Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast
Release Date:
November 27, 1990
Yo-Da-Lin In the Valley

Yo-Da-Lin In the Valley

[Voice Talking:] But anyway I..I..I like to value my
relationship with women. You know sometimes I get so
deeply involved I just, I just have to feel like
oral sex would complete our relationship

Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley
Yo,Yo,Yo, Yo Da Lin In The Valley
A delicious break from Potatoes
Yo Da Laheeeeoooooooo
Here we go
Yo, Yo, Yo Da Laheeeooooo
Let em know how I'm layin
Unusual kinda casual yes with me girls are obsessed
To get undressed
Get fresh and have me
Yodle In The Valley
And I'd do it at the drop of a dime (dime)
Sometimes goin from behind (from behind)
Slowly strokin, no jokin
My tongue just keeps on pokin
And the best type of oochie coochie
Is the type that tastes like sushi
Eat it
Watch a girl get frisky
And then wash it down with a shot of whiskey

Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley
Yeah Kid Rock Kid Rock
Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo Da Lin In The Valley
Yeah Kid Rock Kid Rock
Yo Da Laheoooo

Yo here's a story
(Check it out)
I remember when I spent the night at Sally's house
Woke up with Cotton Mouth
Couldn't speak
My tongue was weak
From Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley
Oh I love them mountain thighs
And a pizza pie before my eyes
But before I taste them juices
I make sure this Sally douches
But she's not the only one
I like to Yodle On
It sounds wicky wacky ticky tacky
But yo you know that I'm most happy

Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley
Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo Da Lin The Valley
A delicious break from potatoes
Yo Da Laheoooooo
Check It Out
(Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo Da Laaaaeeeeeoooo)
I need some more yodle music
Could you get break this down and give me some
Yo, Yo, Yodalahe
(A delicious break from)
Yo, Yo, Yodalahe
Yo, Yo, Yodalaheho
(A delicious break from potatoes)
Cause I like it like that
Cause you know
Cause cause cause I like it like that
Yo Da Laheoooooo
Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yodalin in the valley
I can't figure it out

Girls think I'm a freak cause I don't speak
Whisper In their ear and make it clear
I love em'
Sorry dear don't hate
Cause I'm not gonna say I love you when your sitting upon my face
Oh yes It's warm and wet
In the valley you bet (bet)
And get this, one girl I yodled on
Had a bush thicker than the amazon
I felt like a tourist
A backpacker
Oh shit wheres my weedwacker
Came out with hair on my toungue
But still I got the job done

Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley
Yeah Kid Rock Kid Rock
Yo, Yo, Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley
(Get funky with it)
Yeah Kid Rock Kid Rock
(Get funk, funk, funk, funk, funky with it)
Yo Da Laheoooooo
I get funky with it
For The 1-9-9-0

Cause you know I'm tired of men
Cottage cheese and salad and greens
I like that half a burger..hehe
Well done, well done
Mmmmmmm Yummy
Yodalin the whole beast crew
Yoda lahehoooo
The black man's yodalin
Cause you know I'm talkin about yodalin
Be like a lagitamint girl
Yodalin in the valley
Diss, diss, diss, diss
Yodalin in the valley
Uhhhh....uh huh...uh huh
Yoda lahehoooo
Yo, Yo, Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley
A delicious break from potatoes
Yo, Yo, Yodalahe
Yo, Yo, Yodalahe
Yo, Yo, Yodalahe
A delicious break from potatoes

Genuine Article

Genuine Article

Do what you have to
I do what I had to
To break through a pick a style that sticks like glue
And as I rank I wanna thank no one
Cause I worked like a bitch to get the job done
You helped me around
My parents put me down
I never skipped town
I stood my ground
We kept showin up
Drinkin and throwin up
Rap was my life
As I was growin up
Actin a fool in school no one topped us
Smart ass in class at times abnoxious
Drivin a bronco
Runnin my own show
And pullin the look a like Marilyn Monroe hoes
And me and Bo got together
Made sense
Spent many nights in Mt. Clemens basements
I scratched records and performed a few tricks
KDC mix let the Black man talk shit
Pumpin the new sounds town to town
Who holds it down like Bad Leroy Brown
Now I won't stop cause yo I'm Kid Rock
The Genuine Article

