Happy Halloweenie!

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  • OutSideTheBox LOL-Love IT !!!! Badass Chloie
  • bart Now that's a nice weiner! You don't have the hot dog costume?
  • OutSideTheBox Bart/Margo-do not mean to BUTT into your conversation about dressing up your wieners but this thread can go in so many directions-LMAO

Thirsty Thursday - Halloween Edition

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  • conniedoan Here's one for TBT - Biker Boyz 2003 - Laurence Fishburne, Lisa Bonet, Derek Luke, Kid, and Djimon Hounsou.
  • uberfan Sweet,Bikerboyz made Kid look tough.I wish kid would do more movies he is a good actor.But i could see were he probably wouldnt want to ,he's the American bad ass,,,

Now this is officially the "Best Night Ever"...Glad your wish came true!

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  • rox Look at you making all the ole girls cry.Amazing thing you did there!The look on dans face when he saw who was singing to him.A good egg you are bob.And Dan you are badass.
  • uberfan OMG,,thats what its all about,Bob taking the time out of your life to see a fan that will remember that the rest of his life,,,,,THANK U KID ROCK
  • pmw195755 That moment is priceless! You are a BADASS KidRock for your heart! It's times like this that ppl remember when they hear your name......beyond your music.....YOU ROCK!!