This Month's Contest: The Least You Can Do is Care

  • abb_k A boy in my community just lost his father to cancer and his mother left him years back. His sister has dropped out of college to take care of him. Long story short, a few girls in our community put together a fundraiser so that these kids can have the Christmas they deserve. The least that we can do is care.
  • djmpdj I Ride to support the Shriners Childrens Hospital, our Veterans and our local Charities! The least I can do is CARE!
  • rjl1969 I support Earthworks and fight for the children, health, clean air and water across the US.

Fan Photo of the Week - User: bart

  • vicky59 kid R, I am an old woman but your performance tonight at the Valor show was beyond amazing!! solid gold and stole the show. Vets everywhere are smiling tonite. Bravo!
  • debravickers U are my savior after listen to Jesus and Bocephus . Amen
  • Beth I don't think I ever told you how much I love this picture, Bart. :)
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Just wanted to say hello. It's been a while since I've been on and its good to see all the regulars still here. Tried , true , and loyal fans!

  • krsval Howdy--I was wondering where you disappeared to..did u carve a punkin this year?
  • rocksavedmysoul Hey there. Welcome back.
  • rjl1969 No pumpkin this year. Lol. I tore up the drimmel tool that belonged to my husband. Heehee. Hi Margo , Val, Ibelieve, and can't forget Miss Annamontana!

A year ago we started having earthquakes and then all of the sudden my husband and I started becoming ill frequently. I soon learned that the gas wells near us were releasing gas and chemicals about the same time we were becoming ill. I received help from a woman named Sharon Wilson of Earthworks who helped our town to form a group of citizens that fought to have the injection wells stopped and soon the earthquakes stopped. I was so
grateful that I began helping her group fight the " fracking" or horizontal fracturing in Denton. They finally banned the process in Denton meanwhile I…

  • rocksavedmysoul Welcome back. I know you have been busy ( I see your posts on fb occasionally). Thanks for making a difference.
  • rjl1969 Thanks. Yes it's even more busy since I started joining across the US and abroad, never ending fight that I wished I didn't have to be a part of. It's good to be back. I miss this site and have been doing some song / poem writing when I do find time. Is Roxy still on here?
  • rjl1969 RSMS when you get a chance get to know some of the people on my FB . They are certainly a wide array of people from producers and film makers to professional football players to writers and professors and really cool people to get to know. I'm stuck on my FB just meeting people across the world and most are very wonderful people.

Thank you, Beckxy, for your updates...sharing with your family here ;) Our thoughts and prayers for you and yours :D

  • beckxy Hiya Miss Montana! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Mom's taking it easy at home. Yesterday, I took both my dad and mom to the docs. Why is it that both their health is deteriorating at the same time is beyond me, but he ended up in the emergency room over the weekend.. couldn't walk. Yesterday seemed to be a test for me.. of patience and strength. Feel like I failed for a moment.. but everybody's cool and that feeling has passed. I had to see my dad, for the first time, using a walker to get around.. my heart just dropped. I managed to get into them every other day to do chores and run errands now.... super busy but I don't really mind it, ya know. They always have a Christmas luncheon at their house for my brother and I and our significant loved ones... so I'm getting the menu together with her and getting ready for a nice time. She wants turkey bbq... and that's what she will get ;)
  • rjl1969 Glad your mom is ok Beckxy!
  • uberfan AMEN

Just Pre Ordered. Who else did?

  • rocksavedmysoul I bought the ultimate for my birthday present to me :)
  • rjl1969 I got myself a Xmas gift and bought my hubby the military tshirt. He doesn't know I got myself the ultimate package yet. It would be the most awesomeness package if it came with tickets.
  • vickiemoon I did it I did it I GOT MINE Merry Christmas to me me THANKS KID .....XOXOXOXO

Got an email for presale of "First Kiss" album hmm....FOAD....too funny...a new acronym for me to start using! Can't wait to see the video Jan. 6th!

  • OutSideTheBox you and Chris need to do First Kiss New Years Eve picture :)
  • MargoC Yeah...he can kiss my ass! haha j/k....nah he wouldn't do it, don't like getting his picture took....maybe Chloe will :)
  • krsval FOAD...I like it!