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THANK YOU ROX,,,,,She found a article that hits the spot.Its Real.They live in Nashville and are seeing the private life's of people or VIP'S get aired like dirty laundry.( See the bubble headed bleach blond come on at 5 she can tell you about a plane Crash with a gleam in her eye People love it when you die GIVE US DIRTY LAUNDRY.).I Heard just the part of the 911 call were I heard ROCK say What part of send a - ambulance did u not hear.Then I feelt Rock in pain and I hit the mouse so hard I broke it.I wouldn't have played it if I knew it was Rock IN PAIN.I have no idea what he said…

  • uberfan kick em when there up kick em when there down kick em when there up kick em when there down
  • bluesuedeshoe Look, Bob was hysterical and overcome by grief and anger. Understandable. But due to it being a cell phone call, the dispatcher was unable to hear correctly, get his name, or get his location so that she could send the necessary personnel. If Michael had already passed, then an ambulance would have been futile. Major thumbs up to the young lady who took over the call (I assume Audrey) as she got everything sorted and help on the way. It was a tragic accident, according to the Nashville police. However much investigation still many hours had Mike worked without a break, did he rest., what will the toxicology reports reveal,. etc. If Mike's parents and friends love him, as I assume they do, if there was any trespass or foul play, it will come out in the future.