-look for ur MI peeps, KR!!! We gals will have to start planning soon to get there in plenty of time..thank goodness it's a for Chris worrying, Mags, tell him you are going with 2 overprotective Catholic Mommys--lol-he prolly already knows that...we'll keep our eyes on ya!


  • 1BBShirleeOctpus405 I think the PGA National resort would be a better fit for the two,.
  • kelleycoxx Never say never.... ❤️. What every makes his girlfriend and the Dude happy is all that matters to them.. I just wanted to know. Lol... Can't wait for Dallas show🇺🇸🎤🎸🎷 🍷🍷🍷🍺🍺. After 🍔🍟☕️☕️😝😴
  • bluesuedeshoe Nah, he's wealthy. Let her have the big event wedding if that's what she wants, she sure earned the right to have it.