Exclusive Album: Kid Rock at CMA 2013 Soundcheck

Photo Description

Kid Rock

    Love it!

  • krsval


  • lorirockstone

    Beautiful Man! ...and his company :)

  • beckxy

    "just stopped in to see what condition my condition was in"

  • JoBabs_69

    Love the 'old fart' t-shirt. Lol!

  • duchess

    Love what you see of his eyes in this one! CUTAY! Call me knowledgeable but did I just read somewhere that he is IRISH TOOO!!!! MMMM MMM MMM ! This man seems to have a whole lot of UnCe UnCe UnCe.... going on! lol :P

  • duchess

    I meant to say NOT knowledgeable... and where the heck is the delete or edit button all up in here! or whatev FUCK IT! lol

  • duchess

    Love Kenny Rogers voice too!!! They both have soft angel eyes and faces! :))

  • rjl1969

    Love the tshirt

  • rjl1969

    Excuse my stupidity but what is UnCe?

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