Barbie mocks Gigz /Kid Rock Interview starts at the 3 minute mark

  • beckxy lol.. "took a swing at the cops"
  • beckxy My friend Scott use to go see the guy he mentions in the interview, Robert Bradley. He is featured on "Got one for ya" Here's a 2000 interview to further that discussion.
  • beckxy err.. I mean article ;) Great find JoBabs.. never saw this.

True Facts About The Naked Mole Rat

  • MargoC That was's a super hero, that looks like a ball sack lol.I'll have to check out the duck video too!
  • MargoC Just watched the duck video....who knew that ducks literally screw each other....WTF, that was crazy!
  • beckxy lol... these videos are crazy

Alex's Kid Rock Wish from make a wish...from 2-3 years ago.

  • MargoC aww I love this, so sweet.... Funny when KR pulled out the flask, somethin' to put your fruit juice in lol.
  • duchess *<3* :)
  • beckxy Awwzz, Amen to that Jobabs.. another great find.. made me smile and lol at the fruit juice comment too.