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ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons ft. Kid Rock - Guitar Moves - Episode 12

  • duchess SO COOOOOOL!!!I don't know if I it's because I am over-tired, but I couldn't stop laughing when Billy called Kid " Stretch" and when he was left hanging at the end and mentioned it! HAHAHA Goodnight y'all hehehe :P ZZZzzzz...
  • beckxy Hey Now !!! This was a great find..Loved It and can't wait to show my better half. Nutbush City Limits.. hell yea!
  • krsval LOL to playing 'slide guitar' at the end with the Corona bottle! Nice one Cheryl--Billy AND Bobby! And Nutbush (sounded better when he sang it to me on the cruise tho--ha haa;)

sexiest man alive.jpg

  • rocksavedmysoul Congrats. I know it took me some time before I could post pics.
  • DianaR Oh yeah! He certainly deserves that title!!!
  • marymckinney oh hell yea, and what a fucking titli , he's my man

Dan's 30th: Kid Rock Shows Up!!! #BawitaBirthday

  • MargoC I watched the video again this morning & it still makes me tear up....happy to be a KR Fan :)
  • jwestlake2244 I have always loved The Kid and listened to him one night on Sirrius Radio during an interview but this was the best. Kid is probably the most generous person I have seen and not for publicity but to give back to his community. Thanks Kid!!
  • Hzepp73 love it

For TammyRay

  • krsval Classic!
  • rocksavedmysoul this was from the House of Blues show in Vegas. My husband and I were front and center. My husband even gave Shakes a hand up as he went to jump onto a box to announce Kid. My husband helped him down, too. That was the night of Kid's 40th
  • rocksavedmysoul birthday Vegas party at Tao after the show.

Nice Pic - I do not own this

Our community is BADASS. Thanks for sharing your "First Kiss" pictures.

  • bg077777 Also about your email with codes. It will be coming from WarnerElektraAtlantic.
  • robertmckenzie Got mu tickets!!! Cant wait to see the grandpa in the D!
  • swordmaster6968 now I oder the t-ee shirt and cd and two tickets to they send all that in the mail or what

I really liked Bob's answer to the question (I'm paraphrasing) about who he would be for a day out of anyone. He took his time answering. I yelled out "president" but he didn't take the bait. He thoug

  • MargoC A sober KR looked much more comfortable up there from what I can tell from video I've seen, relaxed in his chair. Last year he was feelin' no pain lol & from his body language didn't look comfortable, drunk on stool in front of 2300 people
  • MargoC answering questions, doesn't sound like a good time to me! I wondered if the questions being being picked out way ahead of time this year gave him a heads up & may have helped :/
  • bart Yea, he wasn't drunk this year. I wondered if they gave him the questions in advance, but there were a couple that he really had to think about. Seems like he didn't even answer one.

Happy Monday, ya'll!

  • Hzepp73 Very handsome man Love it!
  • DianaR Wonder if this is from his DSO show. He was in a tux for a short amount of time that night. OK, what is hotter than shirtless Bob??? Tux Bob :-)
  • Jobabs_69 I think this is from the Grammy's a few years back, but not 100% positive.