Road Trip - Did you kill a Cheetah?

  • beckxy even though I started following at the end of 98, seeing this was the first time I heard EMSP lol. Didn't click right away either but made sense later why I liked the song so much. "Oh, its Kid Rock, no wonder" ;)

Kid Rock - Forever (Video)

Tim Montana & the Shrednecks, Eminem "Lose Yourself"

  • MargoC About one minute into video, Lose Yourself begins.
  • rocksavedmysoul Loved it! You could tell they loved playing it, too!
  • rox Really dig these guys!!And love this song

Anybody here get the op to see this band at the Fry? The Steel Woods - Axe

  • rox Loves this.Great voice and harmonies
  • beckxy I guess nobody saw them lol
  • krsval I missed The Steel Woods and Michigan Rattlers..I feel bad. They were early acts. I am loving the new song, which I will call "Fall in Love With an Angel (Fake boobs/California)" and the cover of The Spencer Davis Group's "Gimme Some Lovin". GSL really fits KR/TBT's style in an excellent way....sounds like some Motown Soul action. More!

Mom understood me...missing her today.

  • krsval Your Mom is with you always..never doubt that..hugs
  • Bobette Thanks ya'll, your comments really mean alot. It's been tough but I feel her around me so I'm thankful for that. And as we've "talked" before, the music helps. There's songs that bring everything to the surface some days though that can make the memories sweet and sometimes sorrowful. Hugs much appreciated. ;o) Love ya'll!
  • Bobette @rocksavedmysoul @beckxy @krsval Wanted to make sure ya'll knew I'm grateful for your kind words. Didn't know if a straight up comment would convey that.

Thank you Kid Rock!!

  • krsval Bless you sweetness..every day is a it to its are here for a reason, and you matter. Hugs and prayers
  • rox Awww......God Bless You.You always have family here!
  • rox WOW........And thats what it's all about people!