This Month's Contest: Hat Month

You asked, and we delivered! We want to give you guys a chance to ask Kid Rock the questions you’ve been dying to ask. He will be answering a few of your questions from time to time, so check out the community discussion page for updates and answers. Check out the "Ask Kid Rock Button" or go to

  • bluesuedeshoe This would be hilarious. Does anyone mind releasing the questions anonymously? Just the questions.... My company released a December newsletters with actual quotes from car accident reports. It utterly amazed us each year with the
  • bluesuedeshoe number of folks who started the report with "the pole suddenly jumped out in front of me...."
  • bluesuedeshoe Also, partygoers take heed in CT, MA and NY. They got Fed $ to set up next to the venue discharge. If they don't like your smile, they wave you to a detention area, and usually it will amount to hundreds or thousands (CT) in fines to go.

Fan Photo of the Week - User: MargoC

  • beckxy wtg Margo!
  • bluesuedeshoe Think they are just removing dups and spam. From experience, once you post, immediately refresh. If you don't see your post, then repost. You can delete your posts, go to the little grey wheel on the left side, if yours, and it will give
  • bluesuedeshoe you the delete option.

New Album - Kid Rock House of Blues Sunset Strip. Huge thanks to photographer Jamie Stafford.

  • Hzepp73 new album?
  • SMoore6 PHOTO album. Haha. Should have been more specific!
  • tanaray and how do we get to see or own this photo album?
Latest From Fans

  • bart One thing I found out for sure in life is, don't hang out with assholes. Surround yourself with good people.
  • bart Rox - Thanks for sharing this quick interview - I forgot about it. Classic KR quotes.
  • rox Bobisms

I know a couple of people who are going to see Aerosmith tonight. Just wanted to let you know that YAHOO is live streaming the concert. Here's a link with more info.

  • krsval OM Goodness I love them more than ever. Still kickin the jams. Slash opened, and I didn't notice til later that he wore a skull design tee, and the skull was made of Old English D's...
  • bluesuedeshoe Too funny. Surprised you didn't haul butt up there and get him to give it to you (but he's older too, definitely a "shirt on" rocker.
  • krsval Ha haaa! Was pleasantly surprised-had 5h row seats on the right near center..close to catwalk, otherwise I would not have been on camera. Joe is still a hottie-Steven a camera hog lol

What in the sam hell is going on round here? #kidrockfan LOL

  • Jobabs_69 Just enjoying a beautiful late summer day, got Rock and Kracker playing on the stereo, cleaning the front porch, and deciding which route I'm gonna take to Marion on Friday! Hotel 1 block away, getting pumped, ready for a good time!
  • Hzepp73 high 5
  • rocksavedmysoul Have fun Jobabs. I have been doing projects around the house and blaring Kid. It makes the work easier somehow!

Video featuring Kid Rock putt.....

  • bart He's in great shape and has proved over and over what an athlete and performer he is. Just my opinion, and I have no inside info - that's my disclaimer.
  • bluesuedeshoe You said it yourself. Athletes live in pain, just like professional ballet dancers. See a video of Bobby Orr walking lately?
  • DianaR That's Jalen Rose? OMG, I must be gettin' old! I remember seeing him as a young basketball player at U of M. Seems like yesterday. Good cause. Like to see positive things happening in Michigan