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"Downtown [Detroit] will not be sustainable in the direction we're going if the neighborhoods are not coming along" – Dan Gilbert

  • bluesuedeshoe Don't fear the Historical Grants, if you can get one they are all about retrofitting, insulating, and solar on the roof (if folks can't see it). Though save yourself time and change target building if the floors are wood. Unless used as a home, wood floors are considered a fire hazard and must be replaced. We have tons of old beautiful brick businesses rotting back into the ground here, sadly because they all used fir wooden planking.
  • montanaanna Ok, I've already begun my no fear research :) Thanks for the floor heads up ;) I'm guessing the other buildings I'm thinking of may be marble or some other spiritually strong flooring so I'll look into those, too...might be a neighborhood by neighborhood decision ;P Just received from a consult some Detroit sociology articles I'll read before last choir practice tonight :D Crime is but a symptom of deeper issues...I'm in for the long haul ;) Plus, weird small ville crime here...I like the nightlife baby & so did a purse-phone stealing couple who inspire me to new technology onward but some brass in pocket ain't a bad idea ;D But I'm better off than bartender south of my ville who's neighbor lay in wait to attempt to murder him because of he used Clamato instead of tomato juice 4 hours earlier...gofund site to get bartender a new dog because his other might have saved his life with the bullet he took & for bartender recovery from his bullet wounds, but he's doing better :D Thanks Blue!
  • bluesuedeshoe A safe neighborhood would be essential. Detroit has no money to clean up a neighborhood for you. You'd have to chance your place as a start and hope others see it as a positive sign, thus investing in the surrounding neighborhood.

God bless America

  • uberfan but its a SQUIRT Gun
  • uberfan Ya dude Blue dont like Guns .I stopped putting them up so u might just give it a break for awhile.
  • bluesuedeshoe And I very much appreciate the break. You two do it, then, it just gets to be a contest with whom can post the most outrageous armaments. This stuff kills people, and Lord knows, fan sites are command central for some loony folks. All these posts do is encourage all those folks to go more too. Endless circle of violence. If you hunt to eat, you have my blessings. But, this stuff is made to imitate stuff that kills people.