Fan Photo of the Week - User: bart

  • uberfan ya your prize-Dont talk about the show you went to we will let you pay to be here.
  • rocknrich Cool pic. Congrats, and thanks.
  • bart Thanks all - it was a very cool night to be that close. Very lucky and fortunate to get those tickets from the pre-sale her on .

It's Almost Halloween....

  • rocksavedmysoul They are calling for snow flacks here in the "D" area.
  • rocksavedmysoul *flakes (we so need an edit button still and for this box to be bigger so we can reread what we type before we post) ***sigh
  • leony will you let me in the front gate if I come trick or treating?!? lol ;D

This Month's Contest - Once Again, IT'S ROCKTOBER

  • SMoore6 We want to see your Kid Rock pride this Halloween! Post a photo in the community of your Kid Rock themed Jack-O-Lantern or Kid Rock costume for a chance to win some Kid Rock swag. We want Kid Rock nation to represent this ROCKTOBER. Post your entry in the Community for your chance to win!
  • jfraise something unrelated to halloween.. but don't know where to post this. figured out how to work Kid Rock into one of my graduate classes in requirement for my MFA in criticism and curatorial studies. or at least I think I have. Very excited about this!! Waiting for confirmation from my prof. can you post something on the collaboration with the Detroit museum and ask everyone what they think about it?? or what they hope to learn from it, or if they are interested in learning about it? who will visit it or something along those lines, please?
  • katflashfever2000 im gonna post a photo soon...

Fan Photo of the Week - User: jadalee

  • bluesuedeshoe Hey, Jade. Good to see you. Apologies to you both for the confusion.
  • uberfan Ahhhhhh,happens to the best of us
  • rocknrich Glad to support Kid Rock addicts!
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Dan's 30th: Kid Rock Shows Up!!! #BawitaBirthday

  • MargoC I watched the video again this morning & it still makes me tear up....happy to be a KR Fan :)
  • jwestlake2244 I have always loved The Kid and listened to him one night on Sirrius Radio during an interview but this was the best. Kid is probably the most generous person I have seen and not for publicity but to give back to his community. Thanks Kid!!
  • Hzepp73 love it

Fleetwood Mac - Landslide - 10/22/2014 - Palace of Auburn Hills

  • rocksavedmysoul Saw this on youtube. It has a better angle of Kid. The video I posted on fb is only 27 seconds and it's from the other angle. This one and the other one posted is better.
  • uberfan that was better thank you

Dan's 30th: Kid Rock - You're Invited!

  • MargoC I know Beckxy, I noticed that...very cool :)
  • msmary_mac thanks everyone for getting the word out :)
  • uberfan Before you do it for yourself, do it for someone else that makes it real.

Kid Rock LIVE at Todds Bar Part 2 1991 RARE Old School Rap

  • beckxy Wow! Nice find! Looking at the date took me back to where I was in 1991. Sweet 16 and dating Geno for a year and a half lol Looks like chit was going down in Detroit, Damn!
  • beckxy man where did the time go..lmao
  • uberfan Where did it go???????

Kid Rock - In Color (Jamey Johnson Cover)

  • conniedoan This is definitely part of my collection that I listen to on a regular basis. I really liked the song when Jamey sings it, but love it even more with the SOUL Bobby adds to it.

Salt 'N' Pepa - Whatta Man 1994 (feat. En Vogue)

Howard Stern Interviews Kid Rock 06 19 13 --(LISTEN ONLY)

  • uberfan YOU WANT TO KNOW KID,,,,LISTEN but have a open mind.He is being REAL not any of that fake Hollywood BS.KID FOR PRES>>>