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It's Almost Halloween....

  • ibelieve9 Ditto baby ! I'm ready to get off the porch and howl with the big dogs.let's roll!

This Month's Contest - Once Again, IT'S ROCKTOBER

  • SMoore6 We want to see your Kid Rock pride this Halloween! Post a photo in the community of your Kid Rock themed Jack-O-Lantern or Kid Rock costume for a chance to win some Kid Rock swag. We want Kid Rock nation to represent this ROCKTOBER. Post your entry in the Community for your chance to win!
  • jfraise something unrelated to halloween.. but don't know where to post this. figured out how to work Kid Rock into one of my graduate classes in requirement for my MFA in criticism and curatorial studies. or at least I think I have. Very excited about this!! Waiting for confirmation from my prof. can you post something on the collaboration with the Detroit museum and ask everyone what they think about it?? or what they hope to learn from it, or if they are interested in learning about it? who will visit it or something along those lines, please?
  • katflashfever2000 im gonna post a photo soon...

Fan Photo of the Week - User: jadalee

  • jade_lyrics Pretty lady! but That's Jada. I'm Jade.
  • bluesuedeshoe Hey, Jade. Good to see you. Apologies to you both for the confusion.
  • uberfan Ahhhhhh,happens to the best of us
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bob SEGER.............LEGENDS ARE MADE

  • ibelieve9 You were awesome back in your hay days and you are still great today. Thanks for all of the badass music you gave us. I salute you!
  • rocksavedmysoul I saw J. Geils will be the warm up for Toledo.
  • DianaR My seats aren't the greatest, but it is Huntington Center so there aren't any really bad seats. Arena seating. I am too short for the floor shit. Found that out last time :( Kept getting someones arm in my sight and a drunk girl falling down and spilling beer on me. It's close to home so KR, how about stopping in for a song or two??


  • katflashfever2000 great photo anyone know who took the photos?
  • ibelieve9 Raw essence captured in this photo,
  • ibelieve9 If your selling this poster hell ya I'm buying it sign me up!

Torso Tuesday - You're welcome!

  • MargoC hey my "like" worked!
  • bart Yaay! Margo Liked my pic. Kid is actually looking back toward the band in this one. Our tickets were on the side stage corner. Probably the worst tickets I ever got from the site - but I still managed to get a few good pics. It was also different to see the show from a completely different angle - even though that angle sucked.
  • MargoC I've gotten some great seats through the fanclub, center end of catwalk, except for last years Pine Knob shows, the Platinum seating screwed me, until the last night, show #8 when all seats were $20, I got excellent seats then!

KID_JOE C,,,,,,,,for BECKXY

  • bart It takes practice. That's what we used to do on road trips with my dad. If you want a challenge, try guessing the car coming toward you at night with just the headlights to guess from. I agree. Looks like a Nova to me. I thought maybe a Chevelle, but the Chevelle's were a little bit wider. The Nova was a little bit smaller and more of a sports car.
  • beckxy lol okay Gene's guess is a 74 Nova
  • beckxy must have been the thing Bart.. Gene says the same about his dad on road trips

One of my best KR pics

  • krsval Look at where Bart's seats were at...the end of the catwalk!! I remember that show :)))
  • bart I got to hang out with my gal-pal Val that night! We also saw Ty Stone play after the KR show at a bar up the street. It was a great night. Got a chance to chat with Ty for a little bit too.
  • bart Yes Beckxy, I do remember when they would do that for the encore. KID......ROCK......KID ....ROCK.....KID...ROCK. I have also seen a lighted Kid Rock sign in his rehearsing barn in pics, but I don't know if they are the same - or if he has 2?

You Never Met a M-Fer Quite Like Me!

  • bart He was looking right into my camera when I took this one! Again in Grand Rapids. I think these were the best seats we have ever had for a KR show.
  • MargoC Great picture, Bart!
  • krsval Yep, you were da man that night, Bart..(next to KR, of course!)