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Any Heart, Cheap Trick and Joan Jett fans amongst us???? I love all kinds of music. Cheap Trick brings in rock n' roll of the 70's as does all the above mentioned.

I am sitting back getting ready to nab a ticket and roll to this show and have a good time!!!

SOMETIMES well don't need nothing but a good time and to take a break from whatever our daily problems, life, work and grind is....

AS Bob Marley says you feel no pain when the music hits you!!!

TIME to free my soul and get lost in some ROCK N' ROLL!!!

  • beckxy Amen! I caught the mid 80s cheap trick and Joan Jett in my teens. Hate myself for lovin you is a favorite. Kept the MTV on constantly lol, remember the Don't be Cruel video of Cheap Tricks? Good stuff. Run DMC is playing at musicfest near our neck in august or september sometime, id like to get to that.
  • beckxy About the same time that Joan Jett came out in the mid to late 80s again, A Cooper put out Poison, love that song, my dad came home and saw I had Cooper on the tv, and I got severely punished for that, not sure why, we were a musical household, but he didn't want me listening to that lol. Yet, a year later or so, he knew I was a GnFnRs nut, I turned rebellion stage and music began to help me cope thru some tough stuff, he brought me home a big poster of GnR, from the road when he truck drove, which was never like him to do such a thing. Silly pops.