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  • MargoC Ha, yep all moms have that in them, I call them freak out moments. When I've reached my boiling point, you better get the hell outta my sight! btw my parents never said a word about my shirt today, my dad read the front I could tell. My mom had already seen this pic from my Facebook, which she never liked or commented on, so I guess that tells ya what she thought of it haha...I think it takes a lot more to offend my parents than this shirt though!
  • uberfan GOD BLESS the PARENTS,,,,,,,,,,,
  • crazyassmoma wait, its my grown kids that do not like the kid rock f shirts! I guess I'm just supposed to cook,. clean, wash, handle in their sweet eyes, even though they're gone.. haha

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  • MsBehavin Sadly one of my really good friends i thought--i sent this rock over there lol--but-as usual-i never heard anyting baack aye--out aye--peace
  • crazyassmoma u crazy sobs on here kid. lmao
  • MsBehavin I wish the powers that be would sweep every post I made out of this thread. Except the Iron Maiden video lol--but everything else--I am pleading it disappears--so I only seem 1/8bsc lol

Louisville KY NYE Show: Pre-sale ticket inventory sold out very quickly but we're working to add more tickets. They should be available in the next couple hours! We're working to have every seat available for pre-sale since you guys are so awesome. This is going to be one hell of a party!!!!

  • uberfan Ya ,,,,YOU ARE PACKERS so pack your shizz and get gone!!!!!!
  • MsBehavin ~Giovanni will be over this morning to make sure you are packing everything right
  • chrissy_love77 Got our tickets!! Not great seats but will be bringing in the New Year with Kid Rock and my sister . Happy Bday to you sis.
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MGK ft. Kid Rock - Bad Motherfucker

  • MargoC I've probably listened to the CD 27 times, at least! This is definitely a bad Motherfuckin' song! Push down your neighbor, Uber haha is that a thing when you're hyped? I've wanted to beat the Shit out of my old next door neighbors before, but that wasn't because of a song! lol
  • MrA 1 Badmuthafucker ... 2 muthafucker 3 fucker ... which word would you choose to drink on ?
  • uberfan ya it is for all the dumb shi_T hings they done, when that song comes on im up and over the fence ,,,,,lol

Can't U See -----cruise 5, 2014

  • molly36 Yes, there joy arises!!!
  • rox One of my alltime favorites!Thanks for posting this
  • molly36 One more time.

Never Enough

  • MsBehavin Phil Lewis is Blasianian too lol
  • MsBehavin So is Traci Gunns :-)
  • rox A lil la guns....WOW memories.Your such a 80's girl...Winks

"We Just Came To Get-On Down And ROCK!"

  • DianaR Oh yeah! Shirtless!!!
  • rox Goosebumps.....Still.Still remember every note,hook,beat.Good ta know.Its been too damn longggggggggg
  • rox Uber r u scared of your wife?And why is she flipen out?

Kid Rock - Redneck Paradise (Album Version)

  • molly36 This is definitively one of my favorite videos. Everyone is in high spirits and happy. Great pics. This does mood.
  • rox Is in that video!!!!!!THE BEST TIME THIS LIL GAL HAS EVER HAD
  • rox Molly this was filmed on the kidrock chillin the most cruise a few years back.This definitly does the mood!!Nothing like it actually