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DTE #5 & #10! Where can I find your new song 'Bad Mother F**ka'?!? LOVE IT !!!

  • leony Hey Bobby! AMAZING shows this summer -THANK YOU! Saw you in NY and DTE twice. Incredible every time (and of course you can't do a different show each night - what the hell are people thinking?!?! ) Can you PLEASE tell me where I can get a download of your new song that was played before you came on stage . . .sounded like the title should be something like "Bad Mother Fucker til the Day I Die'. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that song! I've got a crappy recorded live version - I need the real deal! Help!
  • Jobabs_69 That song is by Machine Gun Kelly, featuring Kid Rock. It's supposed to be out later this fall sometime.


FREE UPGRADE TO FRONT ROW IS FOR REAL!!!!!!! God bless you Kid!!!

My son Will :)

  • wilsontrust My son Will LOVES Kid Rock!! Will has down syndrome and music is his world. He is a crazy good dancer and is known in our community for his funky moves.. He is celebrating his 18th bday with a KID ROCK concert in Durant OK...It would mean the world to him if he could meet KID!!!!!! any meet and greet opportunities at Durant concert???? Thank you xoxoxoxo

YES..... I TOOK IT.. LOL.. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  • uberfan I LOV IT----YES I TOOK IT,,,,dont sound upset at all
  • krsval We wondered where that went! LOL
  • rocksavedmysoul Val and I saw it was halfway down. Too chicken to take it. Glad a fan got it.

Ted and Tammyray DTE #1

  • rocksavedmysoul luv the photobomb dude, btw
  • uberfan He had to see the hat!!!! What row? O ya iks-na- on the seat-a.........LOL
  • krsval XXXOOOO Ted and his stogies ;)

Val, Tammyray, and Chevrolet! DTE Night #1

  • krsval Yep, had to drive our Chevy to the shows since they were the generous sponsors that helped to keep ticket prices low! Thanks, Chevy!