Good times, good fiends, AMAZING concert

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Cant wait to see you Friday and Saturday night at the Fish Fry!!!..:-)

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  • tanyadordon Woohoo our kid rock addiction superstar sheila!
  • NanaRock I had so much fun making this pic...This is one of my happy spots..Kid's star on The Music City Walk of Fame...Cant wait to see everyone at the Fish Fry!!
  • tracigracey Wish I could be there looks like a fun party to be at!!! Would you just photo shop me in a pic and I live vicariously trhru you!!!! Good times cheap ROCK ON'!

Cheers Boston!!!

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Flyin High at IMS

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We were on vacation at the beach when we got our tickets to the 2nd Annual Fish Fry..So excited we had to leave our mark in the sand...See you Friday and Saturday night..

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  • NanaRock Thank you..I enjoyed doing it..We had a blast!!
  • beckxy lol.. us too.. except our vacation was heading to a few concerts including Rocks in Illinois... we pulled over and found wifi at a McDs to do our business.. success!! ;) See ya there!
  • NanaRock We had a blast on vacation and it made it better that we got our tickets...It was so much fun making this...Thanks everyone!!

Kid Rock kinda day, but what day isn't? Can't wait for the next one!

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  • AllyKY Now I can get the 2nd ANNUAL FISH FRY SHIRT!!! See ya'll at the fish fry!!! Another KID ROCK DAY!!! But what DAY isn't???
  • jmoorecap Got my tickets today!
  • ggeorg1 You are definitely a lady who belongs in the front row!!

thanks for making my cruise the best ever!!!!! great conversation, amazing entertainment, and the most precious memories I will ever have!!!!!

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  • tracigracey So jealous!
  • tori_ryan24 @tracigracey i will be on da boat again this year....hit me up and we can party cause its going down for real!!!!
  • jody8466 You guys would have to bury me at sea if I got to sit that close to him, lol