Fan Photo of the Week: User: jaimej06 - aaand the coolest Mom ever award goes toooooooo.... MY MOMMA! Her birthday gift to me lol! Cheers to 27!

  • uberfan and i hear that Audrey is way cool. :)
  • uberfan What a rush that must have been
  • Otis310 I know .. God bless ya girl u are one lucky lady to have met Bobby & Audrey !!

2 Added DTE Dates! - Pre-sale is 5/1 at 10AM EST and On-sale 5/2 at 10AM EST

  • israelestrada HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE U INTRESTED ON GOING TO THE AUG,12 2015 SHOW EMAIL ME!!!!!
  • uhaul74 Well that sucks! Worked 10 hours came home to open an account to get my 9 year old son tickets and it took me almost 30 minutes to register and when I tried to go back from the $29 to $20 ticketmaster boots me. Very nice!
  • SMoore6 Anyone that has emailed has been answered. If you need an answer, please do email If you didn't get tickets I am happy to issue a refund. I will just need to verify your code was not used. Thanks!

ATTENTION - if you are having trouble with tickets - keep trying. Some seats are temporarily held in users carts as they look for tickets and become available again.

  • cyngag Bluesuedeshoe, I just rechecked under my username and the pop up states there are no promo codes. It's been that way since I joined on 2/24/15. This is the 2nd time I missed out getting pre-sale tickets.
  • sunnshine01jt I am having the same problem. I have no code under my account.
  • bluesuedeshoe Best I have is to send an email to Include proof of purchase with email. Feel badly for you both.
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Absolutely hilarious on Fallon!

  • rocksavedmysoul They totally matched the original, frame by frame. Too funny!
  • rocksavedmysoul Here's the original.
  • uberfan they were good..

Sitting here on a quiet Sunday morning drinking coffee in the kitchen, I start hearing "Johnny Cash" song playing in the next husband is working on a presentation for a college class he's taking, he's using the song "Johnny Cash" in the beginning of the presentation. Hopefully he'll get a good grade :)

  • bluesuedeshoe Proud of both of you Margo. That's a tough degree that carries a high workload, and kudos to you two for building your future.
  • DianaR I went back to school when Kyle was finishing 2nd grade. I was 38. I graduated when I was 40. Luckily for me I already had a college degree, from my younger, crazier days, so I got to skip many of the prerequisites this time around. After one sociology class and one economics class I jumped right into the Vet Tech science classes. Kyle and I used to sit and do homework together. I would color my anatomy diagrams and he would ask if he could color in my "coloring book" LOL. I didn't take college seriously the first time around (hey! It was the 80's!) but I loved and embraced it this time. It was definitely more difficult this time - marriage, mortgage, child, full time job, but the rewards are priceless :-)
  • beckxy touche' Diana. In my 20s, I didn't care about grades or what I was learning. I think when I turned 30, I found in my work ethic what I am finding with how I am with taking classes now.. I want to be purrrrfect and desire As. Maturity = Seriousness Margo, give your hubby my best regards. I hear that statistics class is no joke. lol

Thank you Zuus Media & Kid Rock for my autographed guitar!!! I'm in love!

  • rocksavedmysoul Congrats!
  • uberfan OMG,KELLIECORMIER--Its as good as i thought girl...Right on good for you.Love the shirt i havent seen that one.THANK YOU for showing it to us KELLIECORMIER
  • Ajay That looks sweet!!! CONGRATS Kellicormier!!!