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I've half-ass started packing for the Fish Fry today...woohoo, Laurie & Val...I can't wait!!!

  • MargoC I looked at the extended forecast, weather is low to upper 70's both days, no rain...of course that is a long ways away....I'm thinking skipping the sandals & wearing cowboy boots, I don't wanna have dirty/muddy feet, I have Yeah I hope there is some seating in the area besides our concert seats! If we're gonna be there all day, I'm gonna need to take a load off every so often!
  • njsunflower88 Hi MargoC Fontanel is nestled in the hills of TN so the Music venue is in a little valley with grass but it rained all day Friday last year and it was bit of a muddy mess by the end of the show. They had bales of straw by the bonfires to sit on and they didn't let you leave once you got in there ..... But it's really awesome I can't WAIT!!!!!!
  • njsunflower88 Last year I wore sneakers but my llbean raincoat was worth it's weight in gold!!! Also I needed my phleather biker jacket with a hoodie Sat nite!!!