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Happy Monday, ya'll!

  • beckxy no doubt.. but he didn't stay in it for too Ultimate conductor's jam ;)
  • davidwest2345 Donald Trumps future Vice President?
  • alwaysandforever Very nice suit. :)

For TammyRay

ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons ft. Kid Rock - Guitar Moves - Episode 12

  • MargoC Uh man...that was fuc*kin awesome, thanks for sharing, Cheryl!
  • JJinJersey That was freakin great. Love it
  • JoBabs_69 That fuckin' rocked! Thanks for posting!

Nice Pic - I do not own this

Heating it up in the D.

  • DianaR Love that smile!
  • laurastraightup awesome shot, love what he's doing for Detroit, makes me want to move there.
  • kcdave24 I loved this picture! I can't believe I got the shot! :) Mr. Ritchie is a true hero to many of us. He does so much for so many. Love him!

Bobby Shazam and two of his coolest fans... It's On!!

  • uberfan . yep
  • bluesuedeshoe "But I will flip the script in a Heartbeat for a friend" - if and when you do, make sure you know what you are talking about, and that means ALL sides. Mine's private, and none of your business. You contribute a lot here Gary, and I appreciate it immensely. My Dad, who ran the sub shop in Groton used to tell us "loose lips sink ships."
  • bluesuedeshoe I am not beefin' with anyone, too old for that nonsense. Await the day when she will be too. When she feels like reaching out privately, she will. If not, she won't. Unfortunately, you placed yourself in the middle, and I do very much wish that you would remove yourself from that place, and let two women who both wear big girl panties figure it out ourselves. I wish all of you peace and good will.