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Kid Rock & TBT at the New York State Fair, Syracuse, Monday, 8/25/14

  • kelleyg Popped my cherry. First kid rock concert. 2 words... Fucking awesome!!!
  • rocksavedmysoul kelleyg: start saving your money, you are now hooked. Welcome to the party!
  • MargoC Sweet! Glad ya'll were able to make a show this year, Beckxy! Yep what she said ^^^ Kellyeg :)

Viva Las Vegas

  • MargoC giggles..... :)
  • DianaR Oh, you make me smile............
  • rocksavedmysoul I just thought this one should be added to the Torso Tuesday bunch.

OK, Ladies. Let's get Torso Tuesday started!

  • MargoC Nice job, Connie :)
  • conniedoan Oh, Hell Yeah!
  • DianaR And, it just keeping going on and on and on. Like the Energizer Bunny!!!


  • Jobabs_69 Always like a good belly and belt buckle photo!
  • DianaR Well, aren't you ladies just making some good Torso Tuesday shot! Thanks!!!

Let's keep it goin . . .

  • conniedoan Rock 'n Roll Jesus. The pics like this one are some of my favorites. Enjoy!
  • DianaR Good Tuesday contribution. I didn't see it until Wednesday, but good contribution!!

Who's your rock n roll Jesus?

  • Hzepp73 woot woot
  • girlygirl31 Big Bison, who shot it or arrowed it....????
  • sandy_toes He is the most awsome dude I've. went to his last Louisville concert but got drugged. missed the hole damn thing. Sorry Rock.

Kid Rock - Born Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • girlygirl31 I need to go to camp tomorrow. Can you take me there please...Please call tonight asap
  • bart Come on kids - HUGS, not drugs.
  • girlygirl31 Great song, but "All Summer Long" is one of my favorite songs. All Summer Long, reminds me of back in the day partying with great friends and family. Also fishing for walleye fishing in Quebec, Canada area many years ago.with family and..

Kid Rock - Country Boy Can Survive *100% UNCENSORED* *RARE* DOWNLOAD LINK

  • uberfan Another "RARE" one from CATER
  • girlygirl31 My family and I do survive back in the woods; country girls do survive......that's for damn sure, and who cares what the neighbors think...