They don't want me
Cause I worked like a bitch to get the job done

F-F-Fames a costin the price ain't nice
Its like the roll of the dice
For a whole new life
But don't get my song wrong
I enjoy it alot
Walkin around like a big shot
Cause I'm Kid Rock
Smooth as an ice cube
Cool as an igloo
And more complex, than a rubix cube
A healthy wealthy young one with a quick tongue
Smart from the start and from the heart my rhymes run
And as I incline thru time to get mine
I try not to slide, but walk a straight line
Though it's hard when the climb gets steep
The one who finds is the one who seeks
So I sought and fought
And alot I got taught
And although I left those who stole got caught
Many shows I rocked
Many suckers I laughed at
And those who snapped back usually got slapped
The cat if I was strap
Cause I was a sun of a gun
Livin life on the run
Now I pleaded 18 and outdone by none
Bold, Young, Handsome, Bad like Bronson
Pumpin the new sounds town to town
And when in motown I cool out in Greektown
On the upside with nuthin too high
The Genuine Article

They don't wnat me
Cause I worked like a bitch to get the job done
Chuck nice break that beat down
Uh huhUh huh..Uh huh

Six Generations of rap and I'm first
Ready to burst, the style is rehearsed
I worked and worked and worked and I worked
When many thought I was just gettin jerked
Used, abused, but I paid my dues
And now no one out there could fill my shoes
And my pants and do this dance
This shit didn't happen by chance
It went slow not quick, but now I'm your pick
Ain't that a trip when I started from zip
And now up and up and up I wont stop
The flop just pop the flat top the Kid Rock
Yes me the low key MC
With the ability to rock a party
Anywhere and make people stare
I'm lookin while I'm cookin with no care
Pumpin the new sound town to town
Who holds it down like bad Leroy Brown
And still I wont stop growin this flat top
The Genuine Article

They don't want me
Cause I worked like a bitch to get the job done

Cramp Ya Style

Cramp Ya Style

Everything I do gonna be funny

New Player on the field so yield and get back
To the wall
Cause I'm playin ya all
Like a game
K-I-D is the name
Some complain
And they got a little fame
And it's a shame
For what its worth
I'm down with earth
Pourin it on like Ms. Butterworth
Rich and thick
Kinda quick not slow
The rhymes I fit into flow
All in a row, from the intro
To the end so, ho
Put down the microphone and go
Step a side as I make room to bloom
Any opposing goo gets placed in a tomb
As soon as I grip the mic to get loose
Don't dispute cuz ya got no juice
Meanwhile I kick a rhyme from the pile
Huh, As I Cramp your style (stylestyle)

Cramp your style (Cramp your stylecramp your style)

Get down on your knees and pray when I break you
Down with a sound
Comin down with a pound
Or a bang
If you can't hang with the slang
That I exploit
Comin straight from Detroit
Rough without a doubt or a question
Kid Rock here in the flesh
And addressin and defining certain issues
To diss you (he diss me..aheo)
So wipe the tears from your eyes
You cant hide so don't be surprised
When I dismiss you from your throne
And send you home
As a Kid Rock clone
Cause I can hold my own
Like ya hold a milkbone
Simple as this with a grip that won't quit
So when I hit the skit
That's it
So don't come in face with the base
And remember your just an imitation
Don't get buckwhile
In fact don't smile
Cause I'll pull your file
As I Cramp your style (stylestyle)

Cramp your style (cramp your stylecramp your style)
I'll claim the boundries of my domain
Fresh, I'm from the Midwest
From MoTownFrom MoTown

I'm like steel or concrete yo cause I'm the hardest
Down with a label known to be the largest
Not bein modest don't even think of tryin to hang
Cause yo Kid Rock rolls like a Stop O
I roll thick
I roll heavy
D-Nice justs keeps the pace steady
So get ready to feel the pain
I'm Kid Rock drivin girls insane
So listen rappers and get to the program
Breakin ya down is the Kid rock slogan
And any rapper who thinks about dissin
You know what I'll say?
I got a great big dick
So anyone who can't adjust
Gets rust
And then bites the dust
Be ready to walk a mile
Cause I'll smack that Kool-Aid smile
As I Cramp your style (stylestyle)
Cramp your style (cramp your stylecramp your style)

New York's Not My Home

New York's Not My Home

Oh no, oh no, here we go now
Oh no, oh no, here we go now
Oh no, oh no, here we go now
Oh no

