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As the year comes to a close, we'd like you to share your best Kid Rock moments of 2013. Whether you had an unforgettable Best Night Ever, got to see Rock in Vegas, or rode out to see him at Harley-Davidson's 110th anniversary show - we want to hear about it. We'll choose one story to win an exclusive Kid Rock T-Shirt and some Made in Detroit swag. Make sure to include "Kid Rock 2013" in the title of your post. Thanks for a great year. Good luck!

Kid Rock
  • beckxy


  • angelsflyn2close2theground

    My best moment of the yr was @his concert Aug 28 with my grandson .walking around with a banner that said REDNECK PARADISE and drinkn moonshine . and it hotter then hell ... that's was the best tour ever and can't forget ZZTOPUCLKRACKER TBT

  • duchess

    First time in Detroit! Got my drink on before concert@ Irish pub in Auburn Hills! Enjoyed Jim Beam & Badass for the first time & although I was nearly shitfaced already lol met Dave McMurray before the concert and got pic together!!! =)*<3*

  • duchess

    I'ts ok if I don't win! I just wanted to share my GREAT EXPERIENCE anyway! Hope to get more in Detroit too in the future: Lions, Tigers & Red Wings game, Eminem concert, Macaroni/Chili cook-offs, car/bike show! & of course Kid concert!! :p

  • tiserock

    Perfect Pic!

  • TammyRay

    hands down my best KID ROCK moment of 2013 was taking my mom to her first KR concert.To be able to share w/ her what I've been trying to explain for the past 10+ years is indescribable.A moment I will treasure always-Thanks KID -Thanks TBT~

  • OutSideTheBox

    Being able to see opening night of Rebel Soul Tour !!! <3 <3 <3

  • beckyhammer

    Kid Rock 2013 Best Night Ever with my 5 yr old granddaughter who knows every word to Roll On and always says "Turn it up Granny"then "Play it again" She got to see Kid Rock up close when the staff put us up front, we rocked all night!

  • melindawhite

    Kid Rock Cruise 2013 - Finally being able to see Kid Rock for the first time. The moment he walked on the stage I haven't been that excited in a long time...... I actually could not believe I was on the boat and seeing and hearing him!

  • kate_russell

    Best night ever in home town! Amazing as always!

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