Kid Rock kinda day, but what day isn't? Can't wait for the next one!

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  • AllyKY Now I can get the 2nd ANNUAL FISH FRY SHIRT!!! See ya'll at the fish fry!!! Another KID ROCK DAY!!! But what DAY isn't???
  • jmoorecap Got my tickets today!
  • ggeorg1 You are definitely a lady who belongs in the front row!!

thanks for making my cruise the best ever!!!!! great conversation, amazing entertainment, and the most precious memories I will ever have!!!!!

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  • paigevincent that's great!
  • fireytyrant This is what makes you K-Rock the fishing pole that's been reeling me in as corny as this may sound. It is what it is. Smiles
  • crazyassmoma He's a pretty cool cat.

Good Sunday Morning! See some of you cats soon :)

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Kid Rock Addiction Group rocked the Galt House and the Yum Center..Happy 2016

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  • NanaRock I am SLynnB..AKA Nana Rock!!..This was the best night ever..Kid Rock Addiction family is the best and we back him in everything he does...Happy Birthday today January 7th Bobby...We love you..Your like fine wine,sunshine..Baby you don't ever get old...Sure hope we get to do this again next year!!!
  • eric5768 I joined this group New Years Eve to watch the Videos that a friend told Me were coming in. I am a die hard Kid Rock fan and I have to say I have met some really nice and crazy women on this site. I'm a Kid Rock Virgin I just became obsessed about a year ago. I was a stay at home mom for 20 years and I watched my share of Disney Movies and listened to my daughter's Rap Music for 7 years but, last year I had a few health scares and was looking up everything on Google and I needed a peace of mind. I looked up Rock and Kid Rock came up and I remembered Cowboy and Picture from my daughters younger days and when I started listening to it I couldn't get enough. I was a rebel.soul when I was younger. Always have loved music mostly Rock/Southern Rock Country but Rock has a beat I didn't want to listen anything sad. I started reading everything I could find. It was something about you.that I just couldn't get enough of. Every song you song was something I could relate to. That was in January 2015. I found out you.were in Raleigh NC July.11th and every plan I made they backed out. I had a close friend that had already bought tickets in the Pavilion so.I told her I would go and set in the lawn if I had to but, I didn't want to I wanted to be up close. We checked the website and it was 1 seat 3rd row from the front. I was so excited. My kids think I have gone crazy but, through your Music I have found myself again after 21 years and even though I am still a good mama I have changed and found who I was again and I am loving it. Thank you for your Music and all you stand for. Its amazing how music can sooth the soul. Happy Belated Birthday.
  • eric5768 This is Angela Loznicka that is my sons email. Ooppps😂

This is my Rockin around the Christmas tree. With Kid Rock and The Twisted Brown Trucker Band

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  • rbwan You obviously feel guilty about something or you would not have deleted your comments! And you surely would not have started rehashing things that were done weeks ago
  • crazyassmoma That's a good looking tree :).
  • angelsflyn2close2theground Obviously I don't feel quilty about nothing . U r nothing but a stalker POINT BLANK and u know how u r Other admin already know Kindness hurts you so bad , That's why I left the group and blocked all of you fake people Rebecca So I am going to be kind one more time and tell you to leave me alone and quit stalking me . Signed Your serious put you in place again LEAVE ME ALONE AND QUIT POSTING HERE PLEASE... And the tree is awesome !!! Rock on KRO Thats KID ROCK OBESSION RIGHT IF it is show your respect ... We Don't Do Drama , TY

Other ladies that couldn't make it to DSO...Genny (ChopShop) with MIA Margo and Mrs. Cedars..RSMS with TammyRay

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  • rocksavedmysoul BTW- Val, I have Tammyray still in my van from the summer 10 concert run.
  • beckxy Remember at the end of the night... very end of the night.. You, RSMS, and Gene and I ran over to Chelios across the street only to find out they were closed :p
  • krsval I remember, Becks...our feet hurt so bad we were walking around without shoes..Where's Chelios when you need him?

Chillin' with the Cadets at West Point before the game! Go Army!!!

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  • shelleyrichard Oh hell yea!! Had a blast & we all know Kid loves our they love him!!