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  • MrA I see MsB' musta hit the holiday cider early...Lmao
  • uberfan WOOOO, YOUR CUT OFF, hee hee hee
  • TammyRenee The soundboard! Clever, little snippets of the main man. Love it!

Louisville KY NYE Show: Pre-sale ticket inventory sold out very quickly but we're working to add more tickets. They should be available in the next couple hours! We're working to have every seat available for pre-sale since you guys are so awesome. This is going to be one hell of a party!!!!

  • bluesuedeshoe Each child is different, but, I think it's pretty neat that Bob/TBT, calms your son. Maybe if you can him a guitar?
  • uberfan "YEP"
  • atulpandey0021 packers and movers vinod nagar @ Packers and movers gazipur @ Packers and movers tilak nagar @ packers and movers new ashok nagar @ movers and packers naraina @ Packers and movers patparganj @ Packers and movers patel nagar @ Packers and movers najafgarh @ Packers and movers vsundhara enclave @

The code was sent via email this morning, but if you need any help please email Thank you!

  • Ajay I am not a diehard KID ROCK fan. I appreciate his music, like the charitable work Bob has done, admire he is doing exactly what he wants to with his career and life. UNLIKE some i believe BOB has a right to a private life and it is NONE of my business. I love his concerts. I like the day of the concert. I WISH KID would bring back the MEET & GREET on his cruise. EVEN if it is BOB meets ex amount of ppl each day for x amount of hours and he is done and wants to CHILL the rest of the time. CONGRATS to BOB for being able to do what he wants with his life at this point it is rare to be in those shoes. I AM working to try and get in a position i want to be in my life. NEXT up i want to go on another CHILLIN' THE MOST just now sure if it will be next year...the year after or perhaps the last one. I hear BOB will do them for 10 years....THEN it is up in the air etc.
  • Ajay I GUESS my point SMOORE is THOSE codes AREN'T getting to all the PAID members of BOB's fan club or whatever. I GOT ZIP!!!! AND if you want me to buy the premium put something in there i truly want such as: a tshirt and a signed KID ROCK poster of some sort...and make the PRICE reasonable!
  • Ajay BTW i mean teh REAL deal signed by BOB not a re-print etc. And geez make the price reasonable. I work for a living, pay for BSN out of my own pocket, pay my bills, and basically pay for myself to live and with the TAXES they take out of me for another family or someone to me cynical but i worked my A$$ off just to get my RN now i pay so somebody else can live and pay for my own BSN education because i work??? REALLY??? NO matter i thank GOD i could get my education and continue to get more. I feel blessed to be able to do so. AND very thankful.... BUT and i say but i got ZERO pre-sale for LOUISVILLE!!! NADA!!! ZIP!!! I have been a member on the basic level for at least 2 YEARS...granted that isn't a lot but it was supposed to be all pre-sale CODES from my understanding. THAT is why i bought it and that is why i said i don't really need a GENERIC poster...NOW had BOB signed it and put a tshirt like the CONGREGATION one yeah for a few more $ i would have been like YES!!!

Hey Rebel Soldiers - our community went down for a few hours yesterday, but we've found the issue and everything should be in working order. If you still have any trouble, feel free to email me at Thank you!

  • uberfan Haaa,Haaa,Haaa LOL, LOL
  • bluesuedeshoe mz B, just a caution from a purely medical perspective....I read that overuse of such aids (Mr. Rabbit, et al) might cause problems late in life....if you need more info, please feel free to info me privately. If not, please refer to YouTube, Katt Williams 2015 routine. Lordy.....rofl.
  • bluesuedeshoe After a reread of this thread, one more comment. As a result of deciding to patronizs Bob and Co, many moons ago, through my interactions with fans here, I have met folks who have enhanced my life in more ways than you could ever imagine. Yep, agree, there are the occasional idiots who try to take advantage, but they are few and far between the really good ones who become beloved members of family. If you are in my family circle, you know who you are, and I bless my luck everday for finding and keeping you... Also, you know that I am business and reality if you come at me with fantasy based Bob, I will test you out, but, within a short period of time, I will drop you like the hot crazy rock you are. God bless you fantasy-based folks, you sure do pay the retention fees of the business, but just not my thing....
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We're on a Boat, M'Fer!!

  • rocksavedmysoul Thank you everyone. My birthday is in two weeks but since I was taking my nephew and his new wife (they were visiting from Texas), and since Val lives like 5 minutes from Frankenmuth, we had an impromptu early party. I never check my husband's phone (he's too busy to have an affair-lol) so I guess he and Val have been texting each other for months. I had no clue. This will be cruise #4. I plan on just chillin! Let the newbies fight for position in the front. Gonna chillax this one! BTW- Val gave me a Bob Marley cd, hat, and tie dye shirt (yo mon) and also a MID keychain, and an unmentionable (LOL). Couldn't be holding up a thong at the dinner table! Laughed my butt off, for sure. Cracked me up! It's the big 5 0. I should start doing what my grandmother used to do. When people asked her how old she was, she was add 10 years to her age. People would then tell her how great she looks for her age. I guess I need to say I am 60! She was a smart, sassy Irish woman!
  • krsval Poor morning I texted him at 8:30 am, not knowing it was 5:30 am in Cali where he was on business! PS I have decided my "Boat Name" will be of my pseudonyms ;)
  • rocksavedmysoul And noticed I quit eating when I realized I would be needing to wear a bathing suit on the cruise...

Granddaughter drew this from a picture of you and Joe C

  • bluesuedeshoe That is perfectly done, a gift of love and respect. I'd mount and frame that baby asap and start a wall grouping of her stuff. In the future, you might want to encourage her to have limited signed runs of this art silkscreened or reproduced. I'd sure pay a fair price for one to hang on my "Kid Rock" wall.
  • rosie1212 She would love for Kid Rock to see one of her drawing and comment on it. She would love to have them made up but we are in process of adopting her so funds are short at the moment. Thank you so much for the comment. When i can get one done you can have one for free

Is rock doing more shows in 2016 other than the ones that have already been announced??

  • bluesuedeshoe Ugh, you again. Check the tour dates.
  • bluesuedeshoe Please accept my apologies, when I first read the addy I could have sworn it read "ChicagoBlues." If this is not an addy change, I mispoke. Again, though, check the tour section for confirmed dates, and read the "news links" threads for anticipated unconfirmed future dates. Think you see Bob/TBT performing pretty steadily over the next decade, if not on tour for a new CD, they keep pretty busy on the fair, festival, and special events circuit, in addition to their steady diet of performing at private corporate events.
  • uberfan LOL

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all today....S. Moore especially for all her hard work around here, and the rest of you. Despite the turmoil in the world today, please look at your blessings, health, children, grandchildren, neighbors and support systems.....for only in America is all of this possible. Eat hearty and all best!

  • rocksavedmysoul Happy Thanksgiving Blue. I wore my Kid/Lions jersey today as I cooked. I didn't get to watch the game but I guess we won :) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  • bluesuedeshoe LOL, is there any other T shirt to wear more fitting? Hope you and yours had a great holiday!
  • rocksavedmysoul We did, Blue. Thanks. Just crazy busy! Cooked like for hours and everyone was done eating in 10 minutes.

Boy Scouts of America

  • Ajay What shocked me this year...i didn't find a bag around my door at all for the SCOUTS....THIS year i had planned to get the bag and when i did my Wal Marting look at what was needed and fill a couple of bags for ppl who don't have teh $ to even have THANKSGIVING...I THINK next year instead of taking the INVITE i did i will find out where you can go to have THANKSGIVING with ppl who may not have it. AND serve food to them and eat with them! FOR whatever reason i don't understand some family want to fight a bit and i ain't about that. I would rather eat and visit with ppl in that setting and i probably will whether it is my home area or i am a traveling nurse at that time. School is over in April i am pretty sure for me. NOT sure where i will wind up....but i want to be happy. I THINK over and over about something JOHN LENNON said....his teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up...HE said i want to be happy....his teacher says i don't think you understand the question
  • Ajay Lennon says, i don't think you understand life...or at least that is what i got from it...


  • maryrocksbitch Randy Loves Kid Rock/Tbt
  • davidwest2345 What up Randy-Keep Rockin Budd eeee-
  • Ajay NICE!!! Hey Randy!!! I would chill with ya at DTE if it would have been possible for me to go!!! Long as you didn't make fun of me for being trashy drunk!!! LOVE me some Kid Rock....LOVE partying pre show!!! LOVE seeing a good live KID ROCK says...i don't mind throwing the party man...i just want to party too!!!