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ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons ft. Kid Rock - Guitar Moves - Episode 12

  • MargoC Uh man...that was fuc*kin awesome, thanks for sharing, Cheryl!
  • JJinJersey That was freakin great. Love it
  • JoBabs_69 That fuckin' rocked! Thanks for posting!

Heating it up in the D.

  • DianaR Love that smile!
  • laurastraightup awesome shot, love what he's doing for Detroit, makes me want to move there.
  • kcdave24 I loved this picture! I can't believe I got the shot! :) Mr. Ritchie is a true hero to many of us. He does so much for so many. Love him!

Nice Pic - I do not own this

I really liked Bob's answer to the question (I'm paraphrasing) about who he would be for a day out of anyone. He took his time answering. I yelled out "president" but he didn't take the bait. He thoug

  • MargoC answering questions, doesn't sound like a good time to me! I wondered if the questions being being picked out way ahead of time this year gave him a heads up & may have helped :/
  • bart Yea, he wasn't drunk this year. I wondered if they gave him the questions in advance, but there were a couple that he really had to think about. Seems like he didn't even answer one.
  • MargoC Yeah even though he sometimes doesn't answer the question asked, it's of my favorite parts of the cruise :)