Exclusive Album: Kid Rock at CMA 2013 Soundcheck

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Kid Rock
  • fuck1

    Hey so I live it Utah, but I have spent quite a bit of time in Michigan. Favorite is GUS.. My dear friend Mary passed from breast cancer (we worked on 10 mile) SHE NEEDS TO BE HEARD. Lived in Royal Oak ish, West of Woodward your guariarist

  • fuck1

    loved her as well... Give your heart to MI if thats what you celebrate..

  • fuck1

    Hey if you want to hit me back, I;m little Jay on FB. We have been friends so So Cal...Still sick love.

  • rocksavedmysoul

    Congrats to Kenny Rogers who is being inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame today.

  • duchess

    Congrats to Kenny Rogers!!! :) My first Bon Jovi concert this Saturday and I get to watch them get inducted in the Hall of Fame @ the ACC in the T.O! aka Toronto :P EXCITED!!! WoOt WoOt!!

  • montanaanna

    Nice, Mr. Ritchie ;D Wow! Great News and Congratulations to legedary Mr. Rogers! :D I hope y'all have fun! :D

  • Kidrockangel

    Great pic

  • valenahefner

    love it the gambler and American BadAss

  • victoriapeplinski

    Love the new website!! You so rock!

  • tiserock


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