Kid Rock - Redneck Paradise (Album Version)

  • molly36 This is definitively one of my favorite videos. Everyone is in high spirits and happy. Great pics. This does mood.
  • rox Is in that video!!!!!!THE BEST TIME THIS LIL GAL HAS EVER HAD
  • rox Molly this was filmed on the kidrock chillin the most cruise a few years back.This definitly does the mood!!Nothing like it actually

Never Enough

  • MsBehavin Phil Lewis is Blasianian too lol
  • MsBehavin So is Traci Gunns :-)
  • rox A lil la guns....WOW memories.Your such a 80's girl...Winks

MGK ft. Kid Rock - Bad Motherfucker

  • MargoC I've probably listened to the CD 27 times, at least! This is definitely a bad Motherfuckin' song! Push down your neighbor, Uber haha is that a thing when you're hyped? I've wanted to beat the Shit out of my old next door neighbors before, but that wasn't because of a song! lol
  • MrA 1 Badmuthafucker ... 2 muthafucker 3 fucker ... which word would you choose to drink on ?
  • uberfan ya it is for all the dumb shi_T hings they done, when that song comes on im up and over the fence ,,,,,lol