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Kid Rock
  • JoBabs_69

    This IS one kick-ass picture!

  • heatherorr186

    Just 5 more days until Beale Street and I can't wait! Don't know if you ever cover any old songs but I would love to hear you do Hang on Sloopy by the McCoys..my parents grew up in the 60's so I appreciate the old stuff. See ya in Memphis!

  • beckxy

    mine too 186.. thanks for putting that song in my head now..lol Love when my parents talk music from their generation :) I still would love to hear a full version of "Finger popping time" Mr. Rock lol

  • beckxy

    cuz that version was badass

  • montanaanna

    Fantastic Picture! :D Congrats! :)

  • regina1

    Great pic

  • Beth111

    Great pic!! You shared this with me in MIami. I have it on my phone. Love it!! <3

  • leesa3

    Hello I just became a Rebel Soldier!! Going to see Kid tonight!! I am unbelievably excited! No rain, No rain! He can really tell a story thru his music. Hope to get to chat w some of u. Anyone else going tonite to see him? See u there!

  • leesa3

    Taking a couple cameras tonite, I hope they will let me thru up front for a second. I have an awesome close up of Ann Wilson. Just want decent photos!

  • ginafann

    Love this!

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