R. City - Locked Away ft. Adam Levine

  • montanaanna I'm taking my non-restricted moment and running with it...please forgive me ;P ;)
  • uberfan lov it Montanaanna have a good day,,,,,,

Bing Crosby & David Bowie - "The Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth)"

  • montanaanna Of all I sing about now every day...all the carols...somehow this one is secret to my soul...unlikely duo yes...therein lies the magic ;D
  • beckxy Yea... this goes way back when Mtv was cool. I like Seger's version too

Legally Blonde 2 - Speak Up!

  • montanaanna Please, patience to watch it all ;)...speak up, ' honest voice please...and are truly indeed beautiful ;D

Alex's Kid Rock Wish from make a wish.

  • davidwest2345 This is why I love Kid Rock-Sure he makes dope music but he is a nice guy-He doesn't have to do this type of stuff...but he does. It's comes right back to him ten-fold. KID ROCK 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!