3 Doors Down Ft. Bob Segar - Landing In London ( FULL VERSION )

  • MsBehavin I so love this song--and when push comes to shove-we all just carry on. I thought I had friends--I don't and figured that out tonight. Kinda sad but i was not surprised. It is~what it is :-)
  • rox What?We spoke last night,I better be your friend!

Dokken - Too High To Fly [LIVE]

  • MsBehavin One of my all time fave bands :-) Love this song


  • MsBehavin ~Mmmmmmm LOVE this song
  • MsBehavin Plus I have to wonder if they are Skandinavian ~Haha
  • rox You know they are canadian...Right.Ric emment is in my town right now.They had the best light show back in the days

Head East - Never Been Any Reason (Live 2012) This is for Dave West lol :-) Love Ya Baby :-)

  • MsBehavin And the next video is ~Triumph :-) I need to get my passport ready because I will not be living in this Country if Treason Hillairy wins.
  • MsBehavin I could watch Ric Emment all day long--sorry about any spelling errors--I am distracted lol :-)~