Fan Photo of the Week: Left to right Pfc Simmons, Pfc Scheib and Sgt Kidwell. celebrating the 4th at FOB Shank.

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Kid Rock
  • mommamissy35

    Wow everyone thanks. They get in july 23rd at 11:30pm. YAHOO

  • mommamissy35

    My son is home he got in on the 23rd, had 2 days with him, feeding and hugging him. All his brothers from 3rd platoon are also home. 3rd platoon will not be going back. YAY. Thanks for all your prayers, you all helped this momma make

  • mommamissy35

    Through another deployment, supposed to be last keep fingers crossed. Mr. Richie thanks for your music and all your fans they truly are the best. Looking forward to the cruise.

  • cupcakesugarpie


  • IBelieve

    That's Great!! Glad they're all home safe!! :)

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