New Community Contest - Leave your Mark in March

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Kid Rock
  • SMoore6

    This month, we encourage our Rebel Soldiers to commit a random act of kindness. Whether it's buying the person behind you in line a coffee, sending dinner to a friend who's overwhelmed, or volunteering at a soup kitchen...

  • SMoore6

    We want you to share it with us in the community. We'll pick one entry at random to win a signed vinyl and some American Badass Lager swag. -Team KR

  • OutSideTheBox

    Now this is a GREAT CONTEST-YAY!!!!! <3

  • beckxy

    Love it Smoore

  • Sweet

    Hey kid rock you are the best.and i am happy to listen your songs.your music give me the energy.thank you

  • thepoet

    SMoore6 you rock! I received a random act of kindness today..I don't think they knew about the contest though, I don't even know their name..thanks and I will pay it forward keep up the good stuff :)

  • beckyhammer

    I picked up a lady walking on a snowy country road with several bags with her, her bus didn't come she was going to the hospital for chemo. I was going the other way, but I had to help her, so I turned around and took her.

  • freedomharleydavidson

    i've been trying to leave my mark with a band-aid project for you 2 times via ATLANTIC RECORDS via Lana via 12-12-12 2 packages +1 business box+1 x-mas box + Mandolas/album covers+2 Pikes Peak T-shirts=PIKES PEAK HARLEY DAVIDSON remember m

  • freedomharleydavidson

    sent/delivered/hope you didn't throw away have no copies all originals=Cory +son=died of SIDS! Sending out my SOS=just an idea your baby please do something with it! WOODSTOCK4 + MAYBE=RAISE MONEY FOR SIDS and other causes Farm-Aid Davidsun

  • freedomharleydavidson

    Freedom Washburn-1120 Cancun Court-Colorado Springs CO 719-287-0173 asap! working on this for many moons now! Did you read the green book on SIDS yet? Do you know where I am coming from or what this is about? WOODSTOCK4????????!!!!! FREEDOM

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