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Kid Rock
  • cathyradlein

    My Kid Rock Resolution it to take my kids to their first concert - a Kid Rock Concert! We will road trip if we have to...possibly to North Carolina!

  • juanadoucet

    My Kid Rock Resolution is to find a way to my daughter to finally meet Kid Rock. She is my lil life time souvenir from my 1st KR concert & she went to her 1st KR concert @ age 7 on front row.

  • kctlc420

    My Kid Rock Resolution is to lose enough friggin weight to fit into a DAMN KID ROCK CONCERT T-SHIRT so I can represent! :-) LOVE YA!!!!

  • mamie

    KID ROCK was one reason I was able to overcome my insanity after my husband died in a wreck. I listened to KID ROCK everyday. My resolution is to hopefully make sure he knows just how much he helped me. Love you Dude. xoxoxo

  • Beth

    Mine was to quit smoking before the Kid Rock Cruise. So far, so good.

  • skimmelgem

    Kid Rock Resolution: To get back into remission so I can enjoy a KR concert!!!!

  • lchristopher16

    KID ROCK RESOLUTION! My dream is to go on your cruise and meet you one day!! HE is the only thing that kept me sane after my grandmother (mom) passed away. I was six weeks away from delivering my precious daughter. I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • nikieteresa

    KID ROCK RESOLUTION!, love life, and the important people in my life, love your music

  • marksmanhb

    KID ROCK RESOLUTION! Too save up to bring my ten year old daughter to a K,R show she is such a little rebel and a huge fan..

  • helenspc

    My Kid Rock Resolution is to not let life pass me by. I have gone out and bought my first motorcycle and I plan on spending a lot of time this year doing many other things that i want to do and experience.

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