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Kid Rock
  • rox

    Laughs.....I love this!I stood inline on that ship when it came out,I wasted about 30 mins standing in line.After that was like screw it,I missing out on all the boat fun.

  • shawniem

    I bet you all know which picture is my favorite in the book. Best birthday gift ever! Then we had great seats at the Paso Robles concert with the best fans. Now Fan Photo of the week..can a girl be happier?

  • rox

    I want that damn book!you favorite is my favorite as well!!Rock On Girl.

  • tanaray

    Its in the store for 50 bucks if that helps rox:}:}

  • Jobabs_69

    Rox, the 2nd edition that's for sale has about half the pics that the 1st edition has. Just so you know....

  • rox

    Thanks Jobabs didnt know that.Im fussy I want a fiirst edition one of fifty

  • peyton1015

    First edition had more than 50

  • shawniem

    HELP! I can't find the 1st edition, any suggestions? It's not in his fan club store.

  • peyton1015

    Sold out

  • bethanne066

    Hey, we've got a birthday coming for Dan McGurk he has down syndrome and is turning 30. His only wish is to meet kid rock. He lives in Toledo Oh. His story is ://shout.it/B8sS1. We all over northern ohio r trying to help this young man.

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