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  • deannacollins  To see you again. Its been too long. Had tickets for Louisville new year eve. But i got ran over by a fork truck at work and had to sale my tickets. If you dont come close before oct. Ill see you at the fish fry
  • ledge  To be a better than I was last year.
  • klclinger  Don't believe in new year resolutions just want remain above ground and breathing. Would love to see another concert soon!!!!!
  • montanaanna  Finally saw the site on a big screen...yes, I like the re-vamp...looks great...and more inviting than the last...way to go Kid, Sarah, and all the gang...bravo! :)
  • fireytyrant  I don't have to flip my phone sideways sometimes. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ˆ An I don't have to squint. Luv this. Also it it written and set up wonderfully.
  • montanaanna  Anyone please know how to sign in on the one column phone deal? I couldn't find it at the top like before...either on the home page or here 😜 I click on a post and then I can sign big hassle...I don't have to sign in a couple times like on the previous all's good...just blonde wondering πŸ˜‰
  • SMoore6  We've contacted a winner and sent prizes! Thanks to everyone who shared their stories! They were incredible
  • uberfan  So like all the Contest's,You dont say who won...
  • sandraromps  WINNING
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  • uberfan  I think ADDICTION Is A BIG problem in the world.So you all to come together helps beet it,,,,,,,Good Luck.
  • ellis_matt  great pic!
  • uberfan  SHOW THE LOVE PEOPLE !
  • kelleycoxx  The more "tire " the better. FYI that is one nice lookin belly πŸ˜‰. Keep it real and not fake. And you just look great in all the right ways without craziness Or pulled back face or belly πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. Truth
  • crazyassmoma  uhuhuh smdh...
  • DianaR  Just missing me some old fashioned "Torso Tuesday" shots! This is an oldly (3 yrs) but a REALLY goody. I find it funny that under the "Most Popular" tab, the first 8 most popular are all shirtless shots! Makes my day! :-) Haven't seen Cheryl on here in a long time; but she always had some fun stuff
  • fireytyrant  Sin on ah stick, Like ah lolly pop, All the ladies want to take a lick. How many bites in ah tootsie pop 1 2 3333 Yum, Yum ladies take a pic, So sweaty an sexy I just can't quit Kid Rock ya know makes ya drip Drip Awwwww, shiiiit.
  • crazyassmoma  That's a fine ass belt!
  • squirlly24  mmm,mmm, hot it makes my heart skip