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Anybody here get the op to see this band at the Fry? The Steel Woods - Axe

  • beckxy My only regret, not getting to see this. I didn't even hear them Fri night.... then on Sat, it got dark, we put all the gate stuff away, still hanging for a min to finish drink, wiz by the cars and this song comes on... Sounded good from where I was standing, bouncing off the trees. Wonder if they will be on the boat this year. Love to hear your take on them if ya saw them

Mom understood me...missing her today.

  • rocksavedmysoul One of my favs. I was in the parking lot at DTE (Pine Knob) the summer before last and he was practicing this with TBT before the show. I was so happy to hear it then, and again later that night. Hugs to you for missing your mom from me.
  • beckxy Hugs Bobette

Thank you Kid Rock!!

  • beckxy Aww, Heartfelt!!!! This was very touching. As I am a daughter to a mother, who, at 15, I was told that mom would not live past 40 years old due to congenital heart issues, I am 41 now and she is still with us :) I know in my heart that your daughter is so extremely happy you are still here with her today. Never give up Hope and Faith... let it guide you through the rest of your life. May God Bless You!