Torso Tuesday - You're welcome!

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  • MargoC well isn't that thoughtful of you... :)
  • DianaR Well, don't you just love us! Thanks! Made my day!!!
  • DianaR BTW...........happy trail line?.....hard to tell from this pic! LOL I know, we are BAD Bart! :)

Me standing next to my friend saul and Duff.on the other end is my Sec,everyone else is crue

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  • bart Saul is the MAN. Top 5 all time greatest guitarist in my opinion. Very cool memory for you.
  • uberfan TY Bart
  • Ajay Find your way to St. Louis....IF you are for real and real ppl who likes to have a good time and tail gate we will hang....AND if all goes well i got two spare tickets for the show!!!!

my sterling mood..ready for a kid show

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  • uberfan i am used to my Gold and Diamond rings but at a thrash show i go Sterling,,The tarnished on is Tiffany.

A DUDE FRIEND of mine was trying to be funny and this photo CRACKS me UP...

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  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird
  • bluesuedeshoe Ahahaha, the pipes are leaking.... Kat, if you have a major school of dentistry near you, go in and sign up as a volunteer. They do all the work for free or with charges just for materials, and all the work is done by students and supervised by tons of dentist/teachers. Works for me....
  • bluesuedeshoe Also, call you claim office to see if any of your choices are red flagged, then ask for recommendations. They typically give you the top three in your provider plan for your zip. Always pre-submit all work for claim analysis, so you know what they cover, then negotiate pricing with the dentist(s) in the area prior to service. That calendar year max is tiny, and you need to make your dollars count as you age and need more work.