silver is so beautiful

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  • molly36 This place fore the fon is very much provoant, but sexy.

Marlon Young, lead guitar, TBT

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  • rox Yep can tell just by the way he holds that thing!

kid rock ----all sommer long---- wetten dass?... orf/austria 08.11.2008

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  • rox So Ms Molly would like to share your love of all things KRTBT.Like for instance.When did you first hear them?Have you had the pleasure of seeing them live?ETC ETC
  • molly36 Hi rox, this are many questions all at once. I have become attentive definitively to KR with the song' all sommer of long' in 2008. He appeared several times in the German tv. Several times with TV-total with Stefan Raab. Then there I have fallen in love immediately totally with KR /TBT and their music.
  • molly36 Then I have bought immediately some albums from him. Naturally I have recorded every telecast in which he has appeared.

he hurts his toe the other night!

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  • rox Nice slippers.What do they say?
  • molly36 The answer you will find here: //