I can't stop the war, shelter homeless, feed the poor.
I can't walk on water. Can't save your sons and daughters. I can't change the world to make things fair. This is the least that I can do. The Kid Rock Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit raising funds for and awareness of local and regional charities helping disadvantaged children, victims of war and natural disasters, and those suffering from illness.
  • Kid Rock Foundation - 2014 Recap

    Here are just some of the great things the Kid Rock Foundation supported in 2014:

    Eastern Market Corporation / Kid Rock Commons Room

    Work on Shed 5 will be completed in the next month with a community kitchen, Kid Rock Community Commons Room and DTE Energy Plaza. These improvements will offer amenities and will give people “a nice place to sit,” and “there will be kitchen space for budding food entrepreneurs and kitchen space for engaging food and nutrition kitchen literacy programming that we are very excited to be adding as the year unfolds in 2015

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    Barbara Bush Foundation Donation

    The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy and the Detroit Parent Network are teaming up to help parents whose children are struggling readers. The Barbara Bush Foundation’s unique training system is coined as “edutainment:” training parents to be great teachers in fun and entertaining ways. The Detroit Parent Network will use this training method to encourage parents to be their child’s first and best teacher.

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    Karmanos Cancer Institute

    Operation Finally Home / House of Blues fundraiser concert

    On July 16th 2014 Kid Rock helps raise money for Operation Finally Home with a benefit show at House of Blues Sunset Strip. Operation Finally Home provides custom-built, mortgage-free houses to veterans and/or their widows.

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    March of Dimes

    CNN Heroes profile Kid Rock and other Americans who support US Troops

    Anderson Cooper interviews Kid Rock, Gary Sinise and Kathy Griffin, who discuss their involvement with causes that support U.S. troops.

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    Kid Rock awarded Operation Troop Aid Patriot Award (Also awarded to Toby Keith , Darryl Worley, Aaron Tippin, Gary Sinise , Mark Wills, The Charlie Daniels Band, KISS and Hank Williams Jr. )

    Kid Rock has been selected as the recipient of the Operation Troop Aid "Patriot Award,” for his contributions to sending care packages to U.S. troops overseas.

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    Care Packages for the Troops

    Thanks to the generosity of Kid Rock fans and donations of goods from Made in Detroit, Badass American Lager, Warner Bros. Records, Jim Beam, FEA/Live Nation, Harris Jewelry and Operation Troop Aid Kid Rock sent over 10,000 packages to our troops.

    • We at Schram Auto Parts , U pull and Save Auto Parts, Pontiac Mi are joining up with Desert Angels to host a benefit car show at our Pontiac Location June 17th 2017 . We are looking for any support from the community . We have a goal to ship 300 boxes for the troops overseas . If your organization has any interest in supporting our event please contact me at Thank you! dschram
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  • Kid Rock Care Package Update

    The first shipment of our Kid Rock care packages has made its way to the troops. We hear it's been a rough week for them and the packages really lifted everyone's spirits. Thanks to all you fans for making a big difference for our brave soldiers.

    Here are some of America's finest rocking KR gear:

    • Just now saw these pictures. Thank you for all the donations from you and your fans Mr. Rock. I didn't censor your shirt on purpose, blame The Man for making us watch our language. I saw you on my first tour, and getting these shirts were almost as awesome as seeing you live! Thanks again, and much love <3 deezy970
    • My daughter Kaitlyn 24 years old was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in April.. She just completed her 6th chemo Tx.. Even with this devastating news Kaitlyn continues to fight strong, so positive an amazing young woman... Our family and friends will be attending your concert on August 30th at the Shoreline Theatre.. It would be so awesome if Kid Rock would somehow acknowledge Kaitlyn and her brother Dean who has been by her side through every appointment and has given up a job he has been applying for and was chosen out of 1200 applicants.. Because he would be a distance away from his sister he opted to stay where he is until she is cancer free... Kaitlyn will have to have chemo txmts every three weeks for the rest of her life... I would so appreciate it if you could join in on our fight to help us Kick Cancers Ass!!!!!! And gshanna
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    Here is just one of the great things the Kid Rock Foundation supported in 2013:

    Kid Rock fans donate Care Packages for the Troops – Over $28,000 raised by fans

  • We've Reached Our Goal... And More!

    Kid Rock fans are BADASS. We are blown away by your generosity. Together we raised over $28,000!!! for our Care Packages for the Troops campaign which will send well over 500 packages overseas. We're so thrilled to spread this joy and show how much Kid Rock fans CARE.

    We'll keep you posted on the packages so you can see the difference your hard-earned money is making.

    You can also take a moment to read all of the messages from our donors here.

    • Kid Rock, First thank you for all you do for our Troops. I am involved with USA cares, Georgia and we are having our First Annual Fundraiser "Shine for the Troops" on May 2nd. I am getting raffles items and silent auction items for the event and was wondering if you would be willing to donate two tickets to your concert here at Lakewood (which I am attending and looking forward to myself) in July for our event. I don't know if you will see this comment but figured it couldn't hurt. You can check out our organization at Thanks ! Cathy chickisgirl
    • Kid Rock I am not expecting you to read this but all I can do is hope for my sisters boys sake. She was absolutely your biggest fan. She would fight her husband to keep your poster up so she could look at you everyday, she absolutely loved you. You are the only person i could ever think to ask this of. Since my sister Lacie Velvet Meyns passing on (August 24th) my older sister has made a trust fund for her two boys to go to college one day. I was hoping you could consider even donating the smallest amount to our fund for them. I know it would make us all including my beloved sissy ecstatic. It would mean the world to all of us, especially my mother and I who also absolutely loves you, as we want to provide a better life for her two beautiful boys. I would like to thank you as well for your amazing help with the troops and other charities. I would love to tell you more if you could possibly consider emailing me @ Thank you deeply if read this. sunshinelollipopsndrainbows
    • I would also like to thank you for your amazing songs that help me to remember her during this hard time. Worlds cannot describe how I appreciate your music always and especially now. It has a special place in my heart. Thank you so much. Much love. sunshinelollipopsndrainbows