Went to New York to cut my first LP
Ridin down Broadway in a taxi
Hang a right at 25th
Just a little too swift, jo'
Let me out, I'm gonna walk from here on
Heres four bucks you drive like a moron
Lost in the apple and I'm all alone

Cause New York's Not My Home

In the village just illin with a forty in a brown bag
I'm seein freaks, and also fags
I see a set of nice legs within in my site
But it's a fuckin transvestite
Walkin in the daylight
Now I'm trippin and I'm like blown
But I take another sip and say to each his own
He'd get dissed in Detroit, but I'll leave him alone

Cause New York's Not My Home

Now if your sounds are knockin to the cool Kid Rockin
Has got your girl jockin
Take a chill pill young man, close your flap
Cause like the Piston Joe, I'm goin back to back
With a track, uh, thats just too clean
I got my pistol packed and a fifth of Jim Beam
Only 19, and my name ain't Wilbur
But I pull more hoes then Long Jon Silver
I don't dress up, or try to look pretty
Instead I rock the house in every major city
From the tip of Maine to the coast of Cali
I get down and I yodle in the valley
Can't say I'm from the Bronx or Brookland zones

Cause New Yorks Not My Home

Eigth ave in the 40 deuce, it's like a freak show
A lot of hookers try to pop that weak, so
I walk with a limp when I pimp through
Or co-mack those hoes if I'm illin with the Beast Crew
It's pickin up, ill check this fact
These Mother Fuckers pay over 2.50 for a big mac
Conjested, overcrowded, cya I'm gone

Cause New York's Not My Home

Super Rhyme Maker

Super Rhyme Maker

Bonnie shades
And a high top fade
So low you know on the mic with no aid
You didn't think in a blink no way
That I'd make the grade
But now you say I use to go to school with him
I use to go to dot dot bim
I use to know his older brother
I use to be his eigth grade lover
Talk is cheap and the speech is weak
He use to go with me, wrong you were my freak
I never gave a hoot
If a girl was cute
All I wanted was a piece and a knock the boots
And then they get dissed
Crossed off my list
Though a bend in my behind would get kissed
Just like so world the girls will go low
Just like Jock Custoe
And blow
Up come my drawers, see ya gotta go
It's to plain
Kid Rock's the name
And I run my game
From Frisco to Maine
Never fell in love
Cause I'm a girl heartbreaker
But still I built my skills and I'm the

Cause I'm the

Super Rhyme Maker
Come on, Yeah
Super Rhyme Maker
Come on, Yeah
(Come On)
Super Ryhme...Rhyme
(Come On)
Rhyme, Rhyme, Rhyme
(Come On, Come On)
Rhyme, Rhyme, Rhyme
(Come On, Come On, Come On)
Rhyme Maker

Stop the madness
You never had this
Wild style of my b-boy badness
Runnin the show
Clockin the dough
And Juliet get fucked if I was Romeo, but I'm not
I'm Kid Rock
Flat top and all
Not Michael Jackson spinnin singing off the wall
But making everyone how I thump like thunder
Got over like a mother
While you went straight under
And now you can't stand
The way I jam
Hold the mic in my hand
And rock the whole land
Man get jealous if you want to
But either way I'm gonna do what I have to do
Cause I work to hard to make ends match
Started from scrath
And to a lot of crap
But now I'm like a wild horse no one can catch
And I'm a bad mother fucker
Believe that
I'll pop on top more flop no stop
Makin every girl in the house want a piece of the rock
And then I'll bring a new swing
To make it understand the kid's running things
Mostly because I'm not an MC faker
And the rest because I'm the

Microphone master Super Rhyme Maker
Come On Yeah
Alright cut it
Super Rhyme Maker
Come On Yeah
Super Rhyme...Rhyme...Rhyme
Rhyme...Rhyme Maker

With a One-Two

With a One-Two

Never thought about the other side, oh no
It was always lets go try to pull some hoes
And I pulled 'em like a tow-truck
Since I was a young buck
Guaranteed the hoes always got fucked
With a one-two and all that good shit
I never flipped or tripped or got pussy whipped
Cause I'm K-K-K-K Kid Rock motherfucker
You wanna piece of me
You're just another sucker
But oh well you don't bother me none
Cause me and your girl have lots of fun
You know the one that looks like a model
Sucks on my nuts like a baby on a milk bottle
Not cause I make her, I wouldn't make her
But cause I mack her right, she loves me all night

