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  • ccallahan287 This is a great fan site, thanks for doing this! Do you know if kid is in Nashville right now? I was at a party last night & I'm pretty sure he was there.
  • Jobabs_69 @ccallahan287, Rock performed last night (7/16) at House of Blues in Hollywood and performs tonight (7/17) in Paso Robles, CA. Very doubtful he was in Nashville,but he might have been if it was an epic party!
  • rocksavedmysoul Hi SMoore-I can comment on other's posts but I cannot create my own. I wanted to post something about the Detroit's 313 birthday today.

New Community Contest - Summer Playlist

  • Ajay I am bad about it....i am self professed music junkie who dabbles in drinking at times that is where Slow My Roll comes from and some of the ppl i have known/know that are pushing it too hard! I love a good party but there is a difference!
  • almira_gulch 1. Midnight train to memphis 2. all summer long 3. never met a mother fucker quite like me 4. Cowboy 5. Mirror

Member Photo of the Week - God Bless Kid Rock

  • TammyRenee Nice the photo bomb!
  • Brent I took this pic in Memphis after the show last month! Thats my wife on the left. This is her pic. :)
  • Beth Thank you so much for recognizing your fans and especially for us during the Memphis show. I am sure you probably don't remember, but we will never forget. Rock on! Hope to see you on CTM6.
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Ahahaha.....but terrible.

Behind the Music that Sucks: KID ROCK

  • beckxy word, I do in other ways. However, I look at it the other way... the person that put this together, apparently had a lot of time on their hands, will either get one of two thoughts.. I love it or I hate it...
  • beckxy I, for one, don't care for it and its not even worth my time telling this person how I think.. wouldn't give them the satisfaction of my prestigious penmanship..lmao If this person was great, he'd be doing a Chevy commercial ;)
  • beckxy Wait, lemme get that worked out.. I got another writing semester coming up... *He or She would be doing a Chevy commercial" ;)


  • beckxy lol... yea, what a joke. Leave the man alone dammit he's in the studio. Why would he want to keep a a glass dildo around when he's got a garden hose made out of 24 karat.
  • bluesuedeshoe Who, I ask, would put glass in their vagina??!!!
  • beckxy Wait, I know I got a glass dildo up in this house somewhere.. hang on a minute.

I month until the Minnesota State Fair with Kid Rock. Anyone else going?

  • lisavee I will be there - 4th row!!!!!!!! whooooo hooooooo
  • TrixRNot4Kidz That is awesome, I was not so lucky as work interfered with me buying tickets... at least this time I did not put my conference call on hold to buy tickets!
  • catzluck I will be there - look for lit up dandelions! Just was in Iowa and of course another outstanding show!!

Paso Robles, CA.....I couldn't be happier! I love this man, his talent and the TBTB.

  • tawnijoy Another superior performance
  • shawniemc Kid Rock fans are the best
  • tamera Do you (Robert Ritchie) realise how amazing you are?

big pic

two pics

  • uberfan BLU FUNKY SHOES,,,,how the hell are you?In this day of people haten I just cant see what it brings to the table.Why cant the world get along ?we got enough space to live and let live....So much lov to ya BLUESUEDESHOES,,,,,,,,,CATER
  • bluesuedeshoe Apologies, missed this. Doing fine. Hope you are too.

Anti-bully message: "Don't be a dick"

  • ibelieve9 Amen.
  • Jobabs_69 I like the reminder that in the end, we will all have the same size coffin and grave. Be humble. (Not meant to be a downer, just a good perspective to keep)

Kid Rock - Born Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • duchess THIS is what ABSOLUTELY captured my heart and soul! God bless Kid Rock/Kid Country! THE Detroit Cowboy!!!!!! =D *<3* ReBeL SoUl! :P
  • ibelieve9 When my time comes and I go to kick it with my maker our great God I want this song to be played at my celebration party for the life that I lived. Play it over and over until everyone there knows the words and the meaning of the song.