This Month's Contest: The Least You Can Do is Care

  • ibelieve9 I have been unemployed for some time now this has allowed me to volunteer my time a the church a few hours a week. I continued to look for work but for one reason or another I did not get the job. This situation left me with alot of time on my hands therefore the road of faith kicked in. Before I realized what was happening I was on my way to providing guidance in handling difficult or complex problems or in resolving escalated complaint or disputes. I instruct or advise the elderly and any one who asked on issues such as personal budget, reading contracts and maintaining records. I never charged any one for the guidance I gave them. Just knowing by the smiles on there face the relief that shined in there eyes and the warm and tenders hugs they shared with me ,let's me know that I was in the right place at right time for the people who needed me the most. All i ever asked from the people that I had the privilege to help,is to remember that there is someone, somewhere who cares.XO
  • lmccallalliance Every year many communities go out on a very cold evening in January to "count" and engage homeless individuals that are on the streets. In Oakland County Michigan this is happening Wednesday, January 28th 2015. We want Kid Rock to support this to help! Help us end homelessness among individuals, families and Veterans. Please visit our website A support message from Kid Rock to his community could add the awareness that there are homeless that need services, housing and most of all someone to CARE!
  • Ajay What do i care about??? I care about ppl. I know some days you would be hard pressed to know it but i wouldn't do what i do for living if i didn't. Who deserves the spotlight as far as charities. TO me ppl who collect food like the boy scouts, food shelters, volunteers (who take their time, vehicles, and anything else) to help collect food so MANY can eat at THANKSGIVING that couldn't and Christmas. It don't take a lot to make ppl who have nothing happy. A warm bed, a full stomach, and love.

Fan Photo of the Week - User: bart

  • rocknrich Cool pic. Congrats, and thanks.
  • bart Thanks all - it was a very cool night to be that close. Very lucky and fortunate to get those tickets from the pre-sale her on .
  • vicky59 kid R, I am an old woman but your performance tonight at the Valor show was beyond amazing!! solid gold and stole the show. Vets everywhere are smiling tonite. Bravo!

It's Almost Halloween....

  • rocksavedmysoul They are calling for snow flacks here in the "D" area.
  • rocksavedmysoul *flakes (we so need an edit button still and for this box to be bigger so we can reread what we type before we post) ***sigh
  • leony will you let me in the front gate if I come trick or treating?!? lol ;D

This Month's Contest - Once Again, IT'S ROCKTOBER

  • Ajay Love arts & literature but getting back to schoolwork is tough for an old lady!!! YES I called myself old i will be 43 November 22nd! All gifts, encouragement, anything as far as school and b'day are greatly appreciated! Not a beggar just a hair stressed is all!
  • debravickers Awesome
  • jaded8 Would Love to see Kid tour with ZZ Top one time.
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  • ibelieve9 Congladulations! Wish the best for you and your family. God bless