Kid rock live at the artist den---- Grab a beer sit down kick your feet up and enjoy.

  • molly36 Mega cool. I found this video a few month ago on youtube and file it at once. It was produced by zdf.kultur in HD quality, which is a german TV-channel. I just enjoye it. Thank you uberfan!!!

Old Hippie - Bellamy Brothers

  • MsBehavin My Uncle did two tours in Vietnam. He came back messed up and I swear to God- anyone that even looks at Him wrong. Will feel it. I Promise that.
  • uberfan I have came in contact with the Nam-Syndrome.They sent young kids just like Iraq.And taught them to Kill and that it was ok.When you think about taking a life and all that it entails in time leaves many feelings that leaves a person with a lot of unanswered questions.There is no quick fix just time,,,,,,,,,
  • MsBehavin I don't know that even time can bring peace--when I did hair back in Detroit back in the day-one of my guys he told me. Donna I don't think I can do this time anymore. He never showed up for His last appt. WE ABSOLUTELY NEED To take care of our Vets. We NEED To

Gloria performed by the Howling Diablos @ St Andrews Hall

  • MsBehavin Kenny O :-)
  • MsBehavin ~And The Howling Diablos :-) God has TRULY Blessed Detroit :-)

Shooter Jennings - It Ain't Easy

  • MsBehavin We gonna be ahright :-)
  • MsBehavin That Girl totally Loves Him. That is all we need yall. Love. It don't come easy.
  • beckxy I like his older stuff.. or when he was with Leroy Powell. Saw them a couple of times back then.. loved it.