FENWAY PARK - Rebel Soldiers have access to pre-sale tickets for this event. The pre-sale begins on Tuesday, April 19th at 10AM EST and runs through Thursday, April 21st at 10PM EST. Instructions will be sent out via email by EOD Friday 4/15

  • gracepeters Will we be receiving an email with the presale code for the Saturday show that has been added?
  • SMoore6 Yes - you should have gotten an email. If not, please email
  • shmelton0618 I got an email with a code but the link brings me to a page that says no events listed. Anyone e else have this problem?

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  • uberfan HEY PACKERS AND MOVERS;;; I am doing my homework and going to every site that your ANJANAJAIN727 is hiding ...I am going to find how you hide so no one can call you on your SPAMMING....SOON
  • karensreynolds Please everyone, see New site for donating to Kid Rock causes.
  • amitgupta10294 Rakhi with Dry Fruits Rakhi with Sweets

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  • uberfan To day we went to CUB SCOUTS and do what they call the RAINGUTTER REGATTA.Its a small boat that they build like a catamaran.It has two pieces of balsa wood with a plastic boat like cover that the kids put four screws in and a sail.Then thay put two rails that look like gutters and they filled them with water.Then they put the boats in the water and said go and they would race by blowing on the sail and walking while the boats floted to the end.First one to get to the end won.It was a fun event we did after we all cleaned the Church that lets the Cub Scouts meet and do events.So we did yard work, cleaned the parking lot, and made the Church Clean.It felt good to give back and have the Regatta.And yes it Rained other wise it wouldnt be OREGON and it wouldnt be the RAINGUTTER REGATTA...
  • karensreynolds Please see New site for donating to causes Kid Rock endorses.

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  • theresabush19 Hey I'm a new member to the Rebel Soldier Community I hope to meet a lot of kid rock bands I am a big fan myself. I have seen 12 of his shows can't wait for number 13 my next goal is to go on one of the cruises he has because I bet that is one hell of a Cruise. I'm a 51 year old kid that would love to meet Kid Rock someday
  • theresabush19 I meant fans Not bands Gotta Love voice messaging
  • amitgupta10294 Rakhi Gifts for Brothers Rakhi Gifts for Sisters
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I dont know is it ok to show this

  • MsBehavin You guys doing to TyFest?
  • MsBehavin ~going--Lord I seem to have 7 thumbs
  • MsBehavin And one kick ass vibrat--yous see that new sign in the Zodiac?


  • MsBehavin DUDE!!!!!! Not ~dube
  • shawniem lol, yes Dude!
  • uberfan yes Dude :) its what ever you want it to be,We all family here !


  • DianaR Good Monday morning in Michigan! Sitting on my deck, drinking coffee and seeing this pic!
  • uberfan I know how to get DianaR to post :)

A mix up with the tickets got us in row 1 1/2. Worked for me!!

  • rocksavedmysoul Great score!
  • krsval Hell yeah, sweetness!
  • shawniem Love you Ladies, you've gotta come west sometime. @krsval @rocksavedmysoul @MargoC and many more!!