Another fun day with the Band.

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  • uberfan Snorting Whiskey, and drinking Cocaine
  • Yo Oh, Japanese word "Chikara".
  • uberfan and the american word is "Power"

FOR SALE under s_it you cant afford LOL LOL :) $ 25.000

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SAUL (SLASH) at sound check,,(right) my security (left) his.

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  • uberfan a couple show's after this but on the same tour i met my wife who works for live Nation.I was helping a friend out by doing his meet n greet for a journey show.I wouldn't let a group of them in and she went to my boss and pulled the i work for live nation.She got in and we hit it off.Same jobs still but i am chill'n.

I had a fun day with saul and Duff,,,,

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  • uberfan someone wanted me to put this back up so here they are

Kid's Friend Jessy James Fire Arms--West Coast Chopper

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  • kelleycoxx An a amazing and talented hard working Artists !! And one lucky sumbitch Genius with everything he touches!!!
  • uberfan Ya Kelly jessy and Rock are really good friends .Jessy has made some killer things for rock.You want to be king of the Chopper world have jessy build you a WEST COAST CHOPPERS Bike.........!
  • kelleycoxx When I win the lotto first thing for my husband I would do that!! We have been fans of him forever !! I was raised with a gear head and now married to one so that would be a honor to own anything of his❤️


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  • kelleycoxx Cheers to that!
  • shawniem I need to remember that! Hey Rox, did you get tickets for this tour? I saw your comment about not so cheap.
  • kelleycoxx Make that in a cool thin v neck T shirt for the ladies. Just with that only. That would be cool


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  • MargoC Anyone know the history behind this phrase? I know I heard it on History of Rock CD I believe it was.
  • bluesuedeshoe Best place for background on this phrase is, hit the front main pages. Dates way back to when he was shopping image and got picked up by Flom at Atlantic Records. It was a good catch phrase and worked well for him. Quoted and examined in a lot of his first major media coverage, especially Detroit. Might also want to search for articles done in '97-2000, it came up a lot.