Redneck Paradise Video - The Cruise Cut!

  • alwaysandforever Loved the video. Awesome job!!!
  • angelsflyn2close2theground
  • amitgupta10294

Kid Rock - Redneck Paradise (Remix) ft. Hank Williams Jr. [Music Video]

  • rightshift
  • amitgupta10294
  • natali67

Kid Rock - Happy New Year [Music Video]

  • davidwest2345 Kid Rock please come to KATMANDU! lol
  • rswope970 Can I get that Happy New year pleeeeaaassseeee. Pennsylvania or Detroit. <3
  • marose57 Your the song...thanks for all you do...

Kid Rock : ESPN - Nascar "Let's Ride" [Live at 2012 Ford EcoBoost 400]

  • born2ridewakes I'd love to have Bobby sing at one of the races I go to!!! ;)
  • regina1 Epic
  • davidwest2345 Is Kid Rock human? I think he is an alien-How can one person be so talented?