Thanks for Sharing! [Dan's 30th - Kid Rock: You're Invited!] Please get this to @KidRock!

  • MargoC aww...a new video! Check out this guys video's, Kid Rock!
  • beckxy Dan, you rock!
  • conniedoan Hey, Dan. I hope you have an awesome birthday for your 30th. Keep Rockin' and "show me some metal"!! \m/

Dan's 30th: Kid Rock - You're Invited!

  • sweetpea071 Come On Kid Rock, have Birthday dinner with Dan :) <3

Dan's 30th: Kid Rock - You're Invited! We're Sharing, Liking, Tweeting and Fave-ing like crazy!! Ple

  • bethanne066 I'm trying my part Dan. This is Beth from Sandusky. I'm praying it happens. Luck buddy. Come on Kid Rock.
  • bethanne066 We r Facebook in Sandusky.

Dan's 30th: Kid Rock - You're Invited!

  • beckxy too cool Margo! This put a smile on my face. Notice how he got a Kid Rock poster right above an Elvis poster. This kid got good tastes. Hope his dream comes true :)
  • MargoC I know me too...I hope he gets to celebrate his 30th with Kid Rock :)

History of Britain Suppressed Part 7 = King Arthur - The Proof

  • chicagoblues Prince William is a direct descendant of King Arthur through Princess Diana. Also Princess Diana was cousins to George Washington.