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Kid Rock
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  • nancy53199


  • cindyoliverboliver

    this is the truest stmt I have ever had,

  • michellemarie333


  • izzyrose

    I respect, care, appreciate , love my employees without them I would be nothing.. Hoping and praying and with a little luck I can 2014 will get better...

  • lindabailey

    I love my granddaughter! She is a senior this year and she loves music and Kid Rock like I do. When she was little I starting taking her to Graceland, Sun Studios and concerts. We can't wait for Kid Rock Memphis in May! She is my best bud!

  • rosen500

    Just a few blocks from Sun Studios is the next studio that Sam Philiips built, I doubt that you could get into that one but it's worth a drive by. I'm looking forward to Musicfest.i do every year since it started(have pics of that one too.

  • rosen500

    While most kids were into T.V. and toys, I was into music.

  • nickinegreb

    I love my cat. I rescued her several years ago when I said "I want a cat who has the least chance of getting a home so I can give it the perfect home." Every morning she listens to Kid Rock with me and I think she enjoys it just as much.

  • duchess

    Haha I am having an opposite time right now! This man get me going! He must have some magnetic energy in all aspects! Purrr... lol

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