Fan Photo of the Week - User: TammyRay

  • TammyRay woo-hoo, thanks smoore!!!
  • rocksavedmysoul Congrats! I was in the water during this concert. It was the craziest place to see a concert and honestly one of my favs! Thanks for posting the pic!
  • Beth Awesome photo, TammyRay!

New Community Contest: Devil Without a Cause

  • beckxy where I'd rather be :)
  • tanaray thanks for your blessings and support:). No need to feel bad for me i am so happy and thankful to still be here and to learn what i have learned from being ill"}
  • kgitch Decided on a Friday after work to drive from our home in Lakeland, FL to watch Kid at Comerica on that Saturday. Drove through the night, got tix from a scalper, watched a hell of a show then made the return trip home in time for work Mon.

Fan Photo of the Week - User: shawniemc

  • shawniemc HELP! I can't find the 1st edition, any suggestions? It's not in his fan club store.
  • peyton1015 Sold out
  • bethanne066 Hey, we've got a birthday coming for Dan McGurk he has down syndrome and is turning 30. His only wish is to meet kid rock. He lives in Toledo Oh. His story is :// We all over northern ohio r trying to help this young man.
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  • Jobabs_69 Oh, yeah.......
  • DianaR I need this shirt? Where did you see it??


  • bart I like Berzerk too, but I would rate it 4th on this list. I don't have it either, but I borrowed it from the library. I don't like all of his music, so I thought I would try - and I like this one. Rap God just blows me away.
  • bart "So Far" samples the Joe Walsh song - "Life's been good to me so far". "I own a mansion, but live in a house A king-size bed, but I sleep on the couch I'm Mr.Brightside, glass is half full But my tank is half empty, gasket just blew
  • MargoC Listened to those 3 on Youtube, I liked "Rap God", not so much "Monster", but I really like "So Far" listened to it several times. The lyrics are great, funny Shit! I'll be buying "So Far" on iTunes for sure.


Kid Rock, I hope you are ready, cus since RSMS and I didn't get to see ZZ last night, we have a lot of pent up Rock and Roll energy waiting to be unleashed!

A Michigan show...what could be better? Who's going?

Bart, Ken, Dana, Gen, Sonya?

  • MargoC It sucks to miss the only Mi show....I keep telling my husband the reasons why we can't go. He said dude, you don't have to convince me! haha....I think I'm trying to convince ain't happening this year :(
  • bart I just checked and plenty of GA tickets left. I'm still on the fence - Val doesn't scare me!
  • MargoC I know there are some for sale still & that is not helping with trying to convince myself not to go...Just wish it would sell out! haha

Torso Tuesday contribution....

  • conniedoan How nice to wake up to the vision in the morning light.
  • rox Slippers and a cup o tea,my kinda man.
  • tanaray i so agree, such a nice image to open your eyes to

2Pac & Kid Rock - Get Money [Rock Remix],,,,,CATER ITS RARE

  • uberfan DIS SHIT RARE<<<<
  • rox How rare can it be?its on youtube.maybe 15 yrs ago.