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  • ccallahan287 This is a great fan site, thanks for doing this! Do you know if kid is in Nashville right now? I was at a party last night & I'm pretty sure he was there.
  • Jobabs_69 @ccallahan287, Rock performed last night (7/16) at House of Blues in Hollywood and performs tonight (7/17) in Paso Robles, CA. Very doubtful he was in Nashville,but he might have been if it was an epic party!
  • rocksavedmysoul Hi SMoore-I can comment on other's posts but I cannot create my own. I wanted to post something about the Detroit's 313 birthday today.

New Community Contest - Summer Playlist

  • Ajay I am bad about it....i am self professed music junkie who dabbles in drinking at times that is where Slow My Roll comes from and some of the ppl i have known/know that are pushing it too hard! I love a good party but there is a difference!
  • almira_gulch 1. Midnight train to memphis 2. all summer long 3. never met a mother fucker quite like me 4. Cowboy 5. Mirror

Member Photo of the Week - God Bless Kid Rock

  • TammyRenee Nice the photo bomb!
  • Brent I took this pic in Memphis after the show last month! Thats my wife on the left. This is her pic. :)
  • Beth Thank you so much for recognizing your fans and especially for us during the Memphis show. I am sure you probably don't remember, but we will never forget. Rock on! Hope to see you on CTM6.
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  • bluesuedeshoe Who, I ask, would put glass in their vagina??!!!
  • beckxy Wait, I know I got a glass dildo up in this house somewhere.. hang on a minute.
  • bluesuedeshoe Bex, I believe you have one in your home. I sure hope you don't experiment with it, lol

Ahahaha.....but terrible.

Behind the Music that Sucks: KID ROCK

  • bluesuedeshoe Of course, as a devout fan, you can view this type of "imaging" any way you choose. But, this is the music BUSINESS, and to do the best job, you must know your enemies. This video pretty much sums it up...was done a couple of years ago.
  • bluesuedeshoe You can dismiss it, but, if you look at it differently, it gives you all the info you need to COUNTERACT it where and when you can.
  • bluesuedeshoe The Chevy commercial is "skeevy" to me. Why would you promote a car company in the news for ignoring defects and killing people?

I month until the Minnesota State Fair with Kid Rock. Anyone else going?

  • lisavee I will be there - 4th row!!!!!!!! whooooo hooooooo
  • TrixRNot4Kidz That is awesome, I was not so lucky as work interfered with me buying tickets... at least this time I did not put my conference call on hold to buy tickets!
  • catzluck I will be there - look for lit up dandelions! Just was in Iowa and of course another outstanding show!!

big pic

two pics

  • uberfan BLU FUNKY SHOES,,,,how the hell are you?In this day of people haten I just cant see what it brings to the table.Why cant the world get along ?we got enough space to live and let live....So much lov to ya BLUESUEDESHOES,,,,,,,,,CATER
  • bluesuedeshoe Apologies, missed this. Doing fine. Hope you are too.

Love the new Chevy commercial!!! Born Free!!!!!!!

  • janet3 You the Man!
  • prood Wanted to pass along the george jones fair opening act for kid rock recently dumped 1 of their band members 4 days before the show because he was sober and kept getting upset about their sloppy drunkenness and picking up women every town.
  • prood Just wanted to let kid know there's an awesome young song writer that was dumped because he didnt fit the mold but was good enough to cowrite many of theit songs. 3 of them had been his friends for 15 years. Pretty disgusting.

Hey, How are you?

  • bart Good - How are you?
  • beckxy Well, thanks.. hope the same for you.
  • bart Long time - no chat - how's the family?