Top 5 Reasons Kid Rock is the BEST! [Dan's 30th - Kid Rock: You're Invited!]

  • uberfan Right on DAN Mc GURK.YOU ARE THE MAN
  • RiverDaze I agree, especially with #3! He is the coolest!
  • uberfan TO MUCH FUN

Don McLean - American Pie better quality

  • montanaanna So soul didn't happen tonight...the music is alive and is He...blended Merle and kid...waaay fun Monday night! :)
  • montanaanna Funny how good tunes drew a Monday night small village gathering...honor, privilege and price tag priceless to play pool with young 'ens John Paul and Dominick while other legends are first things first now entering our happy Monday night :)

Kid Rock - When U Love Someone

  • uberfan YOU GO Anna Storkson ! You are getting your KID ON TONIGHT.!
  • montanaanna Ohh...its been soo soul long...but yeah big time tonight...thanks for the freedom tonight...feels soooo soul good ;P :D

Blue Jeans And a Rosary~Kid Rock~Tampa 2013

  • montanaanna Luvin how my extravagance cuz it's going Montana summer great good times include this night where I'm plugging the juke box...playing Merle here in high country home safe happy base...magically moving us all this night...blended beautifully blended with His Grace with the transforms me vibes of the one, the only, thank you God, please continue to bless him Robert James Forever Kid Rock KFC Yum Ritchie :)

Puscifer - The Humbling River with Lyrics

  • montanaanna Luvin full moon back porch new music friend chillin Ryan :) Living the dream! :)