This Month's Contest - Once Again, IT'S ROCKTOBER

  • SMoore6 We want to see your Kid Rock pride this Halloween! Post a photo in the community of your Kid Rock themed Jack-O-Lantern or Kid Rock costume for a chance to win some Kid Rock swag. We want Kid Rock nation to represent this ROCKTOBER. Post your entry in the Community for your chance to win!
  • jfraise something unrelated to halloween.. but don't know where to post this. figured out how to work Kid Rock into one of my graduate classes in requirement for my MFA in criticism and curatorial studies. or at least I think I have. Very excited about this!! Waiting for confirmation from my prof. can you post something on the collaboration with the Detroit museum and ask everyone what they think about it?? or what they hope to learn from it, or if they are interested in learning about it? who will visit it or something along those lines, please?
  • katflashfever2000 im gonna post a photo soon...

Fan Photo of the Week - User: jadalee

  • jade_lyrics Pretty lady! but That's Jada. I'm Jade.
  • bluesuedeshoe Hey, Jade. Good to see you. Apologies to you both for the confusion.
  • uberfan Ahhhhhh,happens to the best of us

Fan Photo of the Week - User: bartender00

  • lynyrd That is an excellent pic! Shows what a great, unique and caring man that Kid Rock is. He is the best thing music has or will ever know! ! Lynyrd
  • uberfan Nice ink,Dont he bring out the biggest smiles.You guys look great.get your Kid on! :)

This Month's Contest: Hat Month

  • Beth Congrats, TammyRay. That is so nice!!! I hope you are feeling better. <3
  • krsval Whoo hoo!!!
  • OutSideTheBox Congrats, TammyRay :D
Latest From Fans


  • katflashfever2000 gosh dang I said seen ROBERT not ROBOT...hehehe...he gave me his number so what the fling I dialed it was home headquarters of LEGO INC...What a PUTZ...
  • bart Does this count for Torso Tuesday?

grapes of wrath 2012

  • Ajay That sure is strange if you want the truth! But to each his own!!!

Bob Seger St. Paul ..... tilt your head 90° to the left to see my favorit picture of the night.

  • michaelstevensonjr My bad, this picture is perfect.... when I tried to post this picture before it was sideways. All rights to this picture are given to Bob Seger and Kid Rock, but I hold the right to keep this picture as a momento of the best concert ever
  • lynyrd This is to Michaelstevensonjr. The photo may have come out on here bad, but it's not your bad!! I hope you hold that concert in your head forever. I'm jealous as I had to miss his show at the Minnesota State Fair as not even liquidators had tickets 1 day after the show was announced. Definately my bad. I just hope he comes back within 4 or 5 states away for another show, cuz I WON'T MISS ANOTHER ONE!!!
  • MargoC This pic reminds me of that song "Blinded By The Light" haha!


  • DianaR So smooth...........
  • rox Is that a mike in yer pants,or are ya just happy too see me.
  • lynyrd Of course he's happy to see you-lol!! I mean it IS Kid Rock...right??

Hello Rebel Soldiers! FridayFriendDay ?

  • Hzepp73 lol actually last weekend around a bonfire
  • uberfan cool i bet it was a blast
  • MargoC <3 bonfires

KID_JOE C,,,,,,,,for BECKXY

  • rocksavedmysoul Yesterday, I was talking to a guy and found out he was from Taylor. The minute he said, "Taylor," I replied in a broadcasting voice, "Joe Ceeeeeeeeee!" He laughed. He got it right away. Cool dude. He was stopping by the house to give me a quote on a new roof. We then talked about rock and roll after that. I told him I was originally from Downriver. We knew some of the same people and of course, places. I have always loved this pic!
  • uberfan i saw what u wrote telling beckxy and i found it for you