Somewhere outside of Detroit…

  • bluesuedeshoe Nice rendition, always been one of my favorites.
  • Jobabs_69 Ready for Summer to get here, I'm itching for a roadtrip. Looking slim and trim, Freddie!
  • debravickers Love it TBT ... U are what made the sound great and Kidrock I am sure loving it .. God Bless You .. ! TBT & Kidrock forever ! the new album has changed my life. Thank you again ! Bless u all Rock On to the REdneck Paradise !!

Kid Rock - "First Kiss" [Official Music Video]

  • uberfan I am waiting for the package with everthing...AND HOW ABOUT THAT FIRST KISS,,,,AWESOME SONG
  • christinzimmer Love this new song and video, another one well done!
  • Mariella Fantastic title track! Very nostalgic bringing back memories both good and bad that I had completely forgotten. So, thanks for that KR. For better or worse, all that happened in the past has made us who we are today. God help us :)

This Month's Community Contest: Kid Rock Holiday

  • SMoore6 @terrieh40 - YES! I tried to email you and didn't get you. Can you email me at Thanks!
  • educatme123 Is this contest still going on?
  • teresamassie1 morning ladies and gents first time on whats the ususal tone?
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Opinions. Everyone has them, and everyone has a right to them. And, as an American, I absolutely believe that we have a right to express them. That doesn't always mean that every opinion is correct, is fact-based, is educated--nor does it mean that every idea that crosses one's mind should be stated and that you should spout opinions at any given moment the mood strikes you. Having the right to hold an opinion also doesn't mean that you will be prevented from be considered a hypocrite or a selfish, self-righteous, privileged egotist.

I have grown very tired of conservatives hiding…

  • beckxy thanks for the discussion Jade.. your writing is impeccable. Its been awhile since I've been in that groove, thanks.
  • krsval Agreed, Jade. Extremism on either side of the fence destroys credibility.
  • MargoC I was thinking to myself when all these controversial quotes, pics (mountain lion) coming up at a time when a new CD is coming out's gonna piss off some fans. Maybe it's attention for the CD like Bart said or for the people who are selling the articles...or maybe it's just KR being KR...I'm not gonna like everything he does or says :/ But man, when he said rap rock was gay....I thought WTH...that's what got you where you are today! Plus I still like that Shit lol, but like Beckxy said above he's trying to age would be pretty sad to see him singing Balls in Your Mouth when he's 60!

Kid Rock on Detroit's poor, uneducated: '... they have to figure it out for themselves'

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By Eric Lacy |
on January 29, 2015

DETROIT, MI -- Kid Rock has said and shown repeatedly he's an avid supporter of Detroit, but reportedly wasn't afraid in a recent magazine interview to dish out some tough criticism for the city and people who are struggling here.

Kid Rock told Q Magazine during an interview at his Alabama ranch that he's concerned about the Motor City's future because its economy continues to struggle and still hasn't provided a decent…

  • krsval Americans have always figured things out for themselves-that's one of the things that made this country great, and inspired our independence. Many of us have traveled that road, and though sometimes it's tough and shitty, the lessons learned prove invaluable in taking care of ourselves. There will always be those among us that need help, and I don't begrudge them that at all. But I do feel there is a definite lack of motivation, innovation, guts, and willingness to take a risk to solve one's own problems in today's society. How we got there from where we came from, I don't know. Maybe that's a conservative point of view, maybe it's Midwestern, maybe it's selfish. But we've got to get back to being the type of society that values SOMETHING, whether it be hard work, motivation, ideas.

Looky what I got at Best Buy today!!!

  • rocksavedmysoul Luv Wastin Time countrified.
  • Jobabs_69 Puffing a Winston, Pluckin' a
  • MargoC Ha Jo, that part cracks me up! I gotta say I'm so glad they used this picture for the album cover....I'd love to see it on the women's tour tees!