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First Kiss. 34 years ago I married my first kiss! And now that time has taken over, and we can't fight this gettin' older, somehow Baby we made it through!

  • molly36 Nice love story. Congratulation!
  • DianaR This is circa 1979, when we were first dating. His coat reminds me of the one in the First Kiss video! LOL
  • uberfan Hell ya,I have that Levi Jacket.They still make and I LOVE IT.What a Awesome love story.Fine in 79.

From Brickyard 400

  • molly36 Great pics, mary! I love them!!! Thanks
  • MargoC The sunset that night made for some great pics & video!

Brickyard 400

  • uberfan THANK'S MARY
  • marypowell I posted 4 of them only one showed up. So I guess I can only post 1 time in here where other can post alot