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  • jhielscher0811  Does anyone know for sure if you can pick the date you want to go or do you have to start with the first date he is playing. I want to go on Friday not Tuesday
  • jhielscher0811  Thanks, anyone know the different price ranges, Ticketmaster say 20-75 nothing else
  • two000shoes  Does anyone know if he will offer any meet and greets, if so, how do I purchase them?
  • traciemoore  to help as many people get healthy and to gain my own financial freedom!
  • o8kay  Work on being a better person to all.
  • cheyanna12345  To stay mobile, alert, keep my vision, and avoid any surgeries. Yes, I'll be happy just to be healthy enough to walk, talk and see. It's been a rough couple of years. :)
  • MrDetroit is 2nd to none- Great job on the new site guys-
  • rocksavedmysoul  Tommy: if your account is up to date, then shoot an email to
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  • MsBehavin  ~"All the way to Georgia now.."
  • rocksavedmysoul  One of my favs!
  • rocksavedmysoul  Aw, thanks. Same to you. I love Kid's and Zac's cover of this. Saw them do it at Pine Knob a couple of years back. The place went wild. What a thrill. I had taken my daughter to see Zac after a huge disappointing day at middle school. We got tickets at 4 pm that day and were there by 6. Great last minute concert with wonderful memories.
  • rox  Hey Ladies......Waves
  • MsBehavin  We Love You Too Canada :-) We Are One :-) Aye :-)~tee hee MUAHS!!!!!!!!! Even tho the stealth mission was cut off at the pass lmao We are onto you!!!!!!!!
  • tracigracey  Love this! Muah!
  • MsBehavin  My wedding song. In 2017 I plan on having a huge bonfire right on the shores of Lake Superior and lay this to rest forever.
  • MsBehavin  I always be a Viking just like them~which I will ~Never Let That Go
  • MsBehavin  Including the Marshall stacks circa 1543 :-)~ Seriously tho my Family came from Finland~pretty sure they were bad ass!!!!!!!
  • Bobette  Born free and no one is gonna take that away from me! ;o)