FENWAY PARK - Rebel Soldiers have access to pre-sale tickets for this event. The pre-sale begins on Tuesday, April 19th at 10AM EST and runs through Thursday, April 21st at 10PM EST. Instructions will be sent out via email by EOD Friday 4/15

  • karensreynolds I am looking for UBERFAN. Sent him an email, then I blasted a public facebook post. Let me fi the multitude og things mis-firin on this website. I asked my friend to accept Rock n Roll Jesus last night, and that is just the start. Not hacking!!!!! Just doing a QA check = Epic Fail. Thanks. 412-304-8330
  • karensreynolds i hate auto-correct. That was not English, better press #1
  • karensreynolds Oh man. Get this. A manager in his house sent me an email to "change?" my website to say I am not affiliated. Then told me I have no right to run a legal 501C. (?) How ironic, I have PTSD, am raising money for PTSD and other causes because Kid Rock taught us to do so. She does not care that this website is mis-firing or that she did not buy his domain name. I hope he wakes up. I can make this site shine. We are family, we back Ritchie.

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  • uberfan HEY PACKERS AND MOVERS;;; I am doing my homework and going to every site that your ANJANAJAIN727 is hiding ...I am going to find how you hide so no one can call you on your SPAMMING....SOON
  • karensreynolds Please everyone, see New site for donating to Kid Rock causes.
  • amitgupta10294 Rakhi with Dry Fruits Rakhi with Sweets

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  • uberfan To day we went to CUB SCOUTS and do what they call the RAINGUTTER REGATTA.Its a small boat that they build like a catamaran.It has two pieces of balsa wood with a plastic boat like cover that the kids put four screws in and a sail.Then thay put two rails that look like gutters and they filled them with water.Then they put the boats in the water and said go and they would race by blowing on the sail and walking while the boats floted to the end.First one to get to the end won.It was a fun event we did after we all cleaned the Church that lets the Cub Scouts meet and do events.So we did yard work, cleaned the parking lot, and made the Church Clean.It felt good to give back and have the Regatta.And yes it Rained other wise it wouldnt be OREGON and it wouldnt be the RAINGUTTER REGATTA...
  • karensreynolds Please see New site for donating to causes Kid Rock endorses.

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  • theresabush19 Hey I'm a new member to the Rebel Soldier Community I hope to meet a lot of kid rock bands I am a big fan myself. I have seen 12 of his shows can't wait for number 13 my next goal is to go on one of the cruises he has because I bet that is one hell of a Cruise. I'm a 51 year old kid that would love to meet Kid Rock someday
  • theresabush19 I meant fans Not bands Gotta Love voice messaging
  • amitgupta10294 Rakhi Gifts for Brothers Rakhi Gifts for Sisters
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I love TBT & ALL these tunes! This is why you are so badass>> you keep it REAL! #thatworks

  • TammyRay LOVED IT!!! Thanks for sharing. I have never seen this one before...
  • rocksavedmysoul You've got an uncle in the music business...Joshua Doore! It's a Detroit thang!
  • krsval LOL RSMS..I remember dat :)

Metallica & Kid Rock - American Badass...OK LETS DO,,,,THIS

  • uberfan For you late night Kid Rock Fans,How about METALLICA and AMERICAN BADASS,,,,CATER
  • shawniem LoVe!!!!! My two favorites! Lars looks so young

Blackfoot - Highway Song (Live, Zurich 1982)

  • MsBehavin I would raid ships lmao---I am PROUD of me Finn Roots--batton down thee hatches ole dudes--were about to come aboard thee ship :-)
  • MsBehavin And ride all of thee like the Vikings
  • krsval Rickey Medlocke, Y'all...Blackfoot native Floridian..Great guy

Bob Seger and Kid Rock: Night Moves

  • MsBehavin For Val :-) I was actually going to post "The Famous Final Scene" video (my ALL TIME Fave Bob Seger Song :-) but then I found this-and I must admit I like to watch both Bobs :-)
  • MsBehavin If Church were this good-I would be there every Sunday!!! :-) Hopefully-God has all of us on His guest list lol :-)
  • krsval Aww MsB..Thanky! Night Moves indeed!