Kid Rock - Johnny Cash - Official Music Video

  • MsBehavin ~And I like the way you like having fun :-) You know the Sun is shining on Kentucky~
  • MsBehavin Dang :-) I SO LOVE this band :-)
  • MsBehavin We will love ya'll until the end of time too :-)

New Contest: Have you been down with Kid Rock since '89? Have a copy of 'Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast?' Did you wear Dickies with your "Pimp of the Nation" tour tee? We want to see your best Kid Rock Throwback photos for a chance to win a Devil Without a Cause tee and colored vinyl. Post them in the community with #KRThrowback for a chance to win!

  • beckxy no.. i'm just a naughty girl, and have to come on here at least once a week to see what's going on.. even if that means while I am at work (the naughty part), for I love the Kid mf'n Rock and his band too... and I tend to think that's being naughty too..blahaha! Good Girl gone BadAss :D Living the LowLife... so what
  • bacamzb I have a copy of "Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast" & a Kid Rock "Cocky" Hoodie.The hoodie is way to big but the only size that was available & it's lovingly been worn! Don't care much for the "Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast" !
  • uberfan Thats awesome....

Pre-sale info has been sent out for New Year's Eve (12.31) in St. Louis, MO. If you haven't received info, please email
The code is NOT the 2015 Summer Tour Code. A Unique code was emailed to all paid members.

  • uberfan wow All I can see is MsBehavin as far as the eye can see.
  • uberfan uberfan Well its been a long long day and its time Im on my own, I gain that needed rest upon my porcelain throne.Got my news paper in hand as i wait my final stand,I know im feeling mean as i reach to get clean, I look apon that role for that paper to clean my sole But what do i not see NO paper to set me freee,,,,Im Singing the ----NO T,P, BLUE'S --and its a drag---Now do I look apon my sock or make that awkward walk, down the hall to were i see that paper to set me free,I be singing the NO T,P, BLUES.....O ya No T,P. BLUES,,,,,not what I choose, the NO T.P. BLUES ! LOL,,LOL,,LOL LOL,,,,(UBERFAN)
  • kbrownmclean ,

Kid Rock's 2nd Annual Fish Fry: As a Rebel Soldier, you have access to pre-sale tickets for this event. The pre-sale begins on Wednesday, June 22nd at 10AM CST and runs through Thursday, June 23rd at 10PM CST. You should have a code in your inbox, but if not please email - Only paid members have access to pre-sales so please ensure you are a Standard or Deluxe member.

  • MsBehavin He and TBT are Amazing. No one is being shut~down like Detroit was. I will never meet Him in person~but I will look out for his high court a. I typed something else originally~but it totally looked liked"flagulant" not cool lol
  • MsBehavin So with that~night
  • MsBehavin Apparently that was a inebriated post lol :-)
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3 weeks and a few days until New Years in St. Louis!!! I'm there - who is going???

  • allest2 I have a couple extra tickets if anyone is interested. Section 118, Row H, Seats 3 & 4. Email me:

I love how no one ever talks to me. Just every once in a while. Whatever suites yous. Sincerely, the bubonic plague and awesome thank yous :-) good night

  • rocksavedmysoul I will talk to ya! I'm Irish and been bestowed the gift of gab. How YOU doin'? (In my best Joey voice)
  • krsval Snugglebug, what u sayin? We love ya! PS just read ur comments on home page...laughed my a$$ off! Xo
  • Bobette Hit me up too. I have the same issue. I am a perpetual plague victim! That's why I come here and post so I can hear from my Rebel friends.

So I woke up too -30 this morning,and my tootsies were cold,Um not anymore.Thanks to my new KR socks.These babies are thick!Thanks
Are the white ones like that?Anyone.

  • rocksavedmysoul I am not looking forward to winter.
  • rox Its still frikken col,but the sun is shining and no WIND
  • shawniem The white ones are knee highs. The hubby wont wear them if they I could possibly buy myself a Christmas present!

Detroit Free Press article about the new 'Trump Tee's'..

  • rox I am pretty sure with my recent comments on the situation my facebook friend count is gong to go way down.I just dont get how everyone is all upset.I laughed when I saw them,maybe he did it to lighten everyone up a bit.they didnt go as planned if thats the case.
  • josier0811 I did not think much of it... Until I saw someone was very upset about one of the shirts in particular... The one with the D... I am anti-Trump and I am hoping the cruise does not get all political. We are all entitled to our values and opinions. I don't want to say that shirt is not appropriate but I think it is alienating to some of his fans who did not/do not support Trump.
  • Bobette I figure if people want to buy a shirt, they'll buy a shirt. If they don't, they won't. In the end, isn't it supposed to be about the music?

Looks like you have caused some comotion with yer new stuff.Seems the ones that are of the Democratic persuasion have got their panties all in a bunch.Laughs

  • rocksavedmysoul UGGGHHHHHH- I gotta stop reading the news reports. I am going ballistic here.
  • MsBehavin Why did it take Michigan so long to get the count in, in the first place? Imho~no re count because yous already had enough time to get sloshed on the Bahamas and back before we got the the vote results the first time!!!!! NO DANG RECOUNT
  • MsBehavin TRUMP WON. THANK GOD!!!!!!!