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  • molly36 A funereal time simply lasts some weeks to months. Your Sensation-links are not right on this side definitively. Everybody which needs topical information knows the way to the purpose. To me you have subordinated in the past because of a comment of a harmless picture naivety.------What you here departs disrespect is towards Robert Ritchie/Kid Rock. You are angry. What`s your arge?
  • uberfan Molly36--You are right on,Thank you.

Something new I just noticed besides the new edit feature, when you hover over someone's comment near that gear icon, there is a heart icon...was that always there?

  • krsval I would be most appreciative if posts would move to top if liked as before..
  • MargoC What she said ^^ :)
  • uberfan I Have been asking Sarah if she could put it back that way and she wrote me back saying maybe Stagebloc changed it---What?