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  • uberfan  So like all the Contest's,You dont say who won...
  • sandraromps  WINNING
  • smarino211  You know my son done a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan , He was in the army close to 9 years I am and will always be so proud of him ,He meet his wife in the service also , I love her also , You know why I am a fan , number one reason out of several : Kid Rock ( Bobby ) He does not discriminate , My son is married to a black woman ,We all bleed the same , What is color ,I Love Bethany Marino and very proud of my son Charles Marino Jr and all you hatters out there can go Fuck yourself , I love Bobby's music also .Shirley Marino AKA Charles Jr Mom
  • MsBehavin  We will love ya'll until the end of time too :-)
  • tracyhurst  meeting kid rock is my only wish! well JESUS too Bobby if your reading this please make my wish come true!!!
  • tracyhurst  one more thing I am the one who keeps telling people mag that YOU ARE THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!