Val's Spartan spirit

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  • krsval OMG you little sneak! It was frickin freezing at The Holy Land Saturday..I have my snowpants and snowboots on here!
  • krsval So Bart (another Sparty fan) texts me after the game, "Get the couches ready!" LOL (as in burning couches).. And no I'm not going to Indy..I'm waiting for a warmer clime ;)
  • rocksavedmysoul Couldn't resist Val. Thought I'd give a shout out to the Sparty fans.

Today was "Scouting for food". Me being a Den Leader I took our Pack door to door to get canned food.

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  • uberfan Its the Holidays so please donate the canned food that you don't need.Thank you
  • bluesuedeshoe So cute! Great of you to volunteer.
  • DianaR My hubby was a weeblo/cub scout/boy scout when he was young. I can't go by those kids when they are selling things and not buy from them! My heart just melts thinking of Keith in his little uniform! Great organization :-)

Thank You So Much Jimmie&The Twisted Brown Trucker Band Randy Loves It Thank You For Making Him Happy He Loves You All Very Much Keep Rockin

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  • beckxy :) Cherished... mine is on my bedroom wall. Thanks to Jason.
  • rocksavedmysoul This was so sweet. I saw it on fb. He is so happy!
  • davidwest2345 Hey Mary...Keep Rockin'girl. Your budd e Dave-