Redneck Paradise Video - The Cruise Cut!

  • Ever since I suffered an industrial accident & lost all of my auditory response capabilities I've found that I'm enjoying Kid Rock's musical adventures more than ever!! The profound deafness has taken my satisfaction of his sonic
  • grooving to a time & space where no one can you scream. Thanks deafness, you're really adding to my already mundane existence. Through the denial of KR's jaunty tales of post modern life as an clearly identifiable social spastic, I've come
  • to know inner peace and freedom. KR+1

Kid Rock - Redneck Paradise (Remix) ft. Hank Williams Jr. [Music Video]

  • shannonlaney1 I grew up on Lake Wateree, SC and my husband and I have our own redneck paradise. I also grew up on Bocephus, so when ya'll did this song together it really felt like home to me! I love it! I wish I could share my paradise with you both.
  • girlygirl31 I have to work in the city; it sucks. I couldn't imagine livin' there.......
  • girlygirl31 Hey, can i send my 3 daughters and grandson there I need a break; it will drive them nut; I think you can handle it. Just sing to them they will behave if not call me I'll talk to them.

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