New Community Contest - Kid Rock Resolution

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Kid Rock
  • SMoore6

    To celebrate the new year, we want to hear your resolutions! We'll choose one resolution at random to win an exclusive KR T-Shirt and some Badass American Lager swag. Make sure to include "Kid Rock Resolution" in the title of your post.

  • duchess

    My Kid Rock Resolution: To give some men, even though they aren't Kid Rock, a chance. LOL :p

  • Yo

    Hello, " Robert James Ritchi " of Facebook.

  • MsBehavin

    Mine- I could stop world hunger if i'd quit eating so damn much--lol Pc mf'ers. Kiss my asss

  • beckxy

    mine is to quit making resolutions lol

  • beckxy

    and get shitfaced more often

  • rocksavedmysoul

    Find a little bit of that girl I used to be...

  • mrscedarmichigan

    ....to quit sressing out over resolutions...

  • kidrock_girl18

    get shitfaced and see Kid Rock in concert again :) Best concert ever

  • kidrock_girl18

    Kid Rock Resolution: get shitfaced and see Kid Rock in concert again. Best concert ever

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