ATTENTION - if you are having trouble with tickets - keep trying. Some seats are temporarily held in users carts as they look for tickets and become available again.

  • parkstammy If I bought my tickets first and then became a member can I upgrade?
  • duejdf am i too late?
  • bluesuedeshoe Tried pulling up a few seats from a couple of shows....seats must have gone back in the pool. Keep trying.

Attention! Today you will be getting an email with your current status in the club, and how to access pre-sale tickets. If you have not renewed in the last year, you will need to renew to get a pre-sale code. If you are current, your code will already be in your account. To access the code, simply login to your fan club account and press the button on the top right of the page that says "HI _____" (your username.) On that page, click the link that says "view ticket/download codes." All fan club members who buy pre-sale tickets are allowed up to 4 tickets. More info coming soon!

  • uberfan !
  • bluesuedeshoe No one owns threads. Providing information. You hang with whom you choose.
  • Ajay Got my tickets now just hoping and praying with new job it doesn't clash on that particular night. DON'T even care if i have to work the night before after. JUST as long as i am off for that particular night is all i CARE about!!! Gonna take a friend i initiated into the KID ROCK concert experience in MARION, IL. He is now hooked and wants to see KID anytime he rolls through. YOU can't tell ppl. THEY gotta see and experience it for themselves......THAT IS ALL!!!

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  • Hzepp73 Hi y'all! So I'm just adding that I'm not seeing a location near me this summer, I'm so sad. No longer near st Louis. Pensacola Florida now. :-(
  • bluesuedeshoe Don't panic yet. If the first part of the tour goes well, they've been known to add additional shows....
  • angels4bobseger I think the closest to me might be Cincinnati. I am going to go to some of the Clarkston shows too. Thanks bluesuedeshoe
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  • uberfan grandma would it be ok if i had a few friends over this weekend,,,,,,,10 am
  • Yo Nice post ! 👍 🎵
  • uberfan thank u YO

Stevie Nicks - Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You

  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird Thinking about you, chica. Keep a smile on your face. Your brother wouldn't want you to do anything else <3

Eminem - We Made You

  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird Guess who? Did you miss me? Jessica Simpson, sing the chorus... Lord help us, he's back in his pink Alf shirt...

Dan's 30th: Kid Rock Shows Up!!! #BawitaBirthday

Yelawolf - Till It’s Gone

  • Yo Thank you, rox. It is one of the favorite rappers. 👍
  • bluesuedeshoe Referring to his comment in the Guardian.....I think perhaps he may not? But, then, I'm sure you'll check with him and let me know....
  • rox I know what you were referring to,I was being a smarty pants.Check with him?Um yea,no. YO.....You are more than welcome!!I really really like him