Seether - Broken ft. Amy Lee

  • davidwest2345 Amy Lee is fine-js. I saw Evanescence @ the State Theatre in Detroit in 06'
  • MsBehavin I have to say~ I Love You Dave West
  • MsBehavin You came back and gave it to me. I love you


  • MsBehavin Whenever my Fanily came to North America~they rested in Canada in St A~all French ~cannot spell it.~Sooooo i am i don't know what. Sad prob is the best word for it
  • MsBehavin Our Country is ~F-ed bigtime
  • MsBehavin I am just really upset. Please excuse and forgive me.

Kid Rock Born Free TV Special

  • rox Never seen this......Thanks so much...
  • rox I wanna go to a bondfire there plz and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And I wanna ride them horsies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • rox Last bonfire I was at,the boys told me to grab some wood and stoke up that fire,so I did,but It wasnt wood It was a cows leg.