FENWAY PARK - Rebel Soldiers have access to pre-sale tickets for this event. The pre-sale begins on Tuesday, April 19th at 10AM EST and runs through Thursday, April 21st at 10PM EST. Instructions will be sent out via email by EOD Friday 4/15

  • sheltieladyblue Went to Tailgaten Cowboys this weekend in Chillicothe IL.Willie Nelson for my husband,Kid Rock for me.Im 61 and my hobby is 67.After seeing Kid Rock my husband said"Best concert he had ever seen'!!He said Kid is the "King of Rock"!!So Kid you have a new 67yr old fan!!!Keep on Rockin!!!God Bless!!! Andreaand Robert Karch Mt Zion IL
  • bluesuedeshoe It's what he and that band live for....glad you enjoyed.
  • michellepatalano7 I bought tickets through the pre sale and I haven't received an email ....I was told that I would receive e tickets how will I get them I spent a lot of money and I'm getting worried

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  • amitgupta10294
  • katflashfever2000 i had to call security a few times in was medical emergency the other was domestic disturbance. sorry i get involved i dont want anyone of the family to bleed to death or get the one when a accident happens on the highway I get outta my car and ask if I can do something to help just how I was raised.
  • bluesuedeshoe TMI Kat. Always and forever, TMI....

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  • uberfan Thank you B for looking again at her site.She is very legit.She knows lot o peeps.Very smart lady and funny as hell.I for sure want her on my side..A giving person.
  • bluesuedeshoe NP Ube. All about the good.....
  • davidwest2345 Awesome pic-
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Thanks agaian uberfan u made my day yesterday. I Signed up for pre-sale for cruise and just waiting on notification would be first vaction in many years. I will still be a great birthday this year even tough i managed to brake my wrist being stupid

  • uberfan FOSTER8164 YOU WILL GET ON THAT BOATU KNOW WHY?.....Because people like us deserve a Break every once in a while,,,And NOT the Wrist kind.Maybe while you are on the boat MF, You should wear a Life jacket.LOL..Take care my friend.If you need me just yell Uberfan. :)

Thank u Uberfan for the birthday wish and just being a good person and understanding the feeling but we can only hope right ! Maybe i will get lucky enough to get a cabin on the cruise.

  • uberfan No problem Foster8164.and sometimes hope is all ya got..and if you follow the steps and stay on them in a timely manner you can get on the Cruise no problem.I didn't mean to come off so hard its just some people get the wrong impression about Rockstars and end up get'n hurt.
  • rocksavedmysoul Happy birthday!
  • foster8164 Thank you rocksavedmysoul !!!

You are the best !! One day i would love to meet u in person i know u hear that all the time. My birhday is august 1st and for the first time in 3 yrs i haven't been recuperating from a surgery (knee replacements and hip) but i still managed to make it to your concert in Michigan. My biggest wish for my birthday would be able to meet u or even a call or an email saying happy birthday. Keep doing what u are doing !!! I am hoping to make it on your cruise for the first time hopfully cause from what i hear I would hve better odds ay winning the lottery but, ya never know !!!

  • uberfan Ya you know I read your comment and I did what I always do I laughed and scrolled on.But then I stopped a thought that was me 5 years ago.I wrote my first comment not the same but the idea was spot on.I was sick with Diabetes but not as bad as I am now.And I also thought Rockstars like Kid Rock would call or write me if I wrote on their web site I mean they are on there all the time right?Well FOSTER8164 I got some bad news.They call them Rock Stars because Stars are Far away.Some are nicer then others but trust me you wont be getting ahold of Bob here.I used to think that He will read what I write to him and maybe drop a line or hell stop by for dinner I mean what else does he has to do.Well He is in charge of a Brand,A Tour that has to be moving if the money is going to keep coming in.And dont count on him coming to you He is a Rock Star you have to buy Meet n Greet passes and go to him.He has Thousands like you and me who want him to talk to them or write them or say HappyBirthday to ..Well if he starts writing now he may get to us in a million years.Im sorry but its a LONG line..So I dont want to hurt anyones feelings I just want to tell it like it is like I wish someone would have told me back when I was like FOSTER8164.Well I am Not a Rock Star But I can tell you to Keep Doing What You Are Doing! And a person that has been through so much pain in your life is a very strong and tough person.And the first time in 3 years you aren't going to be laid up and you made it to the Michigan Show Thats Awesome.Like I said I am a Big fan like you but I am nobody important but I would like to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY.And AUGUST 1st I hope you have the best Day Ever. Hope you keep well,,,,And "Keep Rock'n up and down the Block" Gary aKa (UBERFAN) From tonight, sweet video!

  • rox Or rather maam...;)
  • uberfan lol. far out . :)
  • molly36 Cool view, may be a nice party.

So am sitting on my FISH FRY ticket stash like a whore. Two ppl that are going who i "am" supposed to hotel room with are not with this sh*t very good. Right after i got my tickets i was like well what hotel you setting up she was all like don't worry it is months away. We will get a room in Whites Creek, TN.

I been around the concert block more then once. Just stayed at a shitty hotel in Nashvegas for Guns N' Roses. So tonight i tried to get in touch with her and even sent my cell number by messenger. SHE never even messaged back or acknowledged it. WHAT she don't get is i travel…

  • MargoC Hotel is major, gotta have a decent place to stay! I book a hotel right after I get tickets usually. I bought my Hank/Chris Stapleton (Aug 20th.)tickets this Jan. booked my hotel same time :/
  • rox Tickets hotel always one after the other.
  • beckxy Ajay, what hotel did you stay at for the GnR show? I wanna make sure I'm not going to that one. We booked at a Clarion near downtown (its near the stadium) under my employee discount. For anyone who is on my facebook, if you need a friends and family discount for choice hotels, hit me up. I believe there are hotels participating still and it will be around 45 - 65 a night.