Eminem - Stan Lyrics (Explicit)

  • MsBehavin This where the term "Stan" came from lol
  • MsBehavin I think I want to just drink coffee

Eminem - Lose Yourself Official Video (8 Miles)

  • davidwest2345 Can't go wrong with a Slim Shady vid-js
  • MsBehavin and one of these days I will be planting a big kiss apon yer cheek!!! (if you want it lol :-)
  • MsBehavin Up on sand mountain :-)~

Kid Rock - Let's Ride

  • MsBehavin I have one Uncle~My Mom's Brother. He barely made it out of Camron Bay. And to this day~He will not talk about it.
  • MsBehavin My Heart is totally with Our Servicemen. God Bless You Boys

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