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I was just charged twice my order by warner brothers... Warner Brothers are also the people that delete your content on You Tube.

Warner Brothers will give me my money back for their double chargeor: I am the last white nigga they want to deal with... Sons of bitches

  • michaelstevensonjr Let me spell it out for you: I was supposed to pay $75.75 one time. I was charged $75.75 twice. I am going to get my $75.75 that I was overcharged back. MsBehavin: why would your grandfather care that " you were on the beaches of Normandy". I just want the money back that I was OVERCHARGED fool. You want to play where's Waldo fool?, Louisville, KY.
  • MsBehavin You are a huge butt munch but I like you
  • MsBehavin And BTW Grandpa was over there not me. I came along several Decades later in like 1970