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Hi Kid Rock Merch People..Just wanted to let the powers that be know that I tried to buy some merch from the 'store' connection, and it came up that the site was not secure to accept payment safely. I will keep trying, but someone may want to look into it. Thanks! xo Val

  • uberfan Was Pay Pal unsecured?
  • krsval @uberfan I just tried again and it says the connection for payment is not private..this shows up as soon as I hit the 'cart' button, so I never get to payment section or Paypal option. Weird. You know how when you buy stuff online on a site, and the green lock shows up by the website name to show connection is secure for payment? it doesn't do that here. I've done other ordering on my laptop, so don't think it is me. But I can't buy my stuff, so hopefully they figure it out so they can get some sales.