Now that First Kiss: Cheap Date has wrapped, we want to see your pictures! Post your best shots from the tour for the chance to win tour merch, signed vinyl, & more! We'll pick some people at random!

  • Kidrockcraz I really want to win! Been putting pictures on! Really want a signed picture from Bobby to put next to Johnny Cash!
  • uberfan give it a listen
  • uberfan HEY SMOOR6--CAN U TELL US WHATS GOING ON??????????

Kid Rock is coming to Augusta, GA. Here is all the information to get access to tickets with your Rebel Soldiers membership:

Augusta, GA
Music for Action * Service * Hope - Evans Town Center Park
7016 Evans Town Center Blvd
Evans, GA 30809

The code was emailed and is NOT your Ticketmaster code in your account. If you need the code, please email and I will lookup your account and send the code.

  • vickiemoon THANK YOU so much for all 4 concerts in Cali I did it I loved it AND Ill do it again in a heart beat !!!!!!smoore I dont no how to get the point across how much fun I had and what it meant to me >>>>>>I loved wearing my Keith Bell Bibs and all the complaments I recieved on them ,,,just wish I new how to find all the pictures everyone took with me in them !!!!!! There was alot !!! 57 yrs old I am an Ill be there another 50 fo sur....Rock on Rebels
  • MrA know the feeling Vickie, got over 2500 pics in the last month id like to find as well. Im thinking of printing buisiness cards to pass out with my email just so i might catch half of them back next yr...& MsBehavin glad to see you back to your usual posting amounts, keep em comin !! Oh and if your going to chicago and want a photo just come find me, not like im that hard to spot...!ol
  • MsBehavin Lol :-) Thank You Mr.A :-) It's great to see You posting again too :-)

...And another super fan profiled in the Detroit Free Press- Kid Rock fans are the best fans ever!!! #RebelSoliders

  • beckxy That was very sweet Gary. How did you know I don't sleep right lol. I don't. And eat right... I do a lot better these days than in my twenties.. lots more salads and fruits on the menu.. but I still like meat lol. Naw.. we are not going. Looks like it's officially sold out. Nothing opened up PLUS flights from PA to TN are just about a grand per person. Way Too Much.. we would have had to drive it. We'll save up for something else. Thought of you and Mel immediately after seeing news a few days ago - about the crazy nut at the community college. Man! I attend a community college and it hits hard. Gotta be in friggen fear no matter where ya go. We've had to do the drill ~in case that crap happens ever~ Just nuts!
  • beckxy And you are right... Gene busts his arse. He's a workhorse. He does slow down during the winter months though :) Then he gets to spend more time in his music room or at the moment... he bought an old playstation 2 at the pawn shop.. so he's been playing grand theft auto on his down time. That game is funny.
  • uberfan BECKXY--We and our friends talk and we go over a plan-kind of a first response caution plan of what to do if the god forbid a shooter go's to our schools,,So please Beckxy have a plan its to real out there.LOCK or Barricade the door,RUN or HIDE until First Responders get there....And you and gene can relax now that your not killing yourselfs to make a show.Be good I will E-Mail u soon.... :)

Thank you to all the super fans. #rebelsoldiers

  • MsBehavin oh f those douches--WE are the reason they get laid and if they do not like it, Mr Hand is available.
  • rocksavedmysoul lol MsB
  • breezerbww Headed to st louis to see show tonight. Super excited it'd my birthday present from my bff. I have the best bff for taking me twice to st louis. It would make it even a better birthday present to meet you. Love all your music. We driving and smoking our way to st louis. Can't wait I'm so excited. Make my day and party with us tonight. Your biggest fan from Kansas City.
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My nephew Abel...starting him out early on who the best muthafuckin' band is...KID ROCK & the TBT!!

  • beckxy Congrats on getting the community spotlight :) Lil guy is on the home page.
  • uberfan ya saw that

Our community is BADASS. Thanks for sharing your "First Kiss" pictures.

  • swordmaster6968 do they send that all by mail
  • uberfan Thats my Thumb holding up that CD.Hay that will Be the only way they will put me Im happy......
  • uberfan How come you get to say ----BADAZZ

ATLANTA Ga album release party!!! Best night I've had since CTM last year!! I'm so excited #FirstKiss is amazing!

  • hilljerri My cousin the superstar!!!! You made the big time baby!!!!
  • shawniem Great picture and love your shirt!
  • uberfan seen this opening release date.Lucky lots o toys.

Nothing is gonna stop my "so hott" woman from seeing Kid Rock for the first time tomorrow night in Saint Louis....not even a broke foot!!

  • Amy2468 I love this! I broke my foot also & have tickets for this Friday the 14th. Did you guys make this yourself??
  • kimberleyclark Aaaawwww, I guess the rescheduled show was the only thing which stopped this so hot chick. :( hope you can make it back Sept 11 - we'll be there!
  • katflashfever2000 woman has skills :)

Awesome Pic.

  • kidrockwilliams3887 told ever 1 they was badly wrong.I have only got 2 c him 2times a 3rd but I was wasted sorry 2 say cant remember it mad at myself.Toke my daughter 2 c him her 1st concert.His shows r better then all singers best band.turned ever1 I could 2
  • kidrockwilliams3887 his music now they all know I was right and my brother and most friends seen him by now and loved it thanks me 4 turning them on 2 him.I only buy his CD's only spend money 2 c him.Best arist 2 come out sence 70's like bob s. or Skynyrd by
  • kidrockwilliams3887 the way I've been 2 c a lot of concerts a rlot of bands no1 comes close 2 his shows lets the fan know he really does care about money they spend on his shows.Keep on KIDROCKING in the FREE WORLD! Thanks ,from Chad Rock

Miss Lucky Bitch 2014 for Ria Rich :)

  • beckxy nothing but love for ya ;)
  • tracyhill I just saw Barts comments, that's my husbands name, one you dont see everyday lol.
  • bart He must be a hell of a guy!