This Month's Contest: Hat Month

You asked, and we delivered! We want to give you guys a chance to ask Kid Rock the questions you’ve been dying to ask. He will be answering a few of your questions from time to time, so check out the community discussion page for updates and answers. Check out the "Ask Kid Rock Button" or go to

  • bluesuedeshoe This would be hilarious. Does anyone mind releasing the questions anonymously? Just the questions.... My company released a December newsletters with actual quotes from car accident reports. It utterly amazed us each year with the
  • bluesuedeshoe number of folks who started the report with "the pole suddenly jumped out in front of me...."
  • bluesuedeshoe Also, partygoers take heed in CT, MA and NY. They got Fed $ to set up next to the venue discharge. If they don't like your smile, they wave you to a detention area, and usually it will amount to hundreds or thousands (CT) in fines to go.

Fan Photo of the Week - User: MargoC

  • beckxy wtg Margo!
  • bluesuedeshoe Think they are just removing dups and spam. From experience, once you post, immediately refresh. If you don't see your post, then repost. You can delete your posts, go to the little grey wheel on the left side, if yours, and it will give
  • bluesuedeshoe you the delete option.

New Album - Kid Rock House of Blues Sunset Strip. Huge thanks to photographer Jamie Stafford.

  • SMoore6 PHOTO album. Haha. Should have been more specific!
  • tanaray and how do we get to see or own this photo album?
  • colestephrocks Great show.
Latest From Fans

Hi Rebel Soldiers!!! what everyone doing?

  • MargoC Hmm...well seeings how it's 5:00 thinkin' about grabbing a beer & sitting on the front porch...the beginning of a nice relaxing weekend of doing as little as possible :)

Anyone going to see Sheryl Crow and Rascal Flatts this weekend at The Knob?

  • krsval Have fun, rsms! Sheryl does a good show, and I love Rascal Flatts' 'Bless The Broken Road'..Anyone going to Three Dog Night in Saginaw Sat.? Me!
  • rocksavedmysoul Have fun, Front Row Val. BTW-luv this pic of Sheryl that we took at her autoshow performance.
  • MargoC That's a great picture, rsms! Have fun Sunday :)

One more thursty Thursday pic!

  • MargoC Good luck in the VIP pit Jo....GA brings out the ugly side of people, I don't like it!
  • Jobabs_69 I will probably be towards the back of the VIP section. Don't want to get crushed up front.
  • MargoC You're so tall you can see over all the people crushing to be upfront!

Hat contest---Tammyray!!!

  • rox Thats a kickass pic TammyRay
  • TammyRay I'm feeling the love my "SOULdier" (always felt it should have been spelled that way) family, thanks..
  • krsval We love you, TammyRay :)