Fan Photo of the Week - User: bart

  • rocksavedmysoul Congrats. It's a great shot!
  • krsval Your prize is an all-expenses paid trip to Grand Rapids! tee hee
  • uberfan ya your prize-Dont talk about the show you went to we will let you pay to be here.

It's Almost Halloween....

  • ibelieve9 Ditto baby ! I'm ready to get off the porch and howl with the big dogs.let's roll!

This Month's Contest - Once Again, IT'S ROCKTOBER

  • SMoore6 We want to see your Kid Rock pride this Halloween! Post a photo in the community of your Kid Rock themed Jack-O-Lantern or Kid Rock costume for a chance to win some Kid Rock swag. We want Kid Rock nation to represent this ROCKTOBER. Post your entry in the Community for your chance to win!
  • jfraise something unrelated to halloween.. but don't know where to post this. figured out how to work Kid Rock into one of my graduate classes in requirement for my MFA in criticism and curatorial studies. or at least I think I have. Very excited about this!! Waiting for confirmation from my prof. can you post something on the collaboration with the Detroit museum and ask everyone what they think about it?? or what they hope to learn from it, or if they are interested in learning about it? who will visit it or something along those lines, please?
  • katflashfever2000 im gonna post a photo soon...

Fan Photo of the Week - User: jadalee

  • jade_lyrics Pretty lady! but That's Jada. I'm Jade.
  • bluesuedeshoe Hey, Jade. Good to see you. Apologies to you both for the confusion.
  • uberfan Ahhhhhh,happens to the best of us
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Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits 1988 (full)

  • Ajay Kind of bummed. I was going through videos to post here. MY TASTES are all over the MAP motherf***ers!!!! About the only music that i am not hip to is classical & opera & who knows maybe someday i will be! Maybe i will attempt to blend it like RANDY RHODES tried to...unfortunately then he passed....

Stevie Nicks dedicates "Landslide" to Kid Rock and gets a surprise! Check this out Val & RSMS!

  • MargoC I think I did too, you're so funny!
  • beckxy so sweet
  • rox Such a great song,and a sweet moment.Its been stuck in my head for days

Top 5 Reasons Kid Rock is the BEST! [Dan's 30th - Kid Rock: You're Invited!]

  • beckxy Shoot.. wish I lived closer.. sounds like a happening time Dan. October 27th at the Woodshop - Wishing you the BEST birthday EVER!
  • SMoore6 I hope you have the best Birthday EVER Dan!
  • beckxy Dan is right on point with those reasons too... no doubt about it. For those of you who have facebook like Dan's page { Dan's 30th - Kid Rock: You're Invited! }