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Switch it up on ya

  • rocksavedmysoul Thanks Margo but we got whipped. I was a frozen turkey by the 4th quarter. I really think that the Royal Oak show is Kracker's best, too. Went the past three years. Skipped this one because we had two tailgates at the U of M game. Busy weekend!
  • bluesuedeshoe LOL, L! I feel your pain. Had to give up the outdoor stuff on the onset of disability, but did find that by stocking up on those battery powered socks, gloves, vests, and the heat packs jammed into my hat to cover my ears, I can make a small showing for a kiddie football game or whatnot. Strictly 30 min max, rofl.
  • MargoC I don't know how you can take sitting out in the cold for that long, takes ya forever to warm up afterward!