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Bob should do a Country vibe CD and It should be Titled " Bob Ritchie"

  • DianaR Darrius Rucker was welcomed into the country community after Hootie & The Blowfish. He's done pretty well. Country is pretty rock now anyway
  • uberfan It is a good Idea...And I have a huge Heart.B- you are forgetting music is a business.and people are pitching Propositions and new Ideas Daily.I would like to see him go by his name solely.He has far surpassed the moss Pit days.When is the last time you saw a Pit at a Bob Ritchie show?When was his woodstock dayz?He has moved passed that Image and into a more Adult like roll.I am NOT trying to start any rumors its just my Idea and mine only I am just saying that one day I would like to see a --Evening with( Bob James Ritchie) in the Round -.With guess stars like Bob Seger and Hank Williams JR.And that kind of show would not start up with Bawitdaba....---Just my thought to a future Kid Rock--BoB Ritchie. :)
  • uberfan MY NAME IS,,,,,,BOB?