FENWAY PARK - Rebel Soldiers have access to pre-sale tickets for this event. The pre-sale begins on Tuesday, April 19th at 10AM EST and runs through Thursday, April 21st at 10PM EST. Instructions will be sent out via email by EOD Friday 4/15

  • wendo327 never received the code even after emailing smoore@kidrock. had to purchase tix thru another presale even tho I paid for the membership :-(
  • heathervasiliou Joined in order to get the promo code for Pre-Sale, never got the presale code
  • gracepeters Will we be receiving an email with the presale code for the Saturday show that has been added?

Fan Photo of the Week: User: jojostamand

  • bluesuedeshoe Glad to hear you handled it with class, JoJo. Sometimes when folks have overindulged, they take exception to a bunch of folks making them the center of attention, etc. If he thanked you and wasn't paying attention.....yay for you.
  • krsval @crazyassmoma..I hear you..have to plan for the future.
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Fan Photo of the Week: User: scotrichardson

  • uberfan FULL OF CIGARS,,,,,,,,,HEE HEE
  • uberfan ROCK would have been a good stand in for AC/DC,,,,,
  • niveditasingh010 Nice click.

Fan Photo of the Week: User: MargoC

  • theresabush19 Has anyone heard if Kid Rock is coming to Louisville Kentucky this year for the Kentucky Derby I would hope so. But with the tragedy of the death of Michael I would understand if he didn't. Prayers out to Michael and his family and sending prayers for Kid Rock and the BTB band also
  • bluesuedeshoe Yes, he's been posted in news links further down in the Community forum. Not sure if he's performing.
  • theresabush19 Thanx bluesuadeshoe I am new to the internet scene hell the closest thing I had to a computer in school was a calculator haha some of the stuff that people post is just plum crazy
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  • angelsflyn2close2theground Great pic KRA
  • juliamcw This group is the bomb!! Love it, so much fun!
  • uberfan I think ADDICTION Is A BIG problem in the world.So you all to come together helps beet it,,,,,,,Good Luck.

There ya go ladies

Another great shot - Ladies

  • kelleycoxx The more "tire " the better. FYI that is one nice lookin belly 😉. Keep it real and not fake. And you just look great in all the right ways without craziness Or pulled back face or belly 👍🇺🇸. Truth
  • crazyassmoma uhuhuh smdh...
  • DianaR Just missing me some old fashioned "Torso Tuesday" shots! This is an oldly (3 yrs) but a REALLY goody. I find it funny that under the "Most Popular" tab, the first 8 most popular are all shirtless shots! Makes my day! :-) Haven't seen Cheryl on here in a long time; but she always had some fun stuff


  • kitroykitty It should be illegal for one man to be this DAMN HOT .
  • uberfan I know I get by though,,,,lol
  • fireytyrant Sin on ah stick, Like ah lolly pop, All the ladies want to take a lick. How many bites in ah tootsie pop 1 2 3333 Yum, Yum ladies take a pic, So sweaty an sexy I just can't quit Kid Rock ya know makes ya drip Drip Awwwww, shiiiit.

Bethel Woods, NY 9-06-13 I love when he smiles. Just saying :o)

  • JoBabs_69 That's a smile from a man who looks to be truly happy and at peace where he is at in life's journey.
  • beckythompson LOVE UR SMILE KID ROCK


  • addloznicka You are smoking HOTT!!!
  • rox Well thank you......ohhhhh you mean KR
  • addloznicka Number 2 favorite you are smoking HOTT!!!!

Who's your rock n roll Jesus?

jj- zero fuck given