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I've half-ass started packing for the Fish Fry today...woohoo, Laurie & Val...I can't wait!!!

  • MargoC Yup...I'm bringing shorts, jeans, sandals & boots, jacket....ya never know! A question for ya @njsunflower88, what were the grounds like, muddy, grassy or what, that kinda determines my
  • beckxy we'll be leaving, headed southbound in 2 lil weeks. Weeeeeeeee!!!! I was looking at the weather and earlier on, planned for Fall clothes.. but looks like it'll still be pretty warm, eh? --at least during the day. This week's weather looks to be in the 90s during the day and 60s at night - big jump. Looks woodsie Margo, grass and could get muddy if it rains. Preparing for everything I guess lol
  • beckxy I was curious if it would be worth taking our camper chairs.. can you go out and re-enter the gated area.. or once you are in, you are in. Looks like (for at least the one day) its a lengthy time... maybe bring the chairs in and hang out by the bonfire? I need to ask Angela.. she was there last year.