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  • michaelstevensonjr You will need to grab a dictionary to understand why I say go fu€k yourself for your "lite" comment.
  • uberfan LOL Stand down ser.You have seen the look-a-like gas guns that look real.I did notice the Burris right when i looked at it but now days they put real accessories on the gas powered guns.Well it must be a bad azz then.What is the material "Metal".and whats the Barrel and how hot can it take--.If you made it Then you have a talent.I sure cant make one i would rather buy them.I tend to break them faster then i could make them.
  • michaelstevensonjr Barrel= chrome with a 1/11 twist $250. I will give you a parts list, but you have to check out the lower of my next build! Look up sharps bros .com. There you will find the skull lower, I belive it is called the Jack. You can only order it though spike's tactical... it is a 4 month wait. You should see my vision on that build! Airbrushed and all. By the way: nice eye calling out the Burris! By the way, I will be sitting ggg 11, 12 Aug 15th. You know me... up front. See you then Mr. Richie. I will add a parts list to this picture for you.