With a one-two and all that good shit
With a one-two I take another sip
With a one-two and I'll rock this party
With a one-two ya better ask somebody

Get down girl and read my mind
And you'll see that it's focused on your behind
You gotta lotta class and don't mind me askin
But can I go up in your fat ass
And just pump, pump, pump
What's next? check your money
It's scum and its time to jet
You bet she'll be into it more
On the bed the steps and the kitchen floor
You like the way the K-I-
Did it like I said I
Would, could, should I do it good
In your neighborhood
On your fuckin block
Cause I'm the coooool the Kid Rock
Kid Rock, Kid Kid Rock, Kid Kid Rock, Kid Rock, Kid Rock
Make it nasty

Hoes talk the same shit
Ya dress like a slob
But bitches still give a good blow-job
Up come my drawers and it's goodbye
The Kid Rock's just got to fly Cause it's 1-9-9-0
Time to fuck hoes
But before ya goin put Jimmy in a lambskin
And we could bump all night you bet
So get set to jet and go get wet
Come on outta your girdle and slacks
And I'll shine that booty like turtle wax

With a one-two and all that good shit
With a one-two I take another sip
With a one-two and I'll rock this party
With a one-two ya better ask somebody

Wax the Booty

Wax the Booty

[Voice Talking:] Yeah, but you know people are scared to have conversations
like this and that's...and that's what it boils down to.
When you see a guy you already know whether not you want to fuck him,
don't you?
[Girl:] Yep
[Voice Talking:] Guaranteed
[Girl:] Yep

Alright we are gonna have a hot time in the old town tonight

See a fly skinny on the avenue
My shades down hat flipped on and on a cashew
Could not believe my eyes so I lifted up my shades
And this girl is starring at me as if she wanted to get laid
Next the girl started steppin and she crossed the street
She walked to me and at that my knees got weak
Then I snapped to realize that it was my duty
To get this freak and co-wax the booty

Wax that booty
Co-wax the booty
Freaky freaky freak with the nice size booty
Wax that booty
Co-wax the booty
I gotta freak freak so I am gonna wax her booty

Heading for the crib I was reciting some rhymes
When the freak cut in and started telling of the times
She wanted to rock me and these were no lies
And that is when I contracted the rise in my Levis
Step into my crib she said the rise impressed her
So without delay I began to undress her
Unstrapped her bra and whispered to her are you with me
She said yes so I grabbed them titties
Next was the test to see if she was high rank
I dropped her panties and was slippin, I asked do you stank
She said no and noted to me that her shower soap is Gucci
So I dropped my boxers and headed for her coochie
Headed fo her coochie
Grease it down real good
Headed for her coochie
Dang that's good

Now when I got to her coochie I looked close to see
If this girl had any types of signs of VD
She did not so I said to myself Oh goody
And I grabbed my dick and co-stuck in her puddy
Started rocking this freak with my hands on her butt
You should have seen in her booty I was tearin it up
Next I whispered in her ear baby please turn over
And rocked doggie style while I was calling her Rover
Still tearin it up on her face was a grin
Holdin on to her waist pumping harder than sin
But she was lovin it all with her back in a arch
I busted my nut and she started to bark
Na na bop but nop but

Now if you think the story is over just listen to this
I thought my mission was complete so I gave her a kiss
Then I was searchin for a towel to clean off my dickie
Cuz it was kinda wet all bloody and sticky
And to talk about gross heres something sicker than sick
The bitch dropped to her knees and licked the tip of my dick
I started trippin cause this was something I've never seen
The girl was more than a freak she was a sexual fiend
And when I thought that was as gross as one girl could get
She stuck her finger in her booty and then she licked it
Oh now this girl was much more to me than a freak
In my opinion she was plain nasty
But never the less I completed my duty
I got this freak and co-waxed the booty

Wax that booty
Co-wax the booty
I got the freak and I waxed her booty
I love the booty, you love the booty
Hey freak come here and let me wax your booty

Too short don't stop
Too short don't stop
Too short don't stop the beat
Hey yo short dog can I get a bitch

