Pre-sale info has been sent out for New Year's Eve (12.31) in St. Louis, MO. If you haven't received info, please email
The code is NOT the 2015 Summer Tour Code. A Unique code was emailed to all paid members.

  • jimglasgo Code not working and I just paid - I wanted the tickets today
  • michaelweber5 I need a code doe scottrade century
  • singmom40 Code don't work and I wanted 4 general admission tickets before the presale end's. No matter what seats I pick it's days their is a error and I've emailed twice about my code.

FENWAY PARK - Rebel Soldiers have access to pre-sale tickets for this event. The pre-sale begins on Tuesday, April 19th at 10AM EST and runs through Thursday, April 21st at 10PM EST. Instructions will be sent out via email by EOD Friday 4/15

  • massscrew 2 Weeks till Boston!!! Let's hope KR is Closing the Show. I drove down to Daytona to see KR at the Country 500 and he was by far the Best show. I wish he had meet and greets like Aldean and Rhett.
  • amymartin I spoke to someone at the Red Sox ticket office who said that KR is going on at 7:00 and Aldean at 9:00. Not sure if he'll come back on with Aldean or not.
  • LoCoRoCKk Must of been Kid Luck.. Sox swept up the Yanks! Yankess SUCK !!!

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  • sandraromps Hey you. How do I sign up for the fan club ??? .and how can I get a front row seat?? Thnx, My Detroit Playr!!
  • katflashfever2000 TMI blue you are just one opinion....
  • uberfan I took my comment down because it didn't move for a long time
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Hi there - Official Army Mom here - I've got 3 lawn tickets for Friday Night's show up for grabs (free) for any military personnel out there who wants to see the the best show on earth but doesn't have a ticket. I am even open to being your designated driver, because that is just how us Military Mama's roll (you will have to sign a waiver, over course, lol). I live in Chattanooga, and you will need to be within a reasonable driving distance if you need transportation. E-mail me at You will be required to provide proof of your military affiliation. God bless our…

  • MsBehavin I will Jody~I want those tickets to go to Our Service People I thought that You are beyond awesome for doing this Thank Y&ou Sweetheart. And You know what else? Bob and most of Tbt reads our posts :-) The greatest band in the World
  • jody8466 Ok - my 3 tickets are going to be donated to the Army Recruiting Command Center in Nashville. I spoke to one hell of a Captain this morning who was so pleased to have them. She said she has 300 soldiers who are working hard and need a night out - and what better than the best show on earth? She stated she will present them to 3 of her soldiers who are working the hardest! I challenge all Rebel Soldiers to purchase one lawn ticket - just ONE - how great would it be to fill that lawn with young men and women who have volunteered to give up their LIVES for us and our Country? If you are interested in giving, message me here to my personal email @ I will give you the Captains name and the facility's address and you can mail direct - or you can take directly to the center the afternoon of the 7th. They would like to take pictures with the donators and the soldiers who will be going - Kid gives us tons of joy - lets share some of it!!!
  • MargoC I love what you're doing Jody.... just awesome!!!

I got my hands on some awesome tickets for the New Years Eve concert. I was a nervous wreck waiting for 10a. Can't wait to see the best Rocker, Rapper, Country singer that has ever lived, Kid Rock.

  • uberfan you forgot Human Being.
  • rox YAY..I am happy for you!!!!!
  • MsBehavin Yup-I know some Friends of KRTBT :-) VERY Cool :-) That is one thing about Detroit Folk-We tend to keep it real :-)

Can someone in the Fan Club please explain to me what is going on during the presale for New Year's Eve in STL? I logged on and got in right away and was offered Section 116. Thinking this meant no floor seats were available; I took them. My friend just logged in (Hours after the sale started) and there are all kinds of floor seats available? What order do they offer seats in? This is the second show where the Fan Club seats, in my opinion, were not that great to the people that were logging in right away. This is extremely disappointing and frustrating since I'm flying in…

  • uberfan I think maybe it was miscommunication maybe when you asked for seats it just picked available ones.Did you ask for Floor seat's?Because then that's a system problem not anything the Moderator can do.
  • MsBehavin I am usually a total a munch- but the same thing has happened to me over many years. Long ago~I just gave up. Good Luck to You Sweetheart :-)
  • MsBehavin Gary. None of these hoes are getting good seats from the pre-sale fan fare sharade--I have seen this band in 2nd row ONE time--the Care Tour--I lucked out--the other 62 times- I didn't. Good night--crud is depressing

Good Luck and Godspeed to you all getting tickets this morning.....mumbles under breath lucky bastards!!!

No for reals I remember how stressfull that day is.And unfortunetly I have not bought KR tickets in a longassed time.Remember people BREATH

  • rox I'd rather be fugly and go to some damn KR shows.Whines heavily like a puppy
  • rox I wanna hang out with KR on NYE....I hope all you people know how frikken lucky you reall are!!!!OK vent over
  • rox Stupid Canada

Answer me this~all you pre sale coders--why aren't you ever around otherwise? Just curious

  • JoBabs_69 Scalpers would be my guess in who a lot of them are....
  • MsBehavin It's called fair weather fans. Nothing on this Earth pukes me more.
  • shawniem Right? "where's my pre-sale". I haven't been too active this summer, but I know us regulars.