New Community Contest - With a One-Two...Its Two for One

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Kid Rock
  • SMoore6

    Its Valentine's Day and no one here is spending it solo. Tell us who you love - its okay if its your spouse, your cat or your librarian, we don't care as long as you make us swoon.

  • SMoore6

    Tell us why you're so devoted and the best answer will win two prizes - one for you and one you can give to your loved one. You'll each get an exclusive t-shirt and some Made in Detroit swag. We <3 you, -Team KR

  • tamsie

    I love my husband, Jerry. We've been married 29 years. He puts up w/me & that takes a lot! I love my pug, Bogey! He worships me like no human can! I love my future husband, Kid Rock (haha)! He's ALWAYS in my car & takes me everywhere I go!

  • Yo

    ” KEEP CALM AND LOVE KID ROCK ".... I want to keep it. ♥

  • sparks07

    3 "H"s - humility, humbleness, heart. :)

  • Cherri

    I'll do just that! ♥

  • deniseplr

    Yes I do love me some Kid Rock

  • RiverDaze

    Its hard not to!

  • tanaray

    I love my hubby.been married for 20 yrs.When i got sick he gave up his life and dream job to be my 24/7 care provider.He was literally by my side 24/7 for 7yrs! He did it with a smile and total devotion.He figure out why i was sick! he rock

  • tanaray

    My hubby also saved me from a very abusive life when i was 18, with out him and Kid Rock i would be dead, I was ready to die broken, laying in my own blood and kid rock started playing, gave me enough strength to get up and go on!

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