Now if you like the booty come on fellas show it
This is your last verse to wax so why would you blow it
And if the ladies if you are tired of a man on your fanny
Then fuck you go home and watch the tube with granny
Cause this is booty night non stop
With the number one wax and me Kid Rock
So lets get hyped cause if I see you calm
I am gonna think that you are waxin with Rosie Palm
I mean really how could you be so dumb
Just look at all the girls that are dying to get some
Man, just don't be a wussy
And I'll guarantee you could get a piece of pussy
But to get it you have to realize
don't brag to the freak about your dick size
Man, that's not the way to win it
Cause it is not the length of your wand its the magic in it

Wax that booty
Co-wax the booty
Freaky freaky freak with the nice size booty

Wax that booty
Co-wax the booty
I got freaks and I wax those booties

[Voice Talking:] Yeah, but know what I'm sayin.
What kind of Popsicle you like?
[Girl:] What kind of Popsicle?
[Voice Talkng:] Yeah
[Girl:] Don't matter
[Voice Talkng:] Huh?
[Girl:] It don't matter
[Voice Talking:] It don't matter?
[Girl:] Nope
[Voice Talking:] So what, you gonna do that to mine, ain't you?
[Girl:] Nope
[Voice Talking:] Well you ought to.
I mean you ought to go run to the store
and you know they would never know what you practicing for.
They'll like, "Girl you trying to put some weighty not a Popsicle
and in the back of your mind no I'm practicing to suck Kid Rock's dick.
You know? That would be kind of sweet, wouldn't it?

Pimp of the Nation

Pimp of the Nation

There's only two types of men
Pimps and John's
There's one type of bitch
And that's a hoe
God damn holly hooker this is my world
God damn time to go
Where's my dough
It's startin to snow
All I want is the dollas
I've been a pimp so long I knew gahndi when he had an afro

Pimp, hold my dick like a holster
All the girls want a Kid Rock poster
And be able to both stay looked at
The number one pimp with the number one rap
What's up with that
Well I'm a cool cat
With the rap
That's harder than a pimp slap
And because I do so much pimpin
One day I'll probably walk with a limp
And drive a big Lincoln
Wearin an unbuttoned shirt
And be a fifty-five year old pervert
But for now rap's the occupation
But one day watch I'll be Pimp Of The Nation

Hoes are rustlic
Daddy's in the house
We got hoes and hoes and hoes
Prices so low
We pratically given the coochie coo away
Shake that booty, Shake that booty
Its not a bake sell, its a cake sell
God Damn It

Pimp of the Nation, I could be it
As a matter of a fact, I for see it
But only pimpin hoes with the big tush
While you be left pimpin Barbra Bush
What's up granny
First name Annie
Dried up cunt and a saggin fanny
The highlight of your sex adventures
You wanna suck this take out your denchers
A show of life is all I'm givin
Old pimp young hoes is how I'm livin
But for now rap's the occupation
But watch one day I'll be Pimp Of The Nation

I got all the hookers, God Damn It
I got Sensational Sherry, Juicy Lucy, Nasty Nancy, and Tammy Toe Jam
All of them ready, willing, and able to give the mack daddy all the dollas
And all the coochie coo till death do we part

I have hoes like horses in a stable
Rich, famous, willing, and able
First off Ja Ja Kubore and tiffer gore
Is my highest paid whore
And for some hot booty waxin
Fake ass Latoya Jackson
Rosanne Barr is my newest trick
While on the beach I prune her with the dick
And the bitch who fucks with my cash
Robin Givens I'll whip your ass
Yeah Kid Rock, Kid Rock
Don't you fuck with me
I'll be Pimp of the Nation

One nation under a pimp
Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped
One nation under a pimp
Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped
One nation under a pimp
Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped
One nation under a pimp
Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped

Ah yeah who's pimpin out there
Uh huh
The Midwest is pimpin
Detroit is pimpin
Mt. Clemens is pimpin
Romeo is pimpin
The black man he pimpin
KDC he's pimpin
Bo your pimpin
I said Tom he's pimpin
Chuck and Murph their pimpin
D he's pimpin
Boner is pimpin
Ben he pimpin
Ralph C is pimpin
The young brothers are pimpin
Eli your pimpin
I said Tony your pimpin
Hey Chicago your pimpin
Mr. Lee your pimpin
My pops is pimpin
My bro D he's pimpin
Jay C he's pimpin
Dice Sound is pimpin
Dougie Doug is pimpin
D-Nice he's pimpin
Chuck Nice is pimpin
Barry White he's pimpin
New York's pimpin
I said Philly is pimpin
Oakland your pimpin
Too Short your pimpin
Arseno Hall your pimp...pimp...pimpin
Eddie Murphy your pimpin
Jive Records your pimpin
RCA is pimpin
Top Dogg is pimpin
Michael Jackson, Ah you ain't pimpin shit
Ah hah hah
Word em up
Word em up
Kid Rock
Kid...Kid Rock
Kid...Kid Rock
And I'm Pimp of the Nation
Hah hah haha
You stay on third base
I'm goin home with the bacon baby

