Kid Rock -- Wearing a Jacket Made of Otter ... and Spite!

  • uberfan see now i dont feel as bad for making that comment.My son and i laugh our butts off at the zoo when they swim on there back and crack nuts on there tummy.o man my son has to sit down because he laugh's so hard.Maybe im gett'n to old for that part of Kid.
  • uberfan rocksavedmysoul--OMG, They held hands.That has got to be the cutest thing i have seen in my life!The one floated away--but floated back then found his/her hand again...Bob needs to see that!!!!!!
  • rocksavedmysoul They hold hands when they sleep so they don't do the Dobie Gray Drift Away thing. The Detroit Zoo has had baby otters the last two years. We go often to watch them grow. It's a huge draw for the zoo.

Kid Rock Performs "First Kiss" Live on Today Show. Love "Johnny Cash" song, it's a hit!

  • gwenbassett31827 Great song! Can't wait to see him sing it live in Atlanta!
  • MargoC Yup, me too...I also wanna hear live, One More Song, Ain't Enough Whiskey, Good Times, Cheap Wine & First Kiss of course!