Things heating up in Clarkston...

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Kid Rock
  • JoBabs_69

    I spy...Rock and Marlon. Not sure who the other 2 guys are. Hope studio time is going well.

  • lovemotercycles_669

    I can't wait until I see you in concert again this year, The last time I saw you was 7-14-2012. I will be seeing you this year 7-19-2014. I hope that I get the chance to meet you that would make me really happy. Love ya Barb

  • brennapeyton

    So the pose in this pic reminds me of the carnival scene in Joe Dirt where David Spade is posing to get Jaime Pressly's attention...

  • Hzepp73

    Looking forward to it!

  • RiverDaze

    Every time I see a pic of you... I SO WANT TO BE THERE!!! Love that shot on your facebook, >>>Don't be a dick<<< Its a, Wish I was there moment. #wordstoliveby

  • rocknrich

    Looking good! Hey, thanks for the word! And for the Vegas show in June.

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