Kid Rock w/ the DSO 5-12-12..This is the Coolest Video I have.ROCK mentions one of our very special

  • uberfan I know some of you have seen this but Some of our new fan's haven't so look at about 6:57 enjoy :)

Kendrick Lamar - Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Explicit)

  • montanaanna Was wondering who this guy was since done recent awards connection ;P :)
  • montanaanna Since 'some' recent show ;)

Behind the Scenes of Kid Rock Photo shoot by

  • uberfan That's why I am called UBERFAN.I stay up sometimes all Hours to bring my KID ROCK family the Coolest,Rarest finds .I like TBT-And Bob that much.I get no recognition for loving Kid Rock believe me.I will keep,Keeping on....
  • molly36 Yes, this is a very nice video. I have enjoyed it. Thanxx
  • uberfan You are very welcome Molly36.You are a awesome fan Thank You...