Fan Photo of the Week - User: TammyRay

  • TammyRay woo-hoo, thanks smoore!!!
  • rocksavedmysoul Congrats! I was in the water during this concert. It was the craziest place to see a concert and honestly one of my favs! Thanks for posting the pic!
  • Beth Awesome photo, TammyRay!

New Community Contest: Devil Without a Cause

  • beckxy where I'd rather be :)
  • tanaray thanks for your blessings and support:). No need to feel bad for me i am so happy and thankful to still be here and to learn what i have learned from being ill"}
  • kgitch Decided on a Friday after work to drive from our home in Lakeland, FL to watch Kid at Comerica on that Saturday. Drove through the night, got tix from a scalper, watched a hell of a show then made the return trip home in time for work Mon.

Fan Photo of the Week - User: shawniemc

  • shawniemc HELP! I can't find the 1st edition, any suggestions? It's not in his fan club store.
  • peyton1015 Sold out
  • bethanne066 Hey, we've got a birthday coming for Dan McGurk he has down syndrome and is turning 30. His only wish is to meet kid rock. He lives in Toledo Oh. His story is :// We all over northern ohio r trying to help this young man.
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Kid Rock & TBT at the New York State Fair, Syracuse, Monday, 8/25/14

  • beckxy I promise it will keep you all warm and toasty for the rest of the season up until cruise time.. you'll come home and you'll be snug as a bug in the rug through I'm still glowing over here and it's been just about a week lol
  • beckxy And you cannot miss out on his new OLD FART hat heheh
  • beckxy OR Scary Larry Frantangelo getting on Stef's drums and playing for a song.

Thank you SMoore for coming through, I got the contest swag in the mail today...I love it! Also thank you to my buddy OTB, love ya!!

  • krsval I love that shirt, Mags!
  • MargoC Not a fan of snakes in person, but the shirt looks cool lol :) I love the signed album, that was a nice surprise!
  • beckxy I bought this shirt :) "Flying V" ;) Looking great Margo, congrats!

LET BOB PUT A FENCE UP-He does enough for the D you could throw him a bone for just one.

  • ibelieve9 Really, what is so wrong about a fence. The man owns the property. Live and let live!
  • bluesuedeshoe Looks like a fence to me:
  • uberfan They wouldnt let him put one up.Well looks like they gave in,,,,,


  • DianaR I need this shirt? Where did you see it??
  • conniedoan The front of it was for "climbing", but I felt like it fit most of us here. I've been thinkin about maybe havin it made by one of the places that does custom shirts.
  • tanaray thats a great idea conniedoan, i knowi would love to add this to my small but growing collection.

197 (1)KIDS FENCE,,,,,,,,,cater

  • uberfan Thank u blushoe,,for this picture,,,he got his fence


  • bart I like Berzerk too, but I would rate it 4th on this list. I don't have it either, but I borrowed it from the library. I don't like all of his music, so I thought I would try - and I like this one. Rap God just blows me away.
  • bart "So Far" samples the Joe Walsh song - "Life's been good to me so far". "I own a mansion, but live in a house A king-size bed, but I sleep on the couch I'm Mr.Brightside, glass is half full But my tank is half empty, gasket just blew
  • MargoC Listened to those 3 on Youtube, I liked "Rap God", not so much "Monster", but I really like "So Far" listened to it several times. The lyrics are great, funny Shit! I'll be buying "So Far" on iTunes for sure.