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  • MargoC Ha, yep all moms have that in them, I call them freak out moments. When I've reached my boiling point, you better get the hell outta my sight! btw my parents never said a word about my shirt today, my dad read the front I could tell. My mom had already seen this pic from my Facebook, which she never liked or commented on, so I guess that tells ya what she thought of it haha...I think it takes a lot more to offend my parents than this shirt though!
  • uberfan GOD BLESS the PARENTS,,,,,,,,,,,
  • crazyassmoma wait, its my grown kids that do not like the kid rock f shirts! I guess I'm just supposed to cook,. clean, wash, handle in their sweet eyes, even though they're gone.. haha

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  • MsBehavin Sadly one of my really good friends i thought--i sent this rock over there lol--but-as usual-i never heard anyting baack aye--out aye--peace
  • crazyassmoma u crazy sobs on here kid. lmao
  • MsBehavin I wish the powers that be would sweep every post I made out of this thread. Except the Iron Maiden video lol--but everything else--I am pleading it disappears--so I only seem 1/8bsc lol

Louisville KY NYE Show: Pre-sale ticket inventory sold out very quickly but we're working to add more tickets. They should be available in the next couple hours! We're working to have every seat available for pre-sale since you guys are so awesome. This is going to be one hell of a party!!!!

  • uberfan Ya ,,,,YOU ARE PACKERS so pack your shizz and get gone!!!!!!
  • MsBehavin ~Giovanni will be over this morning to make sure you are packing everything right
  • chrissy_love77 Got our tickets!! Not great seats but will be bringing in the New Year with Kid Rock and my sister . Happy Bday to you sis.
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Hey now KR. Come to the Kentuckians of Michigan club on Friday 2/19 to see my cousin and brothers bluegrass band North back Forty. Show starts at 8. Come out have a beer and listen to some good bluegrass music.

  • beckxy I wrote that above not to sound like a smart Ass but because I'm a product of my parents who know good music, I stand proud of where I come from, and I'm overjoyed to have learned so many genres of music that were played in my childhood home. If I could take one thing with me that I have learned from both of my parents - it's music, music , and more music. Lol
  • beckxy And on a side note, Roxy the bomb-digity
  • beckxy Ps. I just recently found this half hour program on PBS called Bluegrass Underground, which I now DVR every episode, which is also the bomb-digity if any of you are into something like that, I do recommend watching.

Im about to renew my membership, it says that there is a free one now, and also a 15$ one, is that all they offer now? I have paid more in the past I think it was like 45$ per year, with the laminate card,landyard, etc, is that no longer available/
Thanks, Deb

  • Ajay I dunno DEB but i am interested to know about what you say and how they respond. MINES is up soon too. I'm sorry i want something cooler then cool. Perhaps i should load up and take a road trip to NASHVEGAS this weekend.....I am off and am cleaning up all my gear from the OUTLAW COUNTRY CRUISE as i type. ALWAYS the laundry. My cats are loving on me as usual. They missed me. TRUTH i want a nice premium membership i can not feel bad about buying or burned. WOULD love to see one with a nice signed KID ROCK poster. NO B.S. photocopy signature and perhaps something else cool to go with it. Like a rare KID ROCK old school collector's item. I DON'T need no b.s. laminate less it gets me a meet and greet or after show party or something. I WANT SOMETHING cool in other words. A real signed KID ROCK poster or something like that. My sh** like that never sees EBAY...i am a collector baby. JUST like my LEMMY DVD i have signed by LEMMY himself and a picture of meeting him!!! That never sees the NET...goes in a file on FBOOK with artists i have met and is on private LOCKDOWN!!!! That is the way i roll. BUT yeah put together a cool package and i will consider the premium membership. OTHERWISE i buy the cheapie for the concert ticket pre-sales. I will make no bones about it.
  • TammyRay Deb-there is no deluxe membership this year just free and standard..

You know i leave out several hours from now. Getting read to chill and call it a night. BUT ass odd as it sounds SO hoping KID & OR HANK JR. make an appearance on THE FIRST COUNTRY OUTLAW CRUISE....KID was great on on was ppl acting the a** before and after that made the decision for me. I love Kid etc....but the STORM it all brings is crazy...So hey MUCH LOVE KID working on finishing BSN school, starting a new JOB soon....KEEPING my head HELD HIGH.....BUT man what a ride i BEEN on in this LIFE brother.....a F****(NG ride!!!! The crazy part is i am in main stream life.....NO…

  • MsBehavin So Ajay. You said You are lyricist. So am I un-noteriably lol--stop rambling stupid bs and write what You are really feeling. In other words. Write some good ass lyrics. Copyright em if You have to.
  • Ajay I did a couple of sets of lyrics while on the outlaws. ONE i need to go through something else i wrote recently if i can find it and see if the two can be melded. I remember barely writing the other and it was good. I I have written lyrics nearly as long as KID ROCK has been working at music. I started writing lyrics at 18....and i am 44...45 in November. Yes i do the poor man's copyright. I mail them to me and label them. Usually a few sets at a time. Not over on postage. Put their names on them etc. Federal postage stamp and never open them. I know what the f*** they be just by what i wrote on the envelope ya know??? Yeah in the past month or so i have probably written 5-6 full sets of lyrics. Also finishing up the BSN and getting ready to draw unemployment. May put off going back to work for a couple of months and draw unemployment so i can finish BSN school and relax a minute. My life has been nothing but crazy. So yeah i write it. I don't always broadcast it or tap someone on the shoulder. I am a writer that is what i do. I do nursing on the side....always have it is therapy and healing to and for me. WHAT is magic like WHEN IT when other ppl feel it too. PURE magic when you sit there and go sh*** i dunno. I am just a writer will anybody else connect?? Do they feel it too??? THEN a blessing happens and you find out they do.....and what you write and do is good and worthwhile and worth something. I have toiled away at it for years without even a nod. I got a nod a few years back. Made no $$$ for it...but it affirmed i am good at it and ppl feel me too!!!!

;To whom it may concern; I dont want to seem to be nosy but BLUESUEDSHOES has not posted in a while. I normally wouldn't say anything but its not like her to stay away so long.If Anyone knows if BLUESUEDSHOES is OK? I do respect others privacy and if she does not want anyone to know why she is not been around that's fine.I just would like to know if she is OK. THANK YOU. (UBERFAN)

  • rox And Im sorry Blue,people are concerned,just wanted to let them know your OK
  • uberfan THANK YOU ALL,and thank you ROX,,,,Some might have heard Blue and I argue and think I dis like her.That is wrong.We have our disagreements but at the end of the day she,s people and to me a friend.A KID ROCK FRIEND.I am glad she is ok! ---Gary
  • rox Hey I have been sparring with her for like almost 20 yrs now....Laughs.Still care thats shes Ok