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  • RiverDaze  The soundboard! Clever, little snippets of the main man. Love it!
  • MsBehavin  That will be the last time I will be drunk posting (well hopefully lol) I am seriously an olde woman and the time has come to get ye sheetzs together. One last word to the hunting man himself--don't treat us like idiots and get a better site like You and Tbt used to have-this one salcks--
  • MsBehavin  I am sober--I miswrote my post lol
  • Ajay  BTW i mean teh REAL deal signed by BOB not a re-print etc. And geez make the price reasonable. I work for a living, pay for BSN out of my own pocket, pay my bills, and basically pay for myself to live and with the TAXES they take out of me for another family or someone to me cynical but i worked my A$$ off just to get my RN now i pay so somebody else can live and pay for my own BSN education because i work??? REALLY??? NO matter i thank GOD i could get my education and continue to get more. I feel blessed to be able to do so. AND very thankful.... BUT and i say but i got ZERO pre-sale for LOUISVILLE!!! NADA!!! ZIP!!! I have been a member on the basic level for at least 2 YEARS...granted that isn't a lot but it was supposed to be all pre-sale CODES from my understanding. THAT is why i bought it and that is why i said i don't really need a GENERIC poster...NOW had BOB signed it and put a tshirt like the CONGREGATION one yeah for a few more $ i would have been like YES!!!
  • uberfan  I am a diehard fan !!!!!
  • uberfan  And how about a night out with bob,ya ya and what if bob was to kiss your back side not a fake back side the real thing--Ajay lol you had to be drinking.Because we all paid the same.and we are ok with it,,,lol not a reprint,,lol,lol