Metallica & Kid Rock - American Badass...OK LETS DO,,,,THIS

  • uberfan For you late night Kid Rock Fans,How about METALLICA and AMERICAN BADASS,,,,CATER

Blackfoot - Highway Song (Live, Zurich 1982)

  • MsBehavin Thank You God for these hott men Youve given us :-)
  • MsBehavin I would raid ships lmao---I am PROUD of me Finn Roots--batton down thee hatches ole dudes--were about to come aboard thee ship :-)
  • MsBehavin And ride all of thee like the Vikings

Bob Seger and Kid Rock: Night Moves

  • MsBehavin For Val :-) I was actually going to post "The Famous Final Scene" video (my ALL TIME Fave Bob Seger Song :-) but then I found this-and I must admit I like to watch both Bobs :-)
  • MsBehavin If Church were this good-I would be there every Sunday!!! :-) Hopefully-God has all of us on His guest list lol :-)
  • krsval Aww MsB..Thanky! Night Moves indeed!