Check out these Kid Rock Valentines and tell your loved ones how you REALLY feel about them this 2/14! KidRockValentines.com

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Kid Rock
  • SMoore6

    Visit www.kidrockvalentines.com to see them all!

  • JoBabs_69

    I love it, although It would be a bit odd to send one of these to my husband, since he refers to KR as my 'boyfriend'. Heh, heh.

  • debbie2

    My hubby says KR is my 'boyfriend' too! My hubby looks like KR! He's getting the mother fucker one for valentines day!

  • Yo

    I love Kid Rock. ♥

  • JoBabs_69

    I sent my hubby the '$hitfaced' one...mental note:pick up a new bottle of Devil's Cut.

  • beckxy

    lol Jobabs

  • funzoned


  • Cherri

    Happy Valentines Day!!! ♥

  • thelilmomma1

    ME TOOOO....

  • jaimej06

    Love these!

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