ATTENTION - if you are having trouble with tickets - keep trying. Some seats are temporarily held in users carts as they look for tickets and become available again.

  • angels4bobseger That's true bluesuedeshoe !
  • jakopyc I'm begging you someone get them to add prodigal son to the Atlanta set list! Fucking please
  • bluesuedeshoe Jak, I so agree, but, I doubt it. Instead, hit YouTube or some of the other providers. He did do it in concert, and maybe you can find it for your pleasure. It is a remarkable song.

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  • bluesuedeshoe No one owns threads. Providing information. You hang with whom you choose.
  • Ajay Got my tickets now just hoping and praying with new job it doesn't clash on that particular night. DON'T even care if i have to work the night before after. JUST as long as i am off for that particular night is all i CARE about!!! Gonna take a friend i initiated into the KID ROCK concert experience in MARION, IL. He is now hooked and wants to see KID anytime he rolls through. YOU can't tell ppl. THEY gotta see and experience it for themselves......THAT IS ALL!!!
  • Otis310 Got my Tickets ... I am like the sun is shining bright on Ky today ... !!! Rock on Come on ♥ Ya Kidrock and family .. hope all is well with the family .. Man what a blessing ... Just good to be you .. and just to be born free .. I love the USA

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  • wilky64 In DAYTONA, seen Kid tonight, Goin again tomorrow! I want to meet him! David Wilkerson
  • bluesuedeshoe Always welcome, A4BS. Hope all is well.
  • milesatwood1 Went to Daytona too. What a blast. Saw KR there and he got the crowd rockin' before the race. Saw him in Cheyenne, WY last summer. Best concert I ever saw, and I've seen all the greats, but he is by far a crowd pleaser and awesome entertainer. And yes, he was only abot 25 feet away. Get VIP tickets when you can. Well worth it. We got 2 for Cheyenne and only set us back $190 for two fans. Fucking Bieber, Byonce, and the the other freaks would have cost $350 for 1 ticket. Best deal for the best concert. Who does that now-a-days? KR... That's who.

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  • bluesuedeshoe Patience, Otis. New label, Warner Bros, so they are starting with one leg. In the past, as the tour takes off, dates have been added, as well as additional legs to the tour. Cannot imagine they'd ignore that region of the country since some of it's oldest and most staunch fans reside there.
  • Otis310 Thank you, for answering my question, I understand the new label, And I love the best ever tour .. He gives it all and more .. Rock On .... and you have that right staunch fans, now him doing country makes me love him more , that would be on of my dreams to come true , just one more dream to meet him and just give him a big bear hug, WHAT A DREAM THAT WOULD BE ....Amen :-)
  • Otis310 Did u get my Thank you .... sweet heart ! #LOVEMYKIDROCK
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Tribute to Hank Williams Jr ((CMT Giants))

  • Ajay Have i missed it or have KID ROCK and Hank made an actual true cut song on an album?? IF not it is time. I got an idea...ala STEVEN TYLER...i got an nugget i panned and it is cooking!!! IT is just about time if not!!!!

Kid Rock - All Summer Long (Behind the Scenes)

  • MargoC haha I know right?.....when I went to play it again this morning the volume on the video was don't need sound :)
  • MargoC I'm beginning to sound really creepy....I think I'll shut up!
  • DianaR not creepy. We just appreciate quality when we see it!!

Eminem - 3 a.m. (Less than 2 hrs and counting E.S.T.)

  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird "I was sleep walking, your honor" should be admissible and upheld in a court of law...unfortunately, it isn't :-( ~Sigh~
  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird P.S. Don't get your XL thongs and boxers in a bunch by thinking I'm sending out some form of 'subliminal message' here. Just thought I'd put that out here before those from the past, who aren't speaking because they're too busy shoving their popcorn down their throats, while the private messages of gossiping rumors of bull$hit fly. I see some things never change. Which is truly unfortunate...for you.

Foreigner - Urgent (1981)

  • rocksavedmysoul LOL...haven't added the potatoes or carrots yet. Still in the process of getting all that good flavor from the bone.
  • rocksavedmysoul soup's done :)
  • MargoC Ding, ding, ding....dinners done! mmm soup.... It's taco Tuesday at our house!

Kid Rock Leaves Crown.

  • uberfan wow Thank's again --Kid Rock
  • kelleycoxx See that's right. Never my mom!!!!! Rock on !!!! Shut up folks he's talking!!!!
  • kelleycoxx That's nuts !