Abdul Jabar Cut

Abdul Jabar Cut

Kick on back to the rap I format
When its through what you do is just play it back
Rewind it
Find it
That's how I desinged it
And fellas if you see a big butt get behind it
And grind on it
I mean push and bump
Cause it's about time we made this party jump
Take a drink of your forty
And lets get naughty
Get on the floor and just move your body to the sound
I found and also developed
Lets trip don't sit, come on get the hell up
Look at the black man, now what'd up
He's not a skin head, that's the Abdul Jabar Cut

Streets of Romeo
Mt. Clemens
All over

Now people always me and KDC
If we take this activity a seriously
I reply, with a sigh rather uniquely
And say does Donald Trump have a lotta moneyv
Yes a stupid question, but I wont quote ya
Cause I'm the Geraldo, Philmore, Oprah
I'm the K-I-D R-O-C-K
Down with Jive, RCA
Hey how could you judge me cause what I am
Be blind to my mind
And take a look and say fuck him
Look at the black man, now what up
He's not a skin head, that's the Abdul Jabar Cut

Like I said
Top Dog
One, two, to the three
And we always come back for more

Kenny wears a low fade
Danny wears no fade
I wear the high fade
And we all get paid
Tryin to blow my rap down the sink
But go ahead cause my rap's made of brick
And it sticks
And uplifts
At shows, it flows but never drifts
It's too swift and moves with quickness
Top Dog again and you say what is this
Its the under rated MC on top
The young six foot one Kid Rock
Look at the black man, now what's up
He's not a skin head, that's the Abdul Jabar Cut

Get down
Come back
The black man from New Jersey
Kid Rock
It's the crew right here

Now Patty keep it going with the guitar
Yeah, all you punk ass bitches
This is Kid Mother Fuckin Rock
The beast crew is in the house
All you suckers
This is a mother fuckin party
You better ask somebody
So get your mother fuckin hands up in the air
This ain't no joke
Yo this is the mother fuckin east side
Detroit is in this mother fucker
Uh haha
Yo the black man
From parts unknown
Can you dig it
You Bitch
For the ninties Hoe

Step In Stride

Step In Stride

I think you might like to hear something from us

Stand up
Put your hands up
Come on get up
Kid Rock's in the house yo, Ready to pick up
The tempo and you know in so I will fo somewhat unconventional
But comprehendible
I'm the presentable the good lookin
The Mello Yellow young fellow and I'm cookin
Heatin the house up just like a hot plate
Smooth on the groove like an ice skate
You didn't think in a blink I'd stand here
But now your in fear and stand clear
You can't come near this hot stylin
Groove by the kid who's smooth as a violin
Also the perfect lyric announcer
On the set with a cold forty ouncer
Ready to glide from side to side
Why, cause I Step In Stride

These are the criteria I believe should be applied
Cause I step in stride
These are the criteria I believe should be applied

N-N-Now yes I'm new
But before I'm through
Your gonna see I paddle my own canoe
Cause I'm solo
A young pro on the go
Close to an angel
But I wear no Halo
I just shake, create, and never act fake
And I learned to dislike and not hate
Because hatred leads to an uproar
Violence is one thing I am not here for
I'm just here flat out and to blow the roof
Kick some watts and that's what I inted to do
Pump it up like an air comb presser
Teach to each like a wise professor
No job I strive to reach high
Make the girls in the house all sigh
And I'll glide from side to side
Why, cause I Step in Stride

These are the criteria I believe should be applied
I step in stride
These are the criteria I believe should be applied

Applied, Step in Stride you bet I do
Get you high like a bottle of German Brew
Comin clean
New on the scene
Makin girls scream if you know what I mean
Cause they dream of me to rock the place
And put a big smile upon their face
Any girl of any race
But they have to like the b-b-bass
And that's the rep I've earned and kept on the set
Workin up a sweat
No Jive Kid Rock uparrivd
And I Step in Stride

