Kid Rock care packages - Even more on their way to our troops!

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Kid Rock
  • MargoC

    Sweet.... :))

  • rocksavedmysoul

    So cool! Love the "71 t-shirt!

  • OutSideTheBox

    Right On!!! Love It!!! God bless :)

  • JJinJersey


  • kim22

    I Thank the troops for are freedom . God bless & Happy New Year !

  • bart

    Thanks Kid for always thinking of our troops fighting for our freedoms.

  • beckxy

    Thank you Kid Rock :)

  • tirnanogirl


  • Ajay

    It is nice to do for ppl that do so much for us all. I love the little Detroit sticker! I feel good i could contribute to it.

  • rosen500

    Cross your fingers and say a prayer cuz I'm wtrying to talk the company I work for to adopt "Wounded Warriors" as our year long money raising event. Last year it was St. Jude and we raised over $50k. I would really like to see this happen!

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