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  • uberfan I could play with that all day,,,,,,,,,
  • MrA Needs to have more
  • bluesuedeshoe Agree Mr. A. But it's a great start....

Louisville KY NYE Show: Pre-sale ticket inventory sold out very quickly but we're working to add more tickets. They should be available in the next couple hours! We're working to have every seat available for pre-sale since you guys are so awesome. This is going to be one hell of a party!!!!

  • rshoots80 Seriously is Kid Rock Sold Out for Louisville? That sucks. I was going to take my son who has Autism he loves Kid Rock...... He started crying the other night when I turned his CD off so he could start to wind down before going to bed.... Kid Rock CD's is the only musice that calms him down while he's in the process of having a melt down......Can anybody figure that one out? Lol.
  • rshoots80 Kid Rock is pretty awesome though....m
  • bluesuedeshoe Each child is different, but, I think it's pretty neat that Bob/TBT, calms your son. Maybe if you can him a guitar?

The code was sent via email this morning, but if you need any help please email Thank you!

  • stickchic69 I didn't realize my paid membership had expired but as soon as I renewed I got the code.
  • wesleyatkinson Got my tickets!! Floor 2 Row A!!! how about MEET & GREET!?!?!?! PLEASE!!!!!
  • bluesuedeshoe Wes, you have been here awhile, and though "intense" I sure think you are not stupid, If management supported and sponsered fan club ,meet and greets with the membership here, trust e, you woiuld know the whos whats where ahow comes right here by now... Being the truth telling "B...." that

Hey Rebel Soldiers - our community went down for a few hours yesterday, but we've found the issue and everything should be in working order. If you still have any trouble, feel free to email me at Thank you!

  • uberfan Sick of you-- my friend Like I say I Am a KID ROCK JUNKIE.So If I cant Post Or get my Rock on I get Bitchie.And Bob set this up so we could PAY to use this site and HAVE FUN,.And did I say PAY to use this site!!!!! So dont sweat it :)
  • bluesuedeshoe KRSMS...Sweetie, you just keep on keeping on. and worry NOT about the msg you bring. We (constant posters here) appreciate your diligence and perserverance. As does Ms. Moore, as she need our support in order to push through changes that those in charge might be reluctant to pay for. If Bob/TBT want a national audience, branding and atour platform, then it behooves them to provide the PAYING fans with a functioning forum. Grant you. although fab, Ms. Moore does need our support to pay for fixes to make the forum usable. Anyone who knows Mr. Bob will tell you he is a cheap ass MF. If not for your voice, which echoes ours, we would have not a chance in the world. Keep on stating your point of view, and know you have the support of the "silent majority" of fans. And for those of you more concerned with your future "meet and greet" rather than chiming in and supporting needed changes, i wish you the best of luck. Bob ain't so much into the fan shuck and jive these days. Trust me, he's earned that you might as well support fan based changes that will make communication here at the official site easier and better. Trust me, he IS an excellent businessman, and we are his bread and butter. He may not read this forum daily, but. he does read it, and pays others good money to keep him abreast and apprised of issues raised here.,
  • uberfan Beautiful, Bravo,Bravo.Bluesuedeshoe very well put.My newest thing is that I have been invited to the typical west coast Record release parties for the latest group of newbees.Being the one that digs Rock I am constantly listening for anything going on with him! and Blue knows what she is talking about.The ones that are on here just waiting to get a backstage pass to get to party with Rock are delusional.First there is no Backstage anymore and Rock is not going to sit down and buddy up.We are walking Dollar signs to him .And a statistic. We buy the Brand that makes the life of a rock star what it is.So this Forum is the up and down on the way things are going.How many are here? times x that by what each of us paid = A pretty big splash in the bucket...So if you get mad because your forum is broke,Shiz can roll up hill if you yell loud enough,....don't make me call him,,,,,,,,,LOL
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So i got the e-mail for Made in Detroit holiday sale. I haven't gotten one for Kid yet though. If i remember right Bobby did sales last year for the Holidays. I usually order stuff i am on the fence about getting due to having so many Kid Rock tees, hats, books, and memorbilia etc.

ANYONE know if Bob is gonna do Black Friday or a Christmas sale on merchandise??? S. Moore is a sale coming???

  • Ajay On a different NOTE talked to my mentor for my BSN online program that i am finishing up and in my last semester this a.m. TURNS out i can write more then lyrics. My paper for comparing the US health care system with Switzerland won an EXCELLENCE award that i will be receiving by mail within 2 weeks. Honestly that kind of blew me away. I worked hard on it just like all my papers but i did not expect that. KIND of affirmed i doing what i am supposed to be doing and headed the right direction with my life and what i am doing. I PRAY it all keeps going this direction and am THANKFUL beyond words for the gifts i have attained and GOD'S guidance and help through it all! I feel blessed and totally grateful. MANY times i feel without prayer i would NOT have made it this far....Happy Holidays to all my KID ROCK friends and to Bob and his family and S. Moore for keeping the site rocking!!! BLESSINGS to all!!!
  • bluesuedeshoe To be rated "excellent" is always the3 "ultimate: reward, and I can seriously think of no one more deserving... enjoy your holidays. and know that there are few more deserving!
  • Ajay Thanks so much!!! I truly was shocked and happy all at once....

Bobby Shazam and two of his coolest fans... It's On!!

  • bluesuedeshoe Bex and Gene are devoted fans, but not fully appreciated by Mr. Bob. Too bad, they (primarily through Bex's posts here and elsewhere) have brought countless fans to experience their first show...then, many many more. Bob, if you are readi8ng this, shame shame shame on you, and Ms.Crawford. If you wake up a decade frolm now at 8 am from a regional promoter who cancelled the next couple of shows, know that you have recieved karma.
  • montanaanna I don't know all but I know greatness...Beckxy and Geno ducking rock!!! :D
  • bluesuedeshoe Then, if so, Ms. Anna, you know I speak truth. as my proverty sticken ass atttended many shows, due to their kindness. To see that culminated in the portrayal/parody video release wih Rebel Soul.,,. So help me, Mr. Bob is tres lucky that his current stomping grounds don't cross with mine..."cause if and when they do, Lord have mercy, he will he get an earful from me.

Want some of these here guns?

  • bluesuedeshoe all of Fame. But to come here as fans and support this utter bullsh*t? Grow the bleep up.
  • montanaanna All that truth and soul thoughts aside...I really like hopefully not ever needed but still like it protection...I feel safe :)
  • bluesuedeshoe Jesus, you cannot be that delusiobnal as you are certified to practice law?

Augusta Show!

  • davidwest2345 U go girl-Nobody should sit @ a Kid Rock show- There should be no chairs!!!!!!!!
  • mrcam270 Thank you so much!!!! 😘
  • slangham Yes