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  • stholbrook2013  I have been with you from the beginning. I have never been to a concert, although it is my biggest goal. Not just listening to your songs, but FEELING your songs has gotten me through so much. It would be a blessing to meet you and get a hug if you allowed just to let you know just how sincere I am. Love you, Kid, and I will be listening to your voice as I try to sleep again tonight. Thanks for all you do and all you do it for!
  • Mzzb  I made to a few of these concerts... Thank God!.. I believe you still stand behind this Kid Rock.. Keep on Trucking.. Love, Mzzb
  • Mzzb  It was "THE BEST NIGHT EVER" & probably the best year of my life, Thank You, Kid Rock. God Bless.
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  • amitgupta10294
  • natali67
  • shawniem  Brilliant video and song. Privileged to have see him perform it at 2 NYE shows!
  • uberfan  shawniem-I bet it was KILLER.. :)
  • uberfan  Im going to KATMANDU,,,,,lol DW.
  • dmmitchell64  I always said if I ever won the lottery or had the money I would buy a building and fill it with beds, clothes, showers and food and get the homeless and poor off the streets and give them a hot home cooked meal by me. Give them a chance at life again.
  • marose57  God Bless you and all that you do that no one knows about...You have a Big Badass...always stay that way...
  • stholbrook2013  Thanks for caring. I can feel it.