Uncle Kracker ft kid rock - yeah yeah yeah (unplugged summer sanatarium tour)

  • DianaR Love Kid's white tube socks and black sandles! LOL.
  • Jobabs_69 Such kids they were!
  • girlygirl31 Cool videos and good music....If it's real you will feel it....My nephew reminds me of you and he is a great nephew and is always willing to help his aunt out too....

Jim Beam - Long Live the Fan - Kid Rock

  • Jobabs_69 Darn good people watching, that's for sure!
  • MargoC It is so cool to go to a KR show & see people from all walks life, all ages...pretty cool. I've seen some of Tony's artwork on FB, that's nice KR mentioned his appreciation for his artwork.

My buds and me in Scranton, PA. Temps were sizzling at the Kid Rock show last Summer.

  • krsval Ahh, the memories..thanks for bringing them back :)
  • Jobabs_69 Awesome, Beckxy! Thanks for sharing! So looking forward to the new album and tour this fall/winter.


  • beckxy OMG.. Margo, SMoore... it worked!!! Yay!! Thank you! Anyway.. this is how I'm feeling right now.. love this song..and I refuse to let the hands of faith unfold - I'm holding on :)
  • beckxy ~can't let go~
  • MargoC, I'm itching for some new KR Shit! And yea you can post videos again! lol

Kid Rock - Born Free - Best Night Ever DTE - 08/20/2013

  • kcdave24 I found this yesterday on my camera!!! I was so excited. Excuse the shaky video and my singing in the back ground - but I was a little giddy because of how close we were! :) Happy fourth of July (a little late.)
  • MargoC That was good video! I was there with my 2 boys for their first concert that night!
  • mommamissy35 thanks for the video kimbercdavis, the videos the fans take are the best.