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  • karensreynolds The fact that is mis-firing is an understatement. I took the time to QA most of it's functionality, please see, ABOUT US - KID ROCK MANAGEMENT. I do not like drama. This is business.
  • karensreynolds If you want to see what people can AND do by buying a domain name, look at Really?
  • karensreynolds And stop hitting the [ENTER] key, fans trying to post here. I got three emails from people on this site, yes, your comments are being accepted. Mis-fire. [CONTROL][F5] Sigh.

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  • uberfan HEY PACKERS AND MOVERS;;; I am doing my homework and going to every site that your ANJANAJAIN727 is hiding ...I am going to find how you hide so no one can call you on your SPAMMING....SOON
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  • uberfan To day we went to CUB SCOUTS and do what they call the RAINGUTTER REGATTA.Its a small boat that they build like a catamaran.It has two pieces of balsa wood with a plastic boat like cover that the kids put four screws in and a sail.Then thay put two rails that look like gutters and they filled them with water.Then they put the boats in the water and said go and they would race by blowing on the sail and walking while the boats floted to the end.First one to get to the end won.It was a fun event we did after we all cleaned the Church that lets the Cub Scouts meet and do events.So we did yard work, cleaned the parking lot, and made the Church Clean.It felt good to give back and have the Regatta.And yes it Rained other wise it wouldnt be OREGON and it wouldnt be the RAINGUTTER REGATTA...
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STILL CANT POST PICTURES,,,,,,,I will try back

  • TammyRay crazy, it must be whatever they're doing with the site beings your able to post this, so don't take it personal ub, it happened to me the other day too a couple times..and I kept getting re-peat emails too, frustrating...I get what your saying about this site being your release, hang in there-hopefully nothing but good things for the site will come out of all this craziness..
  • uberfan I want to thank you Tammy Ray.Everyone around here is always confrontational or jealous that you are into Kid Rock or there Kid Rock.But not you.You are always calm and you act like more of a Moderator then anyone.You are a nice person.But I know if anyone messes with you you got a bite!! You are so nice to calm me down and I thank you..I think you should be Fan Representative for the web site,I see your picture on the boat and When I go I will hang with you and your husband because you guys are Good people...TR for PREAS. !
  • TammyRay you're welcome UB, I just totally understood yours (and others along with my own) frustrations about how this site has been acting-obviously changes are going on that we are unaware of. not sure about calm Uber I just stay out of a lot of it and don't start typing just because I don't agree, well on occasion I do-can't keep quiet all the time..

Love this post

  • MsBehavin Oh boy!!!!!! Yah PLEASE bring on the "power drill" spammers!!!!!! Your ass will leave this site holding an Allen wrench lol
  • MsBehavin In millimeters lol

I have to say this--usually I am trying to have folks laugh with me--but this is different--anyone who has been around here along time like Roxy and I have--will remember Kim(Snapples)--She was a very longtime fan who lived and loved like we all should. She passed away and God I miss Her. She was the very first person I met`in person from this site. Almost 20 years ago. Unbeknown to us--Bob was reading what we were posting all those years (Lord have mercy lol) and he went and was there for Kim. You talk about total respect and love for someone? Yes, the man has mine. The kind of person…

  • shawniem such a nice story to share. Thank you, I have only been in fan club for about 4 years. I'm sorry for the loss.
  • rox I am proud to say,I am the first one Snapples met from the KR world.And we also shared a Bday,Which has never happened in my life.
  • MsBehavin You Guys have no idea how much Ya'll are in my heart!!!!! For anyone that never met Kim in person--she was the epitome of "never meet a stranger" She was very down to earth and hiliarious. If Kim were ever the First Lady, She's the kind of person that would have had us stay with her there--case of Coors and all lol--and put it the Presidential fridge