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As I new member, does anyone know anyone that may have footage of Kid Rock at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair in August. I was supposed to go, but the tickets went so fast, I couldn't even get one from a liquidator. I was so heartbroken, and I almost hitchhiked the 60 miles and hope for a scalper, but I was talked out of it!!! We don't get many good shows here in Minnesota, and to MISS KID ROCK WAS AWEFUL. He's the most talented guy I ever encountered in my years of music and I LOVE him like you all do, I mean what's not to love-lol??? Lynyrd

  • bart Check YouTube.
  • MargoC I was gonna say the same! Youtube is great for finding footage...though Youtube can be a total time sucker, when looking for something specific I end up hours later, never having found what I was looking for in the first place! lol
  • bart No kidding. I have it on my streaming device now, so it's on the big TV in the living room. Then I'm like - What? It's 2:30AM? I have to work in the morning!

click link for pic

Kid Rock Rallies with Michigan’s Comeback Team

Kid Rock Rallies with Michigan’s Comeback Team

LANSING, Mich., Oct. 18, 2014 – Michigan’s own Kid Rock headlined a rally tonight with Gov. Rick Snyder, the Republican Comeback Team and grassroots supporters in advance of the midterm election in 16 days. To wrap-up the event, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak issued the following statement:

“Tonight’s rally with Kid Rock reaffirmed how fired-up Michigan Republicans are…

  • lynyrd I wish you could still use "ask kid rock" page. I have a special request as my dad passed away on 9/25/2014 aND it has been rough. He was the drummer for the Chuck Dallis 1961 hit, "Come on, let's go". He would have LOVED Kid Rock, but he was too I'll to enjoy music as he had his whole life! ! I listened to "Only God knows why" after he passed, and it meant a lot to me. I wish Kid Rock at his next show would play that and dedicate it to August Varwig, and maybe email me with a link to the dedication (if Kid can do it). He is my favorite artist and the best thing music has or ever will have. Handsome, talented, unique, and real people! ! I LOVE what you do to music and I'll be your avid fan forever♡♡♡☆☆☆Thanks, Lynn Lucas
  • bart I just used the "ask kid rock" page and it worked fine for me.
  • bart Interesting that Kid did this show. I wasn't sure if he would go out and support again this election or not.

Bob Seger St. Paul ..... tilt your head 90° to the left to see my favorit picture of the night.

  • michaelstevensonjr My bad, this picture is perfect.... when I tried to post this picture before it was sideways. All rights to this picture are given to Bob Seger and Kid Rock, but I hold the right to keep this picture as a momento of the best concert ever
  • lynyrd This is to Michaelstevensonjr. The photo may have come out on here bad, but it's not your bad!! I hope you hold that concert in your head forever. I'm jealous as I had to miss his show at the Minnesota State Fair as not even liquidators had tickets 1 day after the show was announced. Definately my bad. I just hope he comes back within 4 or 5 states away for another show, cuz I WON'T MISS ANOTHER ONE!!!
  • MargoC This pic reminds me of that song "Blinded By The Light" haha!

I am reaching out to you fellow fans as I am a new member. Can any Rebel Soldiers tell me how you get to the profile page? Also, anyone who has an advanced membership, is it worth upgrading your membership? I should know cuz it's Kid Rock i'm talkin about, but I just wanted to know from a fan that has the Deluxe membership. Thanks Rebel Soldiers!!! Lynyrd

  • MargoC You click on your own name/picture to get to your own profile page. I've always done the basic membership, I think the deluxe one you get a shirt or something ?
  • bart Personally, I just get the basic membership. I am mainly interested in the concert pre-sales and it has been a bargain at $15. I probably wouldn't do anything with the poster, lanyard or ID Card so I just go with the basic. However, it's still a bargain if you want that stuff. Seems like it was only $30. So how much is a poster and such worth to you. Trust me, Kid is not getting rich off of selling memberships. So, really it comes down to a personal choice on all the extras. Hope that helps. P.S, I've been a member since about 2002?


  • DianaR So smooth...........
  • rox Is that a mike in yer pants,or are ya just happy too see me.
  • lynyrd Of course he's happy to see you-lol!! I mean it IS Kid Rock...right??