These are the criteria I believe should be applied
I step in stride
These are the criteria I believe should be applied
These are the criteria
These are the criteria I believe should be applied Applied...applied...applied...applied

The Upside

The Upside

White boy get ready to do his thing's here

Here's a new jam for you to cling to
A funky rythm that you can swing to
Kid Rock that's me
And the party jumpin is what I'm for seeing
So just chill or I'll boot you
Get on me and I'll shoot you
I'm fresh to that there's no guessin
Rock the mic without any fessin
With your blessin
I will get stupid, you didn't know it
I thought you knew it
I'm the kid that comes exactin
With my ace the black man
To B Boys from the Midwest
Rock the shows cause were professionals
On the set night and day while the girls say

Upside Down
Can't you turn me inside out
And round and round
Upside Down
Can't you turn me inside out
And round and round

The bass drops and works its hardest
For Kid Rock the new young rap artist
Clockin paper cause I got soul
Comin at you from the Motor capital
Shakin booties
Not all the cuties
I'm too cool to be a little fruity
Drinkin forties every weekend
I'm the master who's always speakin
To some freak and if I freak her
It's at Red Roof Inn where we sleep cheaper
But off that topic got to get it
Super dope, extremely poetic
The K-I-D-R-O-C-Kin
I love girls that's how its layin
With these jammies
Fuck the grammies
All I care about is shaking fannies
And I have been doin it for a long time
But now I'm nineteen
And in my prime
Waxin booties everyday while the girls say

Upside Down
Can't you turn me inside out
And round and round
Upside Down
Can't you turn me inside out
And round and round

On the mic is solo
Cause I'm the Kid with all the dope lingos
Only rappin cause I don't sing dope
Create a jam that's fresh in your bingo
Lace up the Reebox
Comb the high top
Black dose with a little hip hop
And I style it with some uniqueness
You say I'm not fresh
But I could careless
One of a kind
When I rock the mic
And I'm the one that your girl is likin
Picture the girless women not lookin
Create a beat that is fully hookin
Cause when I get dumb
People have fun
Sisco save me the magnum
In a hell of a show I always display
While the girls say
Upside Down
Can't you turn me inside out
And round and round
Upside Down
Can't you turn me inside out
And round and round

Upside Kid Rock, Kid Rock
He's on the upside
Get down Kid Rock
He's on the upside
Get down Kid Rock
On the Upside
Upside get down Kid Rock
Your on the Upside
Get down Kid Rock
Your on the Upside
Get down Kid Rock
Your on the Upside
Kid Rock
Kid Rock
Kid Rock
Kid Rock

Uh, Kid Rock
Uh, Kid Rock
Uh, Kid Rock
Uh, Kid Rock
Uh, Kid Rock
Uh, Kid Rock
Uh, Kid Rock

Uh, Kid Rock
Uh, Kid Rock

Style of X-Pression

Style of X-Pression

Trippin' Over a Rock

Trippin' Over a Rock

People like the way my style is rollin
The crowd rebounds as I flow slowin
I'm not bullshittin
Heres how im hittin
Funkin it up more than George Clinton
Swingin, and bringin in a new format
A new breed indeed and I'm sure of that
I'll impress the best, I won't rest the best
Cause I'm blessed and I just won't settle for less
Yes the kid who gets the crowd up
The one with the hair that stands straight up
People look and stare in shock

Trippin' over a Rock
Trippin' over a Rock

Chased and chased and chased, but never close to caught
And the skills I filled were all self taught
With so many styles on each panfulls
And they hit ya like a fifth a jack daniels
As the girls admire the way I aspire
To move higher and build my own empire
Not a liar, I tell no lies
So hey girl you can trust these blue eyes
But don't get me wrong I get wicked
Shake that ass in my face and I'll stick it
Hit it, get wit it
Knock it out the box

Trippin over a rock
Trippin over a rock

A genuine badman
Like Yosemite Sam man
I c-c-c-can rock the land
And bring a new swing and sensation
To represent the next generation
So slack up, you better back up
Come the score and you leave in a jigsaw
Fuck with me
With no doubt
I'll put my foot in your ass and won't pull it out
I'll go deep in I won't weaken
Guarenteed to keep the house leapin
Girls flockin guys
Try to to cockblock

Cause everybody's Trippin Over